Seven Ways to Keep the Love Alive

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February is a month when love is celebrated, typically with kisses, chocolate, champagne and candlelit dinners. But squabbles that creep up on a daily basis can take a toll on romance and even sidetrack your Valentine’s Day plans.

Take heart. There are steps you can take to make every day Valentine’s Day. Rekindling the romance and passion can happen by performing a single, thoughtful act. Performed on a daily basis, the single act will multiply and, over time, can quite literally divorce-proof a marriage.

So, if romance is your goal, may I suggest these seven tips (along with a dozen long-stemmed roses) to light a fire under love languishing on the embers?

  1. One gesture of pure kindness daily.
  2. Two interesting sex-capades weekly.
  3. Three compliments for every criticism.
  4. Four compromises for every line in the sand.
  5. Five real kisses morning, noon, and night, with two in between.
  6. Six acts of forgiveness weekly.
  7. No matter what your creed or philosophy, connect on a soul level whenever possible.

Chicago may be the heartbreak capital of the country (yes, it’s official), but don’t fret. By following some if not all of these tips, you can keep the love alive and the home fires burning long after Valentine’s Day has passed.

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