Oh What a Difference a Card Can Make!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – a chance to reach out to those near and far. As you think about your holiday greetings, be they custom or Snapfish, consider these 10 Tips for holiday card giving:

1. Holiday cards are personal. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, send a Kwanzaa card. If you celebrate Hanukkah, send a Hanukkah card.

2. When sending a card to a person’s home, address it to the entire family or everyone in the home. Send business contacts’ cards to their offices.

3. On family letters, include them in cards to personal contacts, not business contacts. Except politicians, your constituency is interested in what’s happening with your family.

4. Ideally, holiday cards should be addressed by hand.

5. If you’re sending a card to someone with whom you have not communicated in years, write a quick personal note inside the card.

6. The sentiment in a business holiday card should address your business relationship (i.e. “Wishing you a prosperous New Year.”)

7. Happy New Year’s cards are always a safe alternative to faith-based cards for business greetings.

8. It’s appropriate to send holiday cards anytime during the holiday season.

9. Happy New Year’s greetings can go in the mail as late as the first week of January.

10. Remember to include a return address on your card so people can communicate with you – the holidays are a perfect time to reconnect.

If you haven’t ordered you cards yet, don’t panic. There is still time! TT Patton, a fine stationer in Barrington (123 East Station Street, 847.227.0073), is accepting custom orders through Dec. 17.


About Kali Patrice

Kali Patrice is the founder of The Image Studios, a Chicago-based firm that specializes in branding and image communication. She blogs through “Successful Expression” to share fresh ways to share insights about image, personal branding and self-expression.