Manicure Mania


Nail art has leapt off the catwalks and hit the sidewalks. Regardless of age, income or profession, some women have embraced nail art as a form of self-expression, with designs varying from pretty prints and precision-painted patterns to crazy, fun designs.

“It’s always appealed to the younger demographic, but now it’s becoming popular among the more conservative professional and mature clientele,” explains Cenita Scott, a freelance nail artist with Factor Artists and nail educator with Hand & Nail Harmony. “Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube have made nail art more mainstream. It’s not a trend – it’s a part of fashion.”

And with the progression of technology, nail art has gone beyond simple lines and polka dots. Nail service menus now run the gamut from acrylic to gel nails. But according to Ms. Scott, your choice should be determined by your lifestyle. “[For example], nail decals and stickers are temporary – they’re good for a party or an event when you just want a little something special for a day,” she explains. “However, gel art lasts about 14 days.”

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