Step Away From The Perfume Counter

You'll be surprised at how wonderful these smell, and at a price point that won't break the bank.

I’m getting ready to move. As I’m cleaning out my bathroom, tossing unused and expired product, I’m reminded that I’m not a huge perfume fan. I love smelling it on others, but can never find the perfect scent for myself. I also find that I’m tossing bottles that are practically new. Maybe it’s because so many celebrities are endorsing scents and you can find many women wearing the same scent?

Chicago entrepreneur Tara Swords is encouraging women to step away from the perfume counter. She recently created Olfactif, the first of its kind, subscription-based fragrance discovery service. “We are people who love perfume and the power of scent,” she says. The website has step-by-step instructions on how to go about becoming a member. You’ll get to sample new scents and create your own signature scent. This no-obligation service allows you to stop at anytime, but i’m sure you’ll be hooked once you see that you’ll be in contact with very hard to find scents and learn about the creators.

I was acquainted with a set prepared for Mother’s Day, and I have to say it’s exquisite. They offer a three-month subscription starting at $18 per month all the way to one year for just $15 per month. Each monthly collection includes three deluxe-sized 2.25 ml fragrance samples in glass spray vials, enclosed in a 4×6 signature box perfect for gifting. This helps you explore some of the hardest-to-find fragrances from exclusive perfume houses around the world each month.

And for perfume lovers, not only will you discover the art of perfumery but you’ll get a bonus. Customers automatically receive an $18 credit each month toward the purchase of a featured perfume. Each time I share a spray or two with my friends and family, they love it. And for someone like me, it’s great to have smaller bottles that I’ll actually use. And when I do find my perfect scent, I’ll have tried it a few times before splurging on the big bottle.

At the first of the month, your mail will be smelling a little sweeter from now on.

Christine Bachman

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