Should I Wear Makeup Every Day?


Join entrepreneur Ellen Burton as she tackles every aspect of personal branding makeover with The Image Studios. Today, she shares what she learned about makeup for work and play, and we get a little advice from makeup extraordinaire Bobbi Brown.

I’m the woman who laughs while watching Oprah’s makeover shows with women who wear makeup and clothing from the ’80s. Thinking, “Ha, Ha, look at them OMG!” While never asking, “Am I one of them?”

I was apprehensive when I brought my makeup bag to the meeting with a makeup specialist Laura Franco. I knew there was a lot of “vintage” makeup in there because, I often purchase makeup with very little idea of how to use it. All I know is that I LOVE lipstick. I usually wear it alone, and maybe add mascara. For work, a date, or any special occasions, I’ll wear eye shadow.

Laura was informative and fun. She explained how some of the makeup in my bag won’t apply well, and can damage my skin, so out went 75 percent of my makeup. It felt great to throw the old makeup away, my makeup was getting healthy and I was clearing a clutter (foreshadowing unbeknownst to me).

Then we went on a makeup shopping trip. I requested Mac because I have allergies and my skin gets irritated easily but not with Mac, so off we went. Because of my color analysis, Laura knew exactly what foundation and shadows would compliment my skin and style baseline. Because of my intake details, she knew my lifestyle, professional and personal requirements. So sorting through the over-saturated makeup aisle wasn’t nearly as intimidating this time.

We returned to The Image Studios and I had my makeup tutorial. I now have a routine for casual days and one for professional days. Each “face” takes only 5 to 10 minutes to apply. Now, I wear makeup everyday. I look polished, and I think I look younger.

My question: Should I wear makeup whenever I’m in public, every single day? What is a safe everyday look for work?



Beyond a certain age it makes good sense to have a grooming routine that includes modest polish for your face – “whenever you brush your teeth.” Most people I know, brush their teeth even to be alone with themselves! At a bare minimum we suggest a sunscreen containing tinted moisturizer, lip gloss and mascara. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen does triple duty by hydrating your skin, protecting your face from UV rays and evening/brightening your complexion. The gloss moisturizes and defines your mouth and the mascara enhances your eyes.

Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizing Balm is my personal favorite for everyday polish.

Bobbi Brown shared some great advice about makeup to work with TCW. She also had some tips about what not to wear…on your lips. Click here to read them!



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