Quick Morning Hair Tips

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For many people, mornings can be hectic; running around, getting ready, constantly aware of the time. But your morning routine doesn’t need to be stressful. There are tons of quick hair tips that will save you time and frustration.

First, I recommend not washing your hair. Yes, I just said you should skip traditional shampoo and try an alternative. When you take your shower, only wash your body, and use a shower cap to protect your hair. After you get out, wash your face in the sink. This will allow you easier control of the water flow, preventing the edges of your hairline from getting damp and keeping all locks dry.

Next, you’ll want to use a dry shampoo. I recommend Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo works well when your hair is super clean, because it gives texture, or when it’s dirty because it absorbs oil and makes the hair feel and smell fresher. Be sure to section off your hair when spraying the shampoo to allow it to settle in the crown, sides and hairline. It’s important to know that you need to hold the can at arm’s length when spraying; otherwise, you may not be as happy with the results. If your hair is really dirty, you may want to hit the top of your head with your blow dryer, which allows the oils in your hair to be absorbed more quickly.

After your hair is prepped and ready, give it a good tease. The most effective way to do this is by using The Wonder Comb (or wide toothed comb) and hairspray (I recommend Kenra Platinum Hairspray). Tease the crown and sides of your hair. Your hair will not be ready to style. Teasing can make a huge difference, so I strongly advise taking a few minutes each morning for this step.

For your style, you may want to opt for an updo when you’re short on time. Low side and centered buns are also easy and work well with most hair types and almost every occasion. Don’t under estimate the classic look of a poof pony. It’s quick, simple and stylish. Not wanting to spend a lot of time on your hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look. Try a side braid or adding an accessory like a headband, scarf or bling broach. Braids and accessories are the quickest ways to dress up your hairstyle.

You have a number of options for wearing your hair down, too. Retouch curls from the day before or add some curls to your air-dried hair. This helps to give a sexy, wavy look and is a very quick style. Remember, when curling your hair with an iron start from the middle of the hair, not the bottom.

Some people find it very difficult to not wash their hair every day. They feel their hair is too oily, which is another reason why I recommend using dry shampoo. I understand this can be a strange change, so I usually suggest washing your hair the evening before. Adding product and going to bed with wet hair can make for really cool beach looking waves in the morning.

The most important thing to focus on is the front of your hair. If you only have a little bit of time in the morning, style the top and the front of your head. Having even this portion of your hair styled will look more pulled together. And don’t forget, a great cut and color can make a world of a difference when it comes to easy styling.

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Gina Scalpone has been in the fashion/beauty industry for over a decade. She enrolled at Pivot Point International full time while working at Mario Tricoci, quickly becoming a head stylist specializing in hair extensions and bridal/formal updos. In 2010, she opened Glamhairus, a full-service beauty business that comes to you, offering wardrobe consulting, hair, makeup and spray tans. An avid fashionista and a lover of everything fun, fabulous and fierce, Ms. Scalpone shares tips and stories via her blog.