Managing Your Anger


Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that can help us in many ways (i.e. becoming determined, improving focus, et cetera).  However, if you find yourself being irritated by most mishaps or overreacting to the smallest incidents as if the sky were falling, you may need to manage your anger. The following are some tips on how to better manage your anger:

  • Acknowledge that you are angry.
  • Calm yourself before you say anything.
  • Speak up when something is important to you.
  • Explain how you feel in a way that shows ownership and responsibility for your anger.

If you continue to have a difficult time managing your anger, you may want to consider talking with a therapist to effectively resolve the problem. Heart centered hypnotherapy in combination with psychotherapy is a very effective treatment in addressing anger. Results can be seen in as little as four months in some cases.

Best of luck and pleasant journeys!


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