Sherren Leigh Morphs Into a Blogger!


Why is time-challenged me taking on another responsibility – this time creating a weekly blog? For starters, Chris Ruys is one persuasive woman. She blogs for TCW and somehow talked me into it last week. I’m going to write about whatever’s on my mind, but, at times, not really what I’m thinking since I do have an image to uphold. “Girl Talk” says nothing and says it all. Sometimes it’ll be irreverent; other times funny or hopefully thought-provoking. If it disappears one day, you’ll know blogging wasn’t fun for me anymore. I’ll welcome your comments and expect them to be as brutally honest as many know I can be.


About Sherren Leigh

Sherren Leigh is president and founder of Today's Chicago Woman and Today's Chicago Woman Foundation. She muses about life - the good, the bad, the ugly - and anything else that's on her mind in “Girl Talk.” Sometimes funny, other times serious, she's always thought-provoking and often controversial.