Negative Emotions Part 2: The Effect on the Body


In part one, I covered the negative emotions: anger, envy, depression, pride, fear, shame and guilt. There are other negative emotions, but we’ll just stick to the main ones. In part two, I’ll go over the effects these emotions have on our body.

Stress is the by-product of holding onto a lot of negative emotions. Since many of the headaches, pinched nerves, high blood pressure, weight gain and Type 2 diabetes (for example) are psychological in origin, it makes sense for use to look at the emotions that feed these medical conditions. In fact, significant research indicates that there is an underlying emotional-psychological component connected to every medical condition. This is why heart-centered hypnotherapy is so effective with medical patients undergoing treatment for chronic and life-threatening illnesses. There are, of course, other treatments like psychotherapy, meditation, vibrational energy work, and Reiki to name a few.

While I could go on and on about stress and the body and cite research article after article, many of you want answers more than depth of knowledge. The following are three things you may want to know about how negative emotions affect your body via stress:

  1. The stress we feel does not come from the outside; it comes from the pressure of the emotions we suppress! That’s right, the stuff that happens around us simply triggers what is already built up inside of us. Let enough pressure build up and KABOOM! We snap on someone with more intensity than called for a given situation. Go sit in the corner and marinate on that one for a minute.
  2. When we feel threatened, our natural response is to feel stressed (fear). We are thrown into a psychological fight or flight situation and react accordingly.Is this healthy? NO. Do people do it all of the time? YES. This happens more in urban areas or cities that thrive on competition like New York, Chicago, and LA.  In fact, some people actually thrive off of competition.  The problem is that when things calm down or when the holidays, weekends, or vacations come around, they do not know how to relax. They cannot enjoy themselves. These types of individuals usually suffer from ulcers, become sick easily and begin to feel pain throughout their body.  If they are not under pressure or stress, they do not feel alive. However, whenever they stop and slow down, they feel everything…and that’s the problem…they do not want to feel. They inevitably begin competing and working themselves into an even sicker, stressful state.
  3. Negative thoughts and feelings instantly weaken the muscles in the body. Kinesiology tests have shown time after time that the mind and body and interconnected – period.  If you want to see it for yourself, try this exercise:
    • First, ask someone to stand at either side of you, hold your arms straight out to the sides of you at shoulder height, and close your eyes or stare at a neutral object.
    • Now the other person will push down on one of your wrists for a few seconds while you resist their push as strongly as you can. There should be no music or smiling. They will do this a few times and get a sense of how strong you are.
    • Then, the other person will do the exact same exercise again with you holding your arms out to your sides. This time, I want you to think of something very unpleasant. As they push down on your wrists, you try again to push up and resist with all of your might. What happens when you do this? Pretty cool, eh? This is what happens with every negative thought or emotion. Can you imagine what happens and how you would feel if you have a huge build up of more negative emotions?!

Did you do the exercise? If so, I would love to know what you thought; do tell below!

Make sure you tune in for Part 3 in the Negative Emotions series: How to Release Negative Emotions Once and for All!

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