Nov. 2013 Man of the Month: Carl Allegretti


Chairman/CEO, Deloitte Tax LLP

Upon first meeting Carl Allegretti, you can tell he’s a former athlete. A muscular guy over 6 feet tall, it’s no surprise he was a college football player (defensive tackle for Butler University), but what’s astonishing is that he’s run 67 marathons. “I started running in 1986, after football, to stay in shape. The more I stay in shape, the more I can handle the stress of my job and do the right thing with a clear mind,” he explains. But he also runs for a different reason.

“After 63 marathons, my body was done so I didn’t run for years. But when my [elder] son Joey went through cancer treatments for leukemia at Children’s Memorial (now Lurie’s), every time I left the hospital, I saw this flyer about running the marathon to raise money for children. I’ve run every year since 2009 and raised over $150,000 for the hospital. Every step hurts but, when you see kids going through that, you can’t give up.”

And that pretty much sums up Mr. Allegretti’s personality – it’s not about him; it’s about others. “I bring something to the table, but the real game changers at Deloitte are my team. I’ve worked with talented women who sit on my leadership team and help take this practice to the next level. Our Women’s Initiative program (WIN) recently celebrated its 21st anniversary, and what started out as an HR initiative to ‘do the right thing’ has become a business imperative. We need to continue to develop a diverse group, because a diverse group brings different perspectives.”

Mr. Allegretti has sat on a number of boards in the city throughout his career. “I started at UCP, which is United Cerebral Palsy Foundation,” he explains. “I was also on the board of the Special Olympics for about eight years and ultimately became chairman of the board for about two years. Then I started an organization that’s near and dear to my heart: The Frankfort Youth Athletic Association. Down in my hometown of Frankfort there are about 800 cheerleaders and football players. Football was a big part of my life. It helped me get through college, so I gave back by building a youth football organization in a town that didn’t have one. And I just became a board member for Imerman Angels, the cancer support organization.”

Finally, it should be noted that Mr. Allegretti rarely talks about himself. “The practice is not about me,” he affirms, adding that most people that know him already know his devotion to family (his wife, Tammy, and two sons, Joey and Nicky). “But people might not know how many marathons I’ve run,” he says with a smile.


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