TCW’s Top 50 Singles of 2013


Meet Today’s Chicago Woman’s top singles – and learn more about them!

Selecting this year’s Top 50 Singles was no easy task. Criteria was multi-faceted, based on personality, charitable work, professional contributions and, yes, a little bit on appearance. For 2013, we bring you an impressive mix of entrepreneurs, health professionals, media personalities and more. Overall, it’s an eclectic group of good-natured singles that you’d probably either want to date, fix up with your best friend, or if you’re ‘of a certain age,’ introduce to your daughter or son.

Join us and the 2013 singles on Friday, March 22, when River East Art Center will play host to Spring Fever, our annual party celebrating the singles. Called the best party of the year, there have been more than a few match-ups that have occurred! And for all you not-so-singles, there’s plenty of food, fun and dancing for all! Proceeds from Spring Fever benefit charity through the TCW Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. Purchase tickets to the party here.

The photographs in this feature were taken by Adrian Orozco and Kristyna Archer at N9NE Steakhouse’s Ghostbar on West Randolph Street, at an exclusive party to introduce the single women and men to each other. View photos of the event here.

9e9999330b0ea58bbe4cf7cab178e389Jess Baca
Age 30
Personal stylist/personal shopper, Closeture
On the side Urban Alliance
Fun fact I recently met Anna Wintour…she’s even more fabulous in person!
Job perk My female clients are strong, smart, successful women – they are not defined by their husbands, they are amazing role models who inspire me daily.
Secret talent I swear I was a therapist in a past life – people love to tell me their deepest, darkest secrets…I put them in the vault.
Life motto Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Day off You’ll find me exploring the city, or catching up on theReal Housewives on my DVR.
Hero/role model My father. He is a self-made man and successful entrepreneur who instilled the importance of character, hard work and education in me and my siblings.
Happiest day Quitting my full-time job to work for myself (also the scariest).
If I won the lottery I’d work with all my clients for free – I love what I do!
Guilty pleasure Champagne and carbs with good friends.
I wish I’d known at 21 That the risks and struggles would pay off…and eventually, I would be able to pay for those fabulous shoes too.
In 10 years I see myself juggling work and a designer baby bag.
I can talk for hours about Finding the silver lining.
Title of my autobiographFashion Victim – I’ve worked for several devils in Prada.
I couldn’t live without My tea-cup Yorkie, Monster.
Ideal partner Smart, sarcastic, ambitious and loyal.
Best date Watching the election coverage over sushi and wine.
The last thing I did to impress a date Google him…and plan/order accordingly.

