Stop Making Your Co-Workers Angry

Win - Win

Let’s face it; sometimes people have a hard time working with people who are smarter or more attractive, outgoing or strategic than they are. However, sometimes it has less to do with who you are and more to do with whom or what you remind them of.

Sometimes we get along with people and other times, we don’t. It’s important to understand that as an adult, people don’t really dislike or like you; you are simply reminding them of a pleasant or unpleasant event, person or pattern in their life. So in an effort to minimize stirring up the unpleasantness in the lives of our colleagues, try the following:

  1. Smile more.
  2. Talk less, listen more. Employ active listening skills.
  3. Present your opinions as questions. For example: Instead of saying, “That won’t work”, try asking, “How do you see that working?”
  4. Resolve conflicts early and in private. Follow the first three points.
  5. Hire a coach or therapist to help you (especially in the beginning) – you’ll be glad you did.

I hope you found this helpful. Pleasant journeys!


About Jinnie Cristerna

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