Living Healthy not a ‘Luxury,’ but a Lifestyle

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As someone who has been in the fashion, beauty and wellness industries for nearly 30 years, I have seen and experienced so much of the beautiful side of life. Above all, I consider myself an artist – and artists always imagine the world as it can be. This mindset inspired and encouraged me to create an environment of health, beauty and wellness under one roof. Since 1998, the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa in River North has helped men and women achieve fulfilling, healthy and, yes, more beautiful lives.

I have had the opportunities, challenges and blessings to make my life what I’ve wanted it to become. I continue learning and growing each and every day through my work, my artwork, and my passion for life.

So many thoughts go through my mind every minute of the day, and this blog will allow me to share them with you. I don’t want to go through my life just living and breathing, but savoring it. Life is meant to be lived richly and experienced–and that can only happen when our bodies, both internally and externally, are as healthy and beautiful as they can be.

I believe very strongly that ‘living healthy’ is not a luxury for the few – it is a lifestyle. It’s a choice of how we want our lives to be. Yet the aches and pains of our increasingly stressful world are taking its toll on our minds, bodies and spirits, literally making us ill and leaving us feeling vulnerable. For my part, I want to encourage others to choose healthier and more enriched lives, and to believe that we all can control the choices we make. I want to help others find harmony and balance in their lives by making their bodies, minds and spirits as healthy as they can be.

I really believe that we’re all on this earth to contribute and leave the world a better place than we found it. To me, that is the ultimate accomplishment. Some people do this by helping solve the mysteries of disease; others do it by teaching or volunteering for some cause they love. I want to do this by sharing some of the insights, knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the years. I look forward to the journey, and I invite you to come along!

Tiffani Kim

About Tiffani Kim

Tiffani Kim is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, artist and founder of the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa in Chicago’s River North. Ms. Kim helps you stay youthful and healthy from the inside out in her blog, “Living Well and Beautifully” with advice, recommendations, trends and more.