827858f87085a9a7f98297ac3c871cbeRyan M. Beshel
Age 30
Public Relations Coordinator, 900 North Michigan Shops
On the side Habitat for Humanity Youth Board Co-Director of Media Relations, Speaking of Fashion Podcast Co-Host
Job perk I get to meet new people every day and represent one of Chicago’s finest retail landmarks. Plus, I always feel like I’m living in the game ‘Mall Madness.’
On first dates I’m usually really nervous, until we make each other laugh – and I enjoy a whiskey/ginger.
Passions Friendship, locally made bowties and getting ink permanently tattooed onto my body.
Friends say I’m passionate, driven and a tad bit crazy.
Fun fact I wear a size 16 shoe and really enjoy country music.
Passions Friendship, locally made bowties and getting ink permanently tattooed onto my body.
Secret talent My spot-on impression of a Velociraptor.
Life mottos Always overdress; If you carry yourself like the CEO, they’ll think you are; Fake it ’til you make it; Never leave the house without business cards, and meet everyone you possibly can.
Day off You’ll find me hiding in my apartment or spending time with friends.
Happiest day When I graduated college, and the very second my chest tattoo was finished. (Thanks, Josh Howard Tattoo!)
My life would be complete If my dad gave me his midnight blue ’67 Chevelle with a trunk full of hundred dollar bills and a large pepperoni/sausage/bacon pizza in the front seat that you (dear, future boyfriend) were holding. One can dream, right?
If I won the lottery I’d buy my mom a log cabin, my dad a new old car to fix and for me, the loft that I’ve been visualizing in my head for years. Then, I’d go camping.
Guilty pleasures Hole-in-the-wall bars, PBR and Chuck Taylors.
Wish I’d known at 21 That school loans don’t just disappear if you think them out of existence.
In 10 years I see myself with you. *Aw*
Title of my autobiography The Bowtie Memoirs (did you really think it would be anything different?)
I couldn’t live without My iPhone, pizza, Cheetohs, Reeses peanut butter cups and yoga.  (Can you guess which one I’m totally lying about?)
Date me Because I live to laugh, I love hard and I’m really tall. People like that.
You should know I’m not always who or what I seem to be, based on my appearance. I’m obsessed with perception and how one can influence others with what we wear or say or do. The ol’ ‘can’t judge a book by its cover.’
Ideal partner Funny, passionate about his work, patient and social.
Best date It was pretty much from a cheesy romance novel: fantastic dinner (even better conversation), a few drinks and a walk on the beach while the moon covered the sand with beautiful blue light.
 ”Clicks” with Someone who is thoughtful and handsome, with a stellar sense of humor, a bit of rhythm on a dance floor and a bit of scruff. Someone who can stand and still be looking me right in the eyes is a plus. Though, I try not to discriminate against height. What can I say? I was blessed.

ae0734b590c2117318ebcc9a0a5b4c8eBrian A. Braithwaite MD, JD
Age 30
On the side Reach for The Stars Foundation
Passions Traveling and experiencing the many varied cultures and traditions around the world. Two of my brothers live in China.
Life motto If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!
Ideal partner Funny, spontaneous, thoughtful, compassionate, intellectually curious and passionate about life; committed to making the world a better place; laughs despite embarrassment; unwavering in the face of a challenge; determined and open-minded; loves unabashedly and freely.
Twitter bio #gregarious # joiedevivre #ambitious #peopleperson #lifeisbeautiful #familyoriented #goBIGorgohome
Friends say I’m always smiling and saying, “Hi!” to everyone I meet.
Job perk I leave work with the knowledge that I helped contribute to making someone elses life better.
Guilty pleasure Listening to ’80s music. The passion and lyrical honesty of ’80s love songs remains unrivaled even today!
Wish I’d known at 21 That I’d be in school for so long.
Day off You’ll find me spending the day in bed relaxing.
In 10 years I see myself happily married with two kids.
Ideal partner Funny, spontaneous, thoughtful, compassionate, intellectually curious, passionate about life; committed to making the world a better place; laughs despite embarrassment; unwavering in the face of a challenge; determined and open-minded; loves unabashedly and freely.
Best date We had dinner at a delicious Mexican/French fusion restaurant and then spent the rest of our time at a hospital holiday party dancing the night away!
“Clicks” with Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

edd1c240ecaf83d4765bd23ef627fe6cJennifer Bridgeforth
Age 41
Artist, Speaker, Radio Host and Owner, Phoenix Art & Empowerment Space
On the side Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Bradley University Communications Alumni Board, Sarah’s Inn and House of the Good Shepherd.
Twitter bio Artsy and analytical entrepreneur, speaker, sports fan and philanthropist who loves a good sermon, a good champagne, and a good laugh in great company!
Friends say I’m funny, spiritual, loyal and insightful.
Fun Fact I host a weekly radio show about empowerment.
Passion Empowering people. I speak to artists, families and survivors of domestic violence/abuse about the gift they have to create change in their lives.
Life motto Leap and the net will appear.
Hero/role model My parents. They have been great examples, and they just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.
If I won the lottery I’d create a scholarship fund at my alma mater, give to my church and family, and take a vacation.
Guilty pleasure Football, french fries and ’90s sitcoms!
Date me Because of my flexibility in a diversity of social situations.
You should know I’m almost 6 feet tall. I used to model in my 20s but I got hungry!
Ideal partner Honest, smart, funny and a bit of a traditional gentleman.
On first dates I’m usually listening a bit more than talking. I want to truly get to know the person I am with.
“Clicks” with someone who is spiritual and sincere.

