Love is in the Sweet Spring Air

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I adore spring. It’s cheery and sweet, full of life and all about new beginnings. We bid adieu to snowy days and the end of winter is marked with budding blooms, chirping birds and warmer (longer!) days. What’s not to love? It brings us a refreshed outlook, beautiful colors, new life and bright inspiration and anticipation of what’s to come. For those reasons and more, it makes perfect sense that the season all about new life and new beginnings would be a popular choice for weddings. After all, marriage is one of the biggest new beginnings in your life. As you embark on your new chapter, I offer a few ways to bring the best of this sunny season to your wedding day.

Choosing your color palette is a great way to start identifying your wedding style. I personally love to embrace the colors traditionally associated with this season. Soft, romantic shades like mint paired with tan, blush paired with gold and other barely-there hues top my list for spring weddings. Pretty pastels are a perfect nod to the fresh feeling of the season and delicate softness you feel at the breath of crisp spring air. For a cohesive spring fete, incorporate your colors of choice into many elements, including your bridal party’s attire, tablescapes and invitations.

To me, spring is the season for flowers. My heart pitter-patters at the thought of ribbon-wrapped bouquets and lush, fresh springtime florals adorning long candlelit tables. In my opinion, peonies are the epitome of a classic wedding, and if you’re lucky enough to be celebrating while they’re in season (and they’re inTablescape via Pinterest_WEB your budget) my vote is to go crazy for them. Ranunculus, tulips, hyacinth, sweetpeas and roses in white, pale pink and peach are also favorite oh-so-pretty selections for the season.

Bring the beauty of new life and love to the homes of your friends and family by incorporating a fresh bloom favor for your guests. Single-bloom bud vases for escort cards are a gorgeous statement and pretty take away. Potted bulbs like tulips and daffodils are another excellent choice for a treat they’ll enjoy for a long time to come and will serve as a constant reminder of your own growing love they experienced firsthand.

If traditional romantic blooms aren’t your thing, don‘t fret. There are plenty of other ways to add life to your wedding décor. Elements like moss, wheatgrass, cherry blossom branches and dogwood also evoke a natural and fresh feeling of spring. One idea is to dress up your tables with herbs and greenery. Choices like basil and oregano offer a fresh and organic feel to your décor. For an extra touch, include a favorite family recipe using one of the herbs for guests to take home with a mini potted version at their place setting.


Food and Drink
Flavors also come alive in springtime. I love a seasonal signature cocktail. A pink watermelon fizz or peach Bellini are refreshing and – bonus ­Pink Macaroons via Pinterest– an extra opportunity to incorporate one of your pastel colors. It’s easy to add a bit of spring to your plates with a few of the season’s favorite flavors like mint and lemon and by focusing on fresh and natural ingredients.

Make a strong first impression with a baby greens or mesclun salad, which has more of a fresh-from-the-garden feel. Adding a fruit element like strawberries or fruit vinaigrette also plays up the seasonal vibe and adds a sweetness your guests will love. Move away from heavier winter dishes by choosing entrées that bring in fresh herbs, like rosemary and mint and selecting veggies in their peak like asparagus. Top off your plate with an edible flower garnish (like a pansy or orchid) for an extra detail that exudes spring. Sweet treats like soft colored macaroons and lemon wedding cake topped with fresh fruit or flowers make for a light and delicious end to your meal.
By focusing on the season and staying true to what it represents, you and your guests will enjoy a wedding so delightful, romantic and sweet you’ll have no doubt it was the perfect start to your new beginning. Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Dean Thorsen.


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