LEGOLAND Introduces New 4-D Movie


It’s always been pretty amazing to see what they can do with Legos. The structures seem so life-like. The intricate artwork is so colorful, and versatile.

We recently visited LEGOLAND Discovery Center (601 North Martingale Road, Schaumburg) to see the new 4D movie: Legends of Chima. I have four girls, and my 7-year-old is obsessed with the Chima books. So when I heard about the new release I figured she would be very excited to see it, and I was right.

Our LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago tour began with a tour through MINILAND where we were able to witness the epic battle for CHI as the animal warriors faced off. Our adventure continued as we looked for hidden CHI in the wilds of the Jungle Expedition.

If you haven’t been before, Legoland is quite interactive. There are rides, including the train that takes you through a dark winding adventure through brilliant Lego creations, offering you the chance to shoot targets with a laser to earn points. This is a favorite in our family. After doing all this, however, many parents are ready to rest their feet for a few minutes. And the 4D movie theater offers just that, in fact, for 12 minutes.

The newest offering from the folks at Legoland is called Lego Legends of Chima. For the uninitiated, it might require a little background to understand all the story lines. It follows four cute little animals as they tour the island of Chima. They do battle with enemies, all the while taking viewers with them. Of course there is the opportunity to soar at high speeds, duck under obstacles that seem to protrude right off the screen into the audience, and get a little wet when it starts to rain!

The glasses you have to wear to absorb the 3D animation and 4D technology might look a little funny, but they are well worth wearing to get the full experience. Plus, it’s not just a movie designed to show off the special effects. There is an adorable storyline as well. It’s worth checking out! Both boys and girls will leave with a smile, and have you going back again and again.

Christine Bachman

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