03e445beb3226eaf0947dec0acde2fd6Cara Carriveau
Radio Personality, Chicago’s Rewind 100.3
On the side American Brain Tumor AssociationAvon Walk For Breast CancerThe Rainbow FoundationOak-Leyden.
Twitter bio Radio host (Chicago’s Rewind 100.3), podcast host (, and Mom who likes to rock.
 Friends say I’m optimistic, fun and silly.
Fun fact I love peace and quiet. Considering that I either talk or play music for a living people often assume I’m always talking or listening to music…but actually I tend to crave silence (just for a bit) when I’m off the clock.
Job perk  It’s a blast to play such fun music every day. And I’ve had the amazing opportunity to have conversations with some really fascinating artists/celebrities: Adele, Gotye, Adam Sandler, P!nk, Duran Duran, Michael Bublé, Philip Phillips, Adam Levine, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morisette, Green Day, Rick Springfield, Adam Ant…just to name a few!  I also seriously adore my coworkers.  I am very fortunate to work with and for such wonderful people.
Passion My children, music and the outdoors.  I absolutely love to be outside.
Life motto Optimism rocks!
Day off I’m usually hanging in my backyard (I revamped it with huge projector screen for movies at night), at the beach or an outdoor festival in the summer. I recently took up snow boarding so winter has become a bit more fun.
Happiest day When I realized that my gut instinct is always right. Problem-solving and decision-making became so much easier.
If I won the lottery I’d continue to work – at least for a week or two.
Guilty pleasure Making s’mores by the fire with my kids in the backyard. That never gets old.
Wish I’d known at 21 That you shouldn’t pound most of an entire bottle of tequilla. But I did figure that out the day after I turned 21.
In 10 years I see myself not looking or feeling 10 years older.
I can talk for hours about My kids…but don’t worry, I won’t.
Title of my autobiography Conversation, Inspiration and Perspiration: Cara, The Audio Book
Date me Because of my sense of fun and willingness to try new things. I’m also pretty easy to please. Whether it’s a quiet dinner, loud concert, long boat ride or short walk…as long as I’m hanging out with someone I enjoy being with I’m always having a good time.
Ideal partner Genuinely happy and lives a healthy life (those two things usually go together).  There is no bigger turn-on than a self-motivated, confident and happy man. My biggest challenge has been finding a man who loves his job as much as I love mine. I don’t particularly enjoy being around people who tend to complain, and anyone who doesn’t like their job usually complains a lot. Oh, and if he is “ideal” then I suppose he would also be incredibly hot, polite, charitable and give great neck massages.
On first dates I’m usually kind of chatty and giggly, which would be the result of being a bit nervous. But I never put on a front to impress anyone. I’m always “me.”
“Clicks” with someone who enjoys music, shares my sense if goofiness, gets my jokes and is willing to eat all sorts of food. I love trying new food. In fact, if he’s a picky eater that could be a deal breaker.

