Offline Dating


Turn emails into an actual date!

Just when you were getting comfortable with online dating, something new comes along. The newest dating trend involves meeting face to face or in a small group. Online dating gave you lots of emails, and it’s time to take your online dating life to the next level.

Offline dating solves the mystery of how to take all those emails and convert them into actual dates. If you’ve ever thought there wasn’t enough ‘dating’ in online dating, then these new offline dating sites are for you. is a pioneer in the offline dating category. It’s an activities-driven dating site that encourages singles to come together based on common interest. Long gone are the days of the ‘almost’ date. Members post date ideas and potential mates reply by showing interest in participating in the posters’ suggestions. Activities-driven dating sites answer the age-old question: “What should we do tonight?” This site also caters to married couples. Relationship experts have long touted the advantages of date nights for married couples.

Not ready for an activities-driven dating site, how about meeting for coffee and a bagel? An up and coming dating site called does exactly what it says. Members sign up to receive one new match every day at noon. There are no profiles for you to sift through; you’ll simply receive one new match delivered daily by text. You must decide if you want to ‘LIKE’ or ‘PASS’ the match within 24 hours. Matches that mutually like each other will be connected via text message (your phone number will be kept private). The companies website boasts an amazing 644,000 connections made so far.

Still not interested? Try group dating. Small groups – usually limited to six – meet for fun and adventure. The group is generally composed of three males and three females. The dating site selects the group participants based on preferences given by individual members during the sign up process. Although there are many group dating sites, the Chicago based start up looks promising. The site arranges local ‘date ups’ at date friendly venues around town.

Whether you prefer group dating, receiving one customized match per day or any of the new activities-driven dating sites, the key is to get involved. Participation is the element to success with whichever dating site you embrace.


About Mary Wright

Mary M. Wright is a relationship expert and dating coach. She founded the boutique matchmaking firm, Unlocked Love, LLC, in 2008. She now serves as the lead dating coach for the Chicago based activities-driven dating site SuperDatesNow. Her first book is called Offline Dating Guide: How to Turn Your Online Date Into An Offline Mate.