Reiki-ssage: What is it?


I have been to a number of Reiki therapists over my lifetime – I was impressed only twice! The rest? Not so much!

My first ‘wow’ was a very gifted young woman who was also clearly very intuitive psychically. She’s now in real estate and doing quite well. The second ‘wow’ is a seasoned master Reiki therapist. Patricia Heenan – right here in Evanston – has been healing women for over 15 years.

Just what is Reiki? Reiki is the universal life-force energy that makes all living things alive! The Reiki master serves as a ‘vehicle’ through which Reiki energy is transmitted to a cellular level for you, the client. ‘Unlimited’ Reiki is both a ‘hands on’ as well as an energetic treatment that works on the physical, then mental, then emotional and then spiritual levels. The Reiki energy-balancing has no limitations, and the outcome is dependent on the willingness of the client to be healed.

Reiki-ssage combines Reiki energy-balancing with therapeutic touch or light massage. This assists in clearing blockages and balancing energy fields and chakras. The frequency of Reiki sets off energetic responses, prompting physical changes. The brain moves to a low cortisol, stress-free state, putting one’s body, mind and spirit in a restorative state. Thus, one experiences improved health and energy with reduced inflammation.

The apparent benefits of Reiki-ssage include:

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased inner peace and calm
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased physical mobility
  • Enhanced youthful appearance

I had heard of Ms. Heenan three times before I finally made an appointment. My impetus to see her was born of worry, frustration and sadness. Three beloveds in my inner circle were swimming through shark-infested waters and I could not help them. Helping is what I do best! So, I took my first appointment on the phone. Lots of tears later, I slept the best I had slept in over a year.

Two weeks later, I drove up to Evanston to Ms. Heenan’s oh-so-zen studio – plants galore, waterfalls, serene music and lovely, calm, precious Reiki Master Patricia Heenan. She placed me face down, fully-clothed, snuggled up in a soft blanket on her table, and proceeded to open my energy centers (chakras,) move stuck energies out, and focused her gentle massage on my right shoulder and left hip.

One hour later, I blissfully left her healing coven. Not kidding – absolutely no pain in either shoulder or hip. The most notable change? I was sleeping, and while awake, I was almost joyful, and certainly not fretting about things I could not control nor change immediately. She is my ‘go-to’ healer. At least once a month or so, just to re-balance my energies.

We live on the ‘Super Grid’ in Chicago – this is a wireless network that cam tamper with your red and white blood cell production, tilt and block energy fields, and reverse the rotation of your chakras. Many folks are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs.) Given that humans are composed of 70 percent or more water, we are ‘tuning forks’ driven by and very much affected by frequencies. We all know energy can have positive or negative influences, from the brain to the body.

So, I have this adorable little doggie, Gizmo. A puppy-mill puppy, severely cortisol-driven, over-anxious, under-touched, talked to and loved – he was a mess when I adopted him at 16 months. Lots of love, awesome live food diet and oodles of calming essential oils between his toes, on the back of his neck, and top of his head…he came around. One-and-a-half years later, he became very wiggy again. Gizmo met Ms. Heenan and she ‘cleared’ him energetically. Within two weeks, my little lovebug was back – more open and loving than before his setback!

I stand in quiet witness and wonder to the gift of Patricia Heenan. When you cannot figure things out on your own or motivate yourself to create optimal changes and take the necessary steps, consider Reiki Therapy – no work involved – just an open mind and a readiness to heal.


About Deborah Arneson

Deborah Arneson holds a B.S. in Food Science, a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a licensed clinical nutritionist. A veteran in her field, she specializes in solving hormonal imbalances: increasing energy, focus, moods, eliminating anxiety, constipation and sleep problems though one on one nutrition counseling and Ayurvedic practices.