d448af30c5714c0c0965b06613aec242Vanessa Casciano
Age  40
Community Relations Director, Magellan Development Group
On the side Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyNorthwestern Brain Tumor InstituteChicago Youth ProgramsNavy SEAL Warfare Foundation
Happiest day When I found out I was an exact bone marrow match for a 15-year-old boy with Leukemia.
Fun fact I backpacked across Italy by myself for 10 days.
Passion Entertianing. I love to host small get togethers to large galas.
Ideal partner Full of personality, charm and confidence. He has to have a great sense of humor and can be spontaneous.
On first dates I’m usually very open minded and a great conversationalist.
Twitter bio I’m a well balanced fun loving professional woman. I’m very loyal and extremely generous. I strive to look on the bright side of every situation.
Friends say I’m enthusiastic, caring and fun to be around.
Job perk Not only do I get to make people happy but, by nature, I am a communicative person. My job allows me to interact with many different people every day which I enjoy immensely.
Life motto Be greatful and live in the moment. Life can change in the blink of an eye for better or worse.
Day off You’ll find me with my friends, taking a fitness class or trying a new restaurant.
What would make life complete Settling down with a good man and sharing our joys, passions and love with each other.
Can’t live without Laughing
Date me Because I’m easy going, interesting and bottom line — fun!
 ”Clicks” with Someone genuine, a little sacastic and who can engage in witty banter.

701a3d9cdc5a586ecdf98c085b9a7ad8Camille Cozzini
Age 29
Owner, Odile Luxury Children’s Boutique
On the side  The Association House of ChicagoChildrens Memorial Chicago
Friends say I’m funny, driven, dedicated, kind, charming and a great cook.
Fun Fact I am trilingual – French, Italian and, of course, English.
Job perk I get to see children and families grow and work with excited, soon-to-be parents and grandparents.
Passion My dog Otto.
Day off  On the lake playing fetch with my dog Otto or treating myself to a mani/pedi/massage!
Hero/role model Natalie Massenet, founder and CEO of
If I won the lottery I’d pay off any debt, buy a home in Sardegna, an apartment in Paris, the wardrobe of my dreams, donate to some select charities and invest the rest!
Guilty pleasure Watching reruns of The Nanny on Nick at Night. Don’t ask.
Wish I’d known at 21 That there was no reason to rush to grow up and have it all figured out.
In 10 years I see myself with a family, a booming business and excited to be turning 40 (the new 30).
I can talk for hours about Any show that I am obsessed with (current favorites include Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey) and the new collections on
I couldn’t live without Delicious food, travel, good friends and loving animals.
Ideal partner Seth MacFarlane meets Francois-Henri Pinault.
“Clicks” with Is sharp and witty and makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.
Last thing I did to impress a date Cook for him…it usually does the trick.

0ee75e1dbef2eaa7b2e31d3281055073Lisa M. Dietlin
Age 49
President/CEO, Lisa M. Dietlin and Associates, Inc., author, television and radio personality
On the side Ms. Foundation for WomenWomen On CallAlpena Community College FoundationGirl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest IndianaIllinois Science Council
Friends say I embrace spontaneity even though I am a planner!
Fun fact I like to fly fish.
Job perk I am M.A.D. (Making A  Difference) everyday!
Passion Learning something new every day. I don’t have a long term hobby because I am always on to the next thing.
Secret talent I know how to fly airplanes.
Life motto What new and wonderful things are going to happen today?
Hero/role model People of courage. I love learning about people who survive what seemed like insurmountable odds and lived to tell about it!
My life would be complete With a driver, chef and a private jet.
If I won the lottery I’d  be very generous with my family and friends as well as starting a charitable foundation to help those in need and buy the Chicago Blackhawks!
Guilty pleasure Dark chocolate, red wine and country music.
Wish I’d known at 21 That everything always works out for the BEST!
In 10 years I see myself spending time at my home in the Scottish Highlands.
I can talk for hours about Philanthropy and politics…and not cause a fight to erupt.
Title of my autobiography She Made Her Life About Giving Back
I couldn’t live without Laughter.
Date me Because I can speak intellegiently about many subjects and love to learn new things.
You should know I can manifest anything.
Ideal partner A self-confident man who makes me laugh and can laugh at himself.
“Clicks” with Someone who is smart, laughs often and can laugh at themselves.
Last thing I did to impress a date I watched two episodes of Sarah Palin’s reality television show.

