Personal Branding Demystified: Ellen Burton Bears All


Join entrepreneur Ellen Burton as she tackles every aspect of a personal branding makeover with The Image Studios.

Have you ever wondered just what exactly happens when one engages in “personal branding”? Well, over the next several weeks you can follow a personal branding program right here on Successful Expression.

Personal branding is a process that happens both inside and outside. Sometimes the process tackles self-esteem, self-worth, and self-awareness issues. The best personal branding programs create transparency: displaying a person’s authentic identity–allowing for more effective high-impact, interactions. I’ve repeatedly witnessed the powerful positive results that come from aligning the inside values with the outside brand. This year Life Coach Ellen Burton blessed me with the opportunity to share a personal branding experience with you online.

Meet Ellen Burton: Ellen (50) is a single African American woman entrepreneur who lives in Evanston, Illinois and coaches clients internationally.

Ellen thinks of herself as a person, not a “brand.” For years, she has had no system for investing in her presence, image or visibility. Even though Ellen has experienced significant internal growth, externally, people don’t seem to notice all that she has to offer. Her coaching business is down, and her personal life is not at all where she wants it to be at 50 years old. Ellen’s presence is not aligned with her values: She is not attracting that for which she is internally prepared. Plainly stated: Ellen is overlooked.

Learning about the implications that her personal brand or image has on life, Ellen has engaged in a personal branding program of her own. Ellen will share her experience with our online community. When asked why she made the courageous decision to share her experience online, Ellen said, “I choose to share this experience with others because of the enormous personal and professional benefits I am receiving even though I’ve barely started the work.”

“I choose to share because I’m sure there are other women, like me, who think their intelligence and professional experience should be enough, yet they are not experiencing the level of success that they desire. They are probably blaming it on outside forces; and are not aware that, although they are accomplished professionals, they are still under leveraged.”

“I choose to share what might be not-so-flattering pictures and vulnerable insights especially with the women who do not have a trusted mentor to pull them aside and help them ‘brand themselves.’ I’m declaring myself their honorary mentor.”

We hope that Ellen will inspire each of you to live life as the true you! Stay tuned….


About Kali Patrice

Kali Patrice is the founder of The Image Studios, a Chicago-based firm that specializes in branding and image communication. She blogs through “Successful Expression” to share fresh ways to share insights about image, personal branding and self-expression.