Move Up In Your Career: Part 1


How many times do you hear colleagues or friends say, “If only I could speak up more with my boss and clients or prospects, I could be more successful!”? Or maybe you remark, “If only I could say no more often to demanding requests from my spouse/partner, family, boss, co-workers or clients, I’d have more time for myself!” A common Friday Happy Hour lament is, “If only I wasn’t scared, I would start my own business…write a book, audition for a play or write an article for TCW!”

In this three-part series, I will help you explore three ways that fear shows up for many women; fear of saying ‘no’ because of what others will think, not speaking up to ask for what you want and not taking risks that could lead to more happiness.

You were born with a factory-installed built-in GPS; your emotions! Scientifically, our feelings are processed in our ‘emotional brain’ before our thinking brain can add reasoning. Sometimes this results in emotional hijacking where we are flooded with emotion and are tempted to act before thinking. You can learn to be more effective at using emotional information about you and others which boosts your emotional intelligence!

We rarely talk about emotions in the workplace and yet they are behind every decision we make. Let’s look at how the emotion of fear influences your behavior at work. Fear can range from low-level anxiety and worry to sheer terror. Fear is a form of protection stemming from your powerful survival instinct, often influenced by experiences and messages your younger self learned.

Read on to better understand the cost of fear, discover tools that help exercise your power of choice, and tips to help you develop new habits to more courageously move through fear at work and home.

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About Gail Sussman Miller

Gail Sussman Miller, chief obstacle buster at Inspired Choice, is an expert at inspiring executives to take courageous action and be more effective in job search and career advancement by using a mission-driven emotionally intelligent approach. She also facilitates monthly networking meetings for Chicago executives in career transition for ExecuNet. Ms. Sussman Miller especially loves coaching women to more powerfully lead their careers and the world. She offers TCW readers her free eBook, 10 Secrets of Emotional Intelligence, to help you move through fear and boost career success at