New Commercial Real Estate Firm Opens in Chicago


There’s a new commercial real estate company in town, a company poised to compete. The firm, Miller Chicago, was launched last month by Andrea Miller, and is quickly expanding as more seasoned brokers join the team.

Ms. Millers’ company focuses on tenant leasing and commercial sales, and works primarily with large scale investors, developers and financial institutions. Her firm was founded on the belief that the key to success is using sound strategy, relationships, integrity, hard work and adaptability. This full service commercial real estate firm uses a results-orientated approach to their clients’ properties.

What makes this firm different from others in the Chicago market? Andrea Miller, whose knowledge, commitment, bounding enthusiasm and hands-on approach truly make her unique in a highly competitive market. Her energy level, positive attitude and excitement about what she does is catching!

However, this woman is not just another pretty face. She was raised in Orland Park and received an undergraduate degree in business from University of Illinois, and a Masters in Business from the University of Chicago. She worked for six years in New York as an institutional bond sales person, and as a mortgage bond trader on Wall Street. Her work in real estate finance led her to commercial brokerage opportunities in New York City, and now Chicago.

Ms. Miller says she “loves doing deals.” Closing deals drives her, along with hard work and positive energy. Often, she sees value where others don’t. Her ability to identify aspects of a property motivates her to find the right deal.

Miller Chicago has a team of seasoned brokers with diverse experience in finance, law, commercial development and investment, covering most sectors of real estate. This translates into a dream team for their clients.

This firm will change the face of real estate in Chicago!

Contact them at or 312.775.2748.



About Terri Lee Ryan

Terri Lee Ryan is a former Chicago commercial real estate broker, marketing consultant and hotel developer. An avid writer, she is the author of Life Is One Big To-Do List. In “People, Places and Property” she dishes on leaders in real estate, new places in your neighborhood and deals being done in Chicago.