New York City Design Style


A recent trip to New York City reminded me it is a city of creative design everywhere. Just stopping in most any shop, coffee house or restaurant you are given a unique visual experience.

Here is a list of a few of the places with interior design interest.

Eataly. The Italian theme food emporium created by celebrity chef Mario Batali. The housewares section is filled with uniquekitchen and dining accessories for preparation, serving and display. The food displays give many ideas for decorating your home and entertaining event presentations. 200 5th Avenue.

Ground Support. An authentic coffee house look and excellent special blend selection of coffees and teas. The homey feeling of the space captures the theme of an inviting kitchen you want to sit and share a chat with a friend. 399 West Broadway.

ABC Home & Carpet. Since 1897, this carpet and furnishing retailer has brought unique style to New Yorkers. In the carpet building you will find hundreds of area rugs for every style, fiber and price range. Across the street is the furnishings shop filled with both one-of-a-kind accessories and cheap-chic items, all in the most up-to-date and trendy home fashion. 888 & 881 Broadway.

Martinque Cafe. A modern and romantic interior design, inviting menu and food in excellently prepared and presented. A tip for your own dining area, the salmon color walls are the perfect color for a dining room as it makes the skin tone look lovely especially in candle light. 1260 Broadway.

Rockefeller Center. A new and elegant outdoor cafe called Cafe du Coin in Brasserie Ruhlmann . Take a cue from the rataan furnishings and fabric tones that are so elegant for a patio, terrace or balcony. 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Guggenheim Museum. Experience the best of modern artwork in a building that isitself an artwork by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Don’t forget that posters from exhibitions are always right for a bathroom, powder room, family area and basement space. 1071 5th Avenue.

Carnegie Deli. An original deli and the interior walls are paneled with photos of celebrities who dined there. The placement of all the photos does give inspiration for your own collection of family and friends photos. Don’t forget to note that the effect is created by using the same frame for all the photos. 854 7th Avenue.

Angelika Film Center. An updated movie house in The Village showing foreign and art house films. The décor is art deco which is making a popular come-back today. 18 West Houston Street.

High Line. A park created around old, abandoned railroad tracks features prairie and tall grass landscaping. Bringing the tall grass and prairie flowers into your home creates a newer look than more formal floral bouquets. 519 West 23rd Street.

Lincoln Center. The group of buildings featuring performing arts and education continues to grow. The use of the color red and brilliant jewel tones shows that these tonesare always dramatic and memorable when used in your rooms. 10 Lincoln Center Plaza.


About Karen Carpino

Karen Carpino is an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Karen Carpino Design. A professionally registered interior designer with over 25 years of experience, Ms. Carpino's clientele includes both residential and commercial projects. She brings you techniques, trends and tips in “Style At Home.”