fd3f695cd58b5d63fd7cc6653f222eefMilan Djordjevic 
Age 30
Personal Trainer, The Peninsula Chicago; Sales Associate, Abt Electronics
Date me Because I really know how to make someone feel comfortable and show them a good time.
Day off I’m catching up with close friends or at the movie theater watching the newest releases pretending to be a film critic.
Fun fact I’m a first generation American Serbian.
Guilty pleasure Chocolate. I do get a sweet tooth every now and then.
Ideal partner A woman that’s strong, hardworking, doesn’t lose sight of her goals and always finds time to smile and have and have a good time.
Twitter bio Personal Trainer/Coach, optimistic, resourceful, traveler, friendly, hard worker
Friends say I’m loyal, trustworthy, there when needed and know how to have a good time.
Job perk I’m in a field where I can really help someone. So when I see someone begin to change or start obtaining his or her goals, it’s truly gratifying.
Life motto Ready, Fire, Aim.
Happiest day When I got my drivers license. I felt a sense of freedom.
If I won the lottery, I’d make sure I would help everyone close to me.
Wish I’d known at 21 That nothing comes easy, and you’re going to have to get what you deserve.
I can talk for hours about any topic. If there’s a topic I don’t know about I love to learn.
I couldn’t live without My phone. Modern technology has made everything so accessible in the palm of my hand.
You should know I’m a math geek.
On first dates I’m usually nervous, but you wont be able to tell. I always show my calm and cool side.
“Clicks” with Someone who’s relaxed and can enjoy the moment.

02eace596e7716b7c147c2d47d6e5b73Tsi-tsi-ki Felix
Age 35
News Anchor, TV Host, Advisor to the New Latina,Entrepreneur;
On the side Cristo ReySt. Jude HospitalMake a Wish FoundationNational Council of La RazaMujeres Latinas En AccionMercy Home
Day off You’ll find me spending time with family and/or friends enjoying Mexican food and margaritas.
Last thing I did to impress a date Cleaned his place and bought him a piece of furniture that in order to surprise him, I had to assemble myself. Visualize me…drill and hammer in hand!
Twitter bio Like the hyphen keeps my name together, I am the hyphen of the Multicultural transformation we’re facing now in the U.S. #imthehyphen
Friends say I’m loyal, caring, selfless, smart, and …sometimes stubborn.
Passions Women – putting the hyphen where it belongs. Empowering the families and new Latinas by reaching and filling the void with inspiring product or information.  I’m passionate about paying it forward to other young women who are up and coming.
Secret talent Cooking. Not only can it be therapeutic, but also food brings people together – it’s a unifier, a peace maker, a comfort…and I love people!
Life motto Yesterday already passed, tomorrow is not yet here: Today is what counts. Make the most of it.
My hero My mom. Looking back at her life and challenges, I’m  impressed and inspired by all that she did to help my sisters and I realize our hopes and dreams today.  We are so blessed and grateful to have benefited from her strengths, her commitment, and her perseverance.
Happiest day Today. I’m at a crossroads professionally and I have to tell you, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Looking back at the journey I have enjoyed – I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to deliver the news night after night from the NBC Tower.  I got a behind the scenes view of history being made.  I’m truly inspired by the new doors opening and readying to begin the next chapter of my professional life’s story.
What would make life complete I don’t know that I embrace to the notion of being “complete” – As human beings we are constantly evolving and constantly changing and thus one is never complete. I love constant personal and professional growth.
If I won the lottery I’d put pause in my career and travel, even to outer space! I love to travel and having large sum of money would allow me to definitely travel all over the world and bring all my friends and family along.  I also have had the dream of one day having my own namesake foundation to help young women achieve their goals.  So while I’m traveling abroad, I’d hire people to establish and run my foundation for me!
Guilty pleasures French fries and a large strawberry milkshake.
Wish I’d known at 21 Less is more.
In 10 years I see myself filling the void that exists in the ever-growing and achieving Latino community. An empowering, inspiring feel good kind of product and connects the dots and puts that hyphen where it belongs. A national talk show. It unites our goals and pushes us to our dreams.  The best is yet to come.
Title of mu autobiography What You Wish You Had Known About Me
Date me Because love to get to know people.  I love hearing about, and getting to know about other people’s journeys.  I’m very curious, someone who is very in touch with her inner child.  While I enjoy the fancy and romantic dinners or exotic traveling, I’m just as amenable to getting an ice cream cone and walking for hours or jumping in the car, looking forward to a quiet destination.
Ideal partner Someone who is strong willed and tender. Someone who understands the nuances of life. I like a man who can be tough but also thoughtful and romantic, a man who is calculating and caring.  And above all, he better have a great sense of humor and surprise me!
On first dates I’m usually observing everything. I can’t help it. The journalist in me likes to uncover and/or read between the lines. I love to learn about another’s journey and interests. I also enjoy the energy that two strangers have in the process of the first date.
 ”Clicks” with Someone strong in mind, body and soul. Someone who is unpretentious, aware, and in touch with himself and his life’s purpose.

