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sherlock Read Between the Lines, Sherlock!
By Bela Gandhi

12 ways to spot red flags in online dating profiles. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but when it comes to online dating profiles it’s best…

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99c14cfcc38f885a9913d0e98fd1072b Dating Spreadsheets: Useful or Disastrous?
By Bela Gandhi

A smart way to organize — just keep it to yourself Last week, I wrote an article about man whose 1600 word post-date “email rant” to the woman who had spurned him…

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b75d73ad63f8f195008e5c8c6d8d1a51 21st Century Dating Do’s and Don’ts
By Bela Gandhi

How to let the frogs down gently Recently, a dating story caught my interest – about a man and woman who had just met and went on a date shortly after. She…

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