Oscar Party Inspiration


Well it’s time for the Oscars again, and everyone was on pins and needles to hear the results of the selected 2014 contenders and a total of nine films are nominated in the Best Picture category. It’s been an incredible year for movies.

Who doesn’t like to feel the excitement that builds up to the day that honors those whom contributed to the cinematic arts? Who doesn’t like to watch an evening where glitz and glam unfold on the red carpet?

We, as viewers, love to feel a part of this energy and hosting your own viewing Oscar party is the way to go; and If you’re going to have an Oscar-viewing party, why not use some of the Academy’s Best Picture nominations as the inspiration for décor?

Deborah Weisenhaus of Art of Imagination gives us decorating tips inspired by three of the Academy’s Best Picture nominations.

Nominee: American Hustle
Theme: 1970s Groove
1. This vintage inspired lamp adds the perfect touch on a small clothed table creating that intimate glow.
2. A black and white damask is such a fun play with the pattern and will create the surface for the coffee and dessert.
3. Set the dessert café cups for sipping on an after dinner coffee with a splash of your favorite liquor (Sambuca was the rage then). These cups offer a wonderful pattern that works well with the damask table cloth in a playful way.
4. Simple and streamlined is the best selection for the coffee, spoons and dessert forks.
5. Who doesn’t love pineapple upside down cakes? It will curb anyone’s sweet tooth while waiting for the best picture to be announced.
6. After the last winner is announced,turn on the disco ball and let the dancing begin by playing Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. John Travolta move over!

Nominee: Gravity
Theme: Lost in Space
1. A little bit of science and a whole lot of cool! This Nebula Plasma Ball is simply the ultimate interactive light show. Blending specially formulated inert gases, it creates a dramatic display of light inside a hand-blown glass sphere! Perfect for a bar top.
2. These strands of heavy holographic plastic star and moon shapes in this celestial curtain hangs from a metal rod and can be placed overhead or from behind as a backdrop.
3. Premium LED Blue Lite Cubes can be placed in cocktails and lasts up to 12 hours. They are FDA approved for safe use in beverages. The cubes have a long life battery – up to 12 hours – and can be frozen to cool the beverages.
4. What’s a cube without a cup? The Helix Nebula Bar Glass can be used for your favorite craft beer or your very own signature outer space cocktail!
5. Don’t stop with the nebula glass, go all the way with the Lucite Light Up Bar. The soft blue glow will have your guests gravitating to the bar.
6. When the anticipation while waiting for the winner to be announced gets to be too overwhelming, get 50 breaths of 95 percent enriched oxygen delivered at over four times the concentration found in everyday air with the Skinny Pink Grapefruit Oxygen Pack. This will help you keep you going until the end!

Nominee: The Wolf of Wall Street
Theme: Extreme Decadence
1.Hello! Perfection is here and it’s in the form of the Sierra in Yellow – Wolf Faux Taxidermy (also known as Fauxidermy) Fake Animal Head Mount. Post up: FLAWLESS.
2. If you’re fancy, you may want to raffle off a Louis Vuitton Toiletry Bag. This Classic canvas bag is gorgeous and it looks both elegant and masculine. It can be filled with gold chocolate coins flowing out. Yummy!
3. Sushi, lobster, porterhouse steaks, multiple sides, and plenty of Champagne adds up to a menu of excess perfectly suited to the Jordan Belfort lifestyle. The zeppole doughnuts are a nod to Aunt Emma’s comment about Belfort getting into the doughnuts at his wedding to Naomi.
4.Wouldn’t your guests love to sip from the Diamonds in Glass Imperial Champagne Glass? The World’s Most Expensive Champagne Glass is created by Austrian glass artist and designer Tobias Berger and Natascha Marx. One glass is $85,500. Cha-ching indeed.
5. What do you drink from the world’s most expensive champagne glass? Of course you have to fill your exquisite glass with the best: Dom Perignon Vintage 1996.


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