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Getting excited for Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama: Fashion in a New Light this Friday, August 9? So are we! We spoke with Alex Sanchez, the Glam makeup artist from Lancôme and John Gialluisi, the lead Glam hair stylist from Mario Tricoci to get a sneak peak at what’s in store for Glamorama this year…

Tell us about the look for this year’s Glamorama…
AS: So it’s a very glamorous look this year, there’s a huge focus on lips. Beautiful, sexy, glossy, fuchsia red. Equally, a very sophisticated eye as well – smoky and sparkly as well as very luminous skin, all together a very ultra glam look for Glamorama.

JG: The types of looks that Glamorama is going for are going to be very glam but with an edge, like a messy knot or bun, or an inverted French twist that is quite beautiful. Hair is also going to be worn with a very loose wave, quite soft, but very glamorous and very today. And then they’re taking that glam wave and turning it into a mid-length bob, which means taking out of the bottom section of the hair and pinning it up, and then pinning the loose waves in a classic bob shape. So a lot of it is about taking long hair and creating more of a mid-length look. The whole vibe really fits the glam trend.

Which products will you use to create the looks for Glamorama?
AS: For the skin, I’m using this brand new foundation – beautiful foundation, very glowy and gorgeous, gives the look of perfected skin. For the eyes, it’s going to be a very textural and layered smoky eye with layers of liner and shadow topped off with gorgeous eye shadow. For the lips, I’m using a brand new lip gloss called Gloss and Love, which clicks open – really it’s the crème de la crème of lipgloss. It’s got a very cool applicator that’s contoured so it perfectly hugs the contour of the lip. The texture feels really nice, not sticky at all.

And of course, very full sexy French lashes. For everyday wear, you would just use mascara but for the show we’ll be adding falsies. It’s all about illumination, ultra shiny lips, sparkly eyes and luminous skin – all in a marriage with the theme of the show, which is all about light and bringing light. The show is really exciting because it’s a very high tech production this year, with an incredible light show that is really going to be something to see.

JG: To achieve that glam wave, it’s all about using a light mousse to give it some nice movement. The mousse gives the hair strength so we can have a longer hold. For that twisted look it’s mainly just taking the hair and spraying it, then twisting and creating the low chignon. For this we use light working aerosol spray, the Mario Tricoci hairspray. It’s really the best on the market.

What’s your favorite product to work with and why?
AS: I personally have a love affair with eyeliner. It’s the most transformational product. I remember watching my mom put on the eyeliner and – well she’s already beautiful – but when she put eyeliner on it took it to a whole other level. Eyeliner is what makes the most daring expression in makeup, changes the architecture of the eye, it’s what makes it sensual, smoldering, flirty…you can capture so many different moods with the eyeliner.

JG: My favorite hair product is a powder. It makes it easy to both add volume to the hair and take volume away. If I want to create volume I can use powder to really expand the hair by applying the powder to the root area then brushing it out. It can give hair a different look; and powder today is what’s really making hair very modern looking.

Any tips and tricks?
AS: One of the biggest tips is don’t try to apply your eyeliner in one swoop. Apply mascara first to create a platform the liner to land on. You’ll also tend to use less liner when you already have a full fringe of lash. Start in the center of the eye and do little dashes in between your lashes, starting from the contour going to the outer corner. Instead of trying to poke it perpendicular to your eye, if you lay the brush flat you get a lot more control. But, really, my number one piece of advice is to have fun. The beauty of makeup and being a girl is you get to have fun, have your glitter moment, express yourself – there’s no age limit for that! Live it up, cause you only live once.

JG: Shine products are so important. Putting precious oils in the hair helps give the hair some really gorgeous shine, those are what I feel has revolutionized hair to give it that shiny, healthy, beautiful look. My biggest tip is to make sure you use these in your hair on a daily basis to give it the most shine and help the natural beauty of the hair come out, and this is important whether your hair is colored or not. Natural looking, healthy hair is always in.

How will these beauty looks complement the clothes?
AS: The makeup is very feminine and the clothing is the same: very feminine and multi-textural. So the makeup is really going to harmonize with the fashion

JG: It really suits the preppy look. You know, when you have Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, this real preppy look, these glam, loose hairstyles will just work with the type of clothing.

How is creating a look for runway different than print?
AS: This is a unique show, it’s not a three-minute presentation. This is a show where the makeup has to survive for long hours. The images are projected; so it has to be very impeccable. Everything has to be incredible because of the high-definition photography. Versus with editorial, something unfinished may look more edgy in a photograph but in a show everything has to be very finished and deliberate.

JG: With runway hair you really want to give it a soft approach, almost to the point where the hair looks like the model could have done it herself. With print, you really look at the dimensions of the model’s face to be able to fix hair to suit the model. Face shape really is the dictator as to how we do print work.

Macy’s Glamorama is Friday, August 9 at The Harris Theater For Music and Dance at Millennium Park (205 East Randolph Drive). Don’t miss your chance to see these beauty looks for yourself, up close and personal, along with performers The Summer Set, Cirque du Soleil and Sheryl Crow! For more info, click here.

By Aurelie Corinthios



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