Partnering up for the 70th Annual Golden Globes

Hello readers! Our series of discussions with “Powerful Partners” will return to giving an inside look at the exciting lives of influential men and women next time, but first i’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and give some insight in to my world and my partnerships.

Over the past 25 years I’ve taken on the roles of a producer, publisher, insider journalist and fundraiser. During that time i’ve cultivated many wonderful friendships and treasured relationships with people who leave interesting and influencial lives. Today I run IOnTheScene – a social web-zine that provides readers with exclusive photos, interviews, video and lots of exciting original content from “the scene,” wherever it may be! I plan on using IOnTheScene and this new TCW blog to tap in to those friendships and relationships so readers can gain some special perspective. I’ll be partnering with many folks and profiling others who exemplify the spirit of partnership and who have used it to work to build amazing things.

One recent partnership i’m particularly thankful for are the photographers and videographers I work with. I was thrilled to attend this years Golden Globes, and all the wonderful photo journalists and video men who make this event happen can’t possibly be thanked enough! The hours they spend prior to the show the endless rehearsals they go through humble me – thank goodness for all of them…

The Golden Globes are exactly the sort of event I love to attend to meet the influential and their ‘Powerful Partners,’ and this year’s Golden Globes was more relaxed than ever. It was amazing to see how friendly and open all the celebrities were, even with photographers, fans, hotel staff and others all jockeying for the stars attention. Believe it or not, the most interesting place to be at was in the ladies room! Sharing the bathroom with Jodie Foster, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, Julia Roberts and others was pretty interesting, to say the least. If only those walls could talk. I felt the gowns this year were all beautiful and somewhat on the simple side, which was refreshing to see. My favorite was worn by Julianna Margulies, star of The Good Wife (see her stunning photo in the gallery below!).

Adjacent to the ballroom, there was a room filled with hundreds of continuous desserts and exotic drinks. This room serves as another interesting pit stop where you can stand at the bar and chat with your favorite stars as if you were visiting with them in their home. Many of them come in to stretch their legs, mingle with fans, have a drink and maybe even smoke a cigar on the terrace. It’s all fun and feels very intimate and personal.

The after parties are never disappointing and a great place to meet the stars and their partners. Most of the parties take place right in the Beverly Hilton and are are set up with mini red carpets where you can meet and greet stars personally as they stroll in to celebrate their awards. HBO, CAA, Paramount Pictures, Universal, InStyle/Warner Brothers, Weinstein Company and more – all the big names were there. Even President Clinton was enjoying himself (speaking of a ‘Powerful Partner’)!

Thanks for reading a little more about who I am and how I spend my time and efforts! I can’t wait to bring you more wonderful profiles of “Powerful Partners” on TCW, and I’ll be back next time with a profile of another entertainment professional.


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