Shea Vaughn’s Healthy Initiative Chicago


The national wellness/fitness expert has paved her own path in health just as her infamous son, Vince, has in acting.

Shea Vaughn is passionate about helping Chicagoans blast the fat and recently created a new project to start people on a healthier initiative for 2013. Years ago, Ms. Vaughn realized that books and videos weren’t the answer to solving the obesity epidemic; rather, by putting her experience into action and working with teams of those concerned, something great could happen. EnterHealthy Initiative Chicago. With her dance and fitness credentials in hand, Ms. Vaughn wanted to start Healthy Initiative Chicago to help create ambassadors for the city’s youth. “What’s in the refrigerator at home isn’t the child’s fault,” she says. “Parents are the ones who shop and make the choices; we need them to get involved.” For Ms. Vaughn, it’s a natural move to create a program that helps men and women achieve their best self, as children will follow their lead.

Healthy Initiative Chicago raises awareness about the obesity epidemic with donations to fund Give a Little Does A Lot – a newly established 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports education, fitness and nutrition programs for Chicago children and schools. “It’s so important to target our children because they’re the future of our nation,” explains Ms. Vaughn. “It’s the first time in history that our children are predicted to not outlive their parents. I had to do something.”

Therefore, 40 Chicagoans were selected to renew their health and start making changes through Healthy Initiative, which provides personal attention and training for three months. The participants, comprised of men and women, were selected based on their attitude and commitment to follow the program, which includes exercising daily or at least five times a week. They also made a commitment to changing their diet and eliminating any modified products, such as dairy, and were provided meal plans and exercise options as well as personal training.

Each participant received a one-year membership from xSport Fitness, nutritional and fitness assessment, home gym package by Spri Exercise, nutritional book, Sheanetic classes with Ms. Vaughn, small group exercise classes and training from Ms. Vaughn, personal trainer Stephanie Mansour and trainers at xSport Fitness. They also take part in other education and motivational seminars.

“We feel that we have a solution that’s sustainable,” Ms. Vaughn says regarding these individuals, who are working on trading in their unhealthy habits for a new look and body for 2013. “The concept behind Sheanetics is that it’s as much mental strength as physical strength, and with the right mindset people can turn their lives around.” Plus the participants received all the support, a gym membership and training for free!

Once training is completed, Ms. Vaughn is planning a Red Carpet Celebration Gala for February 2013, with each participant receiving a new outfit by designer Mark Roscoe. This charity fundraiser will provide an opportunity for the ambassadors to share their story and inspire others to make changes.

But this initiative doesn’t stop in Chicago. Ms. Vaughn’s vision is to establish these types of programs and fundraising efforts throughout the country. It’s a challenge, but Shea Vaughn knows that when you dream big, dreams can come true.


About Andrea Metcalf

Andrea Metcalf is a celebrity fitness trainer, author of Naked Fitness, social media maven and nationally recognized speaker. She is a contributor to NBC Chicago, Better TV, GMA Health and NBC Today Show as well as, and her own Naked Fitness blog. She participates in many charity events, from Bright Pink to ovarian cancer to American Diabetes Association. She hopes to inspire people to feel good in their own skin.