Serial Entrepreneur Turns Ideas into Action

Rebecca Fyffe

Most women find it a challenge to run just one business successfully. Rebecca Fyffe, 37, runs three of them: ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, Chicago Wildlife Management and Consulting and, most recently, Scientific Medicinals, Inc.

It all started with ABC Humane Wildlife Control, a company established by her father in 1976. After college, she dabbled in a couple of careers before turning her attention full-time to ABC. She ran the company for nine years before purchasing it from her dad in 2011. Today, ABC employs 37 people and does $2.5 million annually in business.

In 2010, Rebecca launched Chicago Wildlife Management to perform humane bird exclusion on urban infrastructures. She leveraged her WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) credential from the Women’s Business Development Center to win six-figure contracts with organizations like the Chicago Transit Authority.

Her latest venture, Scientific Medicinals Inc., was inspired by her passion for animals. She is developing a line of dog/animal supplements featuring medicinal mushrooms, which will be distributed in stores nationwide.

Rebecca has a strong customer-first policy. For example, ABC Humane Wildlife is open 365 days a year with no additional charges for weekend or night service. Her attention to service and compassion for animals and wildlife is what sets her apart in the industry. She always looks for the most humanitarian and gentle way to eliminate nuisance wildlife.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Rebecca gives back to the community. She runs a nonprofit called the Wildlife Control Policy Institute, which she started in 2002, to train municipalities on how to create research-based public health policy on wildlife.

She is also the president of the Illinois Mycological Association (IMA), a scientific and educational non-profit (it’s all about mushrooms) that works with the Field Museum of Natural History, the Cook County Forest Preserve District and many other institutions. Under her leadership, the IMA has grown from 75 to more than 300 members.


About Emilia DiMenco

Emilia DiMenco is President and CEO of Women’s Business Development Center and Retired Executive Vice President BMO Harris N.A. Emilia DiMenco was named president and chief executive officer of the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) on August 1, 2013, a transition from co-founders, Hedy Ratner and Carol Dougal. Emilia joined the Women’s Business Development Center as chief operating officer in July 2010 after completing a 30-year career as an executive vice president with BMO Harris N.A. Emilia had P&L responsibility for 80% of her career and managed budgets in excess of $200 million with revenues multiples greater. Her responsibility included leadership and management for 600 commercial banking employees.