Skype Visitation During Divorce


It’s normal for many parents to disagree regarding the proper way to raise and educate their children. Sadly, such disagreements become more prominent when two parties decide to divorce. Naturally, if you no longer wish to cohabit with your partner, you probably no longer trust that person to make many parental decisions.

This is when your family lawyer will come into play. For example, if your visitation rights are being threatened, your attorney can negotiate with the other party and ensure his/her visitation rights are being respected. When a child is living primarily with one parent, this can make it hard for the other parent to visit with the child, particularly in cases where the recently separated parents are living in different cities, or even different states.

What we see lately are parties proposing Skype visitation during the week in addition to regular weekend visitation. While such Skype requests are liberally granted, it leaves us wondering, are these Skype visits sufficient?

The parent/child relationship is one that is formed over a period of time and often requires trust, love and affection. When parents use Skype visitation as a way to maintain, or even more challenging, to refresh a parent/child relationship, they’re missing out on those aspects of the bonding experience. As technology progresses, these methods will be increasingly utilized for visitation, but make sure your lawyer demands more to ensure your visitation is as valuable as possible.


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