a6dac46a6aa6714804bae6f490fdf4afRick Finley 
Age 52
Financial Securities Wholesaler/Regional Vice President, Financial Marketing Group
On the side Character Counts
On first dates I’m usually casual in conversation and chivalrous.
I can talk for hours about finance, travel, sports and movies.
Ideal partner Adventurous, bright, fun-loving and effervescent.
Friends say I’m funny, confident, loyal, adventurous, humble, witty and spontaneous.
Hero/role model Abraham Lincoln – a true visionary with his feet firmly planted in the moment.
Job perk I love my job because I have the opportunity to develop relationships with a wide variety of interesting and successful people. I conduct client seminars in private dining rooms and create fun events centered on Cubs/Bulls games and the Symphony provide relaxing, enjoyable environments to enhance client relationships.
Passion Challenging myself physically and mentally with outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, golf and downhill skiing.
My life would be complete If I find someone to share in the adventure.
If I won the lottery I’d spend more time with the people I love, give more to charities, fund my own tech start-up, travel and buy all my friends and family a Tesla.
Guilty pleasure Going to the movies in the wintertime and eating popcorn and Milk Duds.
Wish I’d known at 21 That life rewards action – the wellspring of accomplishment.
In 10 years I see myself growing mentally tougher, physically stronger and spiritually content.
I can talk for hours about Finance, travel, sports and movies.
“Clicks” with Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and likes to chuckle.

0cecf45776046c882eba3d3b5d6d28ddJoseph Freer 
Age 51
Professional Jazz Vocalist; Founder/Owner,
Passions My music. I also paint during the day, but at night I put on my entertainer’s hat. I try to create a magical experience for the audience every time I step on the stage.
Ideal partner Someone who shares the same chemistry and energy with me. A woman who’s truly authentic and has a warm, loving, passionate heart and is willing to try some crazy adventures once in a while.
Guilty pleasure Watching NFL football on Sunday…Da Bears!
Secret talent Voice impersonations – I do a pretty good Jimmy Stewart.
Friends say I’m loyal, passionate and adventurous.
Job perk I get to be creative, whether creating a custom faux finish for a client’s dining room or putting together a unique arrangement on an Old Jazz Standard. I’m in my element when I get to create!
Life motto Continue to reinvent yourself. Life gets old if you stop doing new things.
Day off I’m mountain biking.
In 10 years I see myself performing on the biggest stages in the world
My life would be complete If I had the right woman to share the rest of my life with.
You should know I love the great outdoors and have a passion for hiking, skiing – anything on a mountain makes me feel closer to my Creator.
On first dates, I’m very inquisitive. I want to know that the chemistry works. I’m very conversational and do a lot of the talking, but I’m an equally good listener.
“Clicks” with Someone who has the same type of energy and belief system as I do. Everybody has a different kind of energy, and it’s key to find someone who is compatible to yours.

562f154958ae3463162a482474bba803David Friedman
Age 46
Financial Consultant/Entrepreneur/Investor
On the side 1871 (Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center)
Friends say I’m loyal, driven, adventurous and follow my own path.
Role model/hero My 98-year-old grandfather, who still does tax returns.
Guilty pleasure ’80s hair bands and shopping.
I couldn’t live without My daughter, the Internet and cheese.
Ideal partner Evolved, independent, emotionally available and not afraid to be vulnerable with the right guy.
On first dates I’m a bit quite and understated.
Twitter bio A genuine, well-rounded guy who loves travel, isn’t afraid to shop and strives for balance in life at all times.
Job perk Complete flexibility.
Passions My daughter, travel, the Bears.
Life motto It’s better to beg forgiveness than risk permission.
Happiest day July 24, 1997
If I won the lottery I’d buy an island and become my own sovereign nation.
Wish I’d known at 21 That it always takes longer and it will always cost more!
Title of my autobiography The Key to Success is Failure
“Clicks” with Someone who is emotionally and intellectually evolved.

c6fa38b585b64787f2e14d6a13b85dfbBrian Galati
Age 35
Owner, Capacity Bar Group
On the side: Founder, Don’t be a Jerky, Donate a Turkey,IndusTREE
Fun fact I have a twin who’s an extremely talented reclaimed-furniture builder and a huge part of my life.
Happiest day Opening my first bar at age 27.
Hero/role model My mom. She’s definitely the most inspirational and influential person in my life.
Date me Because I’m extremely spontaneous, so if you love to laugh and enjoy having a great time, that’s a pretty good start.
Twitter bio Driven by creativity; always taking risks; inspired by Brooklyn creative culture; enjoy writing; appreciate notion of living in the moment
Friends say I’m in constant pursuit of a good laugh, ambitious and incredibly stubborn.
Job perk There’s always an element of happiness flowing in and out of our venues, be it laughter, smiles, or the clinking of ‘cheers’ between friends. It’s a great feeling to know I’m part of an industry that’s constantly producing great memories.
Passion The cultivation of ideas – watching them morph from a series of thoughts jotted down on paper to a living, breathing entity.
Life motto R.I.S.E. up – Resilience Inspires Successful Entrepreneurs, a phrase I coined during a difficult time in my life. I’ve applied this notion to everything I’ve done since and haven’t looked back.
Day off I’m visiting new bars and restaurants to stay on top of industry trends and the latest ‘hot spots.’
My life would be complete Having a family of my own to one day share this crazy life with.
I couldn’t live without Laughter.
Ideal partner Fun, extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humor.
On first dates I’m pretty outgoing, but like to set an easy tone, so I’m a huge fan of going on low maintenance first dates – something spontaneous and fun.
“Clicks” with Someone who has an amazing sense of humor and loves inside jokes. These two characteristics have been the key to every successful relationship I’ve ever had.
Impressed a date I planned a whole day and night for a girlfriend through a scavenger hunt of clues that led to different activities throughout the day and then ended in dinner with me at night.

9893eb95d3258b7d1441f2ea9b693878Christine Garcia
Age 37
President, Plan It PR
On the side Publicity Club of ChicagoPAWS ChicagoGavers Community Cancer FoundationAmerican Lung Association
Friends say I’m outgoing.
Fun fact I’m double jointed.
Job perk I work with a variety of different clients who all share the same goals.
Passion My daughters.
Secret talent I enjoy oil painting.
Life motto To enjoy each day and find the positive in every situation.
Day off You’ll find me going for a long run, and doing fun things with my daughters.
Guilty pleasure Chocolate and fashion magazines.
Ideal partner Passonate with good character and morals.
Best date At a BYOB painting session, because we both enjoyed painting and it was a chance to express our creativity.
“Clicks” with Someone who  has a great sense of humor.

37cfccd7019dfac9c11f08c1d889ab87Brad Gold
Age 31