Real Moms Can Look Like Celebs Too

Facial Guru Geri G

When Geri Giagnorio (a.k.a. Geri G.) speaks, we listen. Why? She pampers the skin of well known moms like Britney Spears, Gillian Anderson and Giuliana Rancic. We all want to look like glamorous moms, right? So Geri offered to spill some of her trademark secrets, and she’s available to give you the same treatments as the celeb moms who look so well rested and energized.

With studios in both Chicago and L.A. Geri G. has experience with clients of all skin types and climate issues. I asked her how she makes so many frazzled, harried moms look fantastic.  ”I believe a facial begins on the inside and that is one of my trademarks,” she shares, saying she was inspired by her own skin issues. “I wanted to be a full time makeup artist and didn’t feel I had the confidence to go out into the LA scene because of my acne issue.”

Ms. Giagnorio says her mission is to help others understand that skin care is more important that just about your skin, and what you see on the outside is also about the inside, nutrition and education. I myself have been focusing on getting more shut eye, which is a common problem amongst the moms I see at drop off and pick up at late night activities that often fill up summer nights.

Ms. Giagnorio shares advice for busy moms: “Look at your routine and see how to simplify it and restore it.” She says if we’re searching for a magic cream or lotion to take away the bags under our eyes maybe look deeper at the symptom and figure out why you have the bags. One common denominator for moms across the board is coffee consumption which equals dehydration. I’ve learned over the years of raising four daughters that I can never seem to get enough of the caffeine, despite how much I try, even though I know it’s bad for my skin.

Ms. Giagnorio has a solution: “Ditch the coffee for Roobios Tea and Yerba Matte Tea. You’ll have more energy, better absorption of minerals and a healthier source of caffeine. Your skin will be hydrated and you will ultimately sleep better. Result? Happier you! There is a an easy solution behind a symptom. Go backwards into what you put into your body and and don’t put into your body….then we can correct and enhance how you look and feel!”

Another tip, check out your makeup brushes and consider trying one of Ms. Giagnorio’s own. “I decided to make my own brush because natural hair brushes are not friendly to the skin. They hold bacteria, they don’t hold up and they’re over priced! I felt I was overwhelmed with s many brushes that I knew other women felt the same. That’s why I decided to make my own brush that could do a complete eye makeup application, be super easy to use, travel in anyone’s purse or makeup bag, easy to clean- even with soap, last forever and most importantly be anti bacterial.”

Ms. Giagnorio’s tips for those of us who have about five minutes to attempt to look our best before heading out the door: “My quick answer is always drink 16 oz of water immediately after waking up in the morning. Then use Geri G Ultra Plush Mascara, Transceutical Canvas and Lipgloss Creme”.

So next time you are stressing out, drink some water and get your five minute miracle products out to work some magic. To find Geri G. and see for yourself,  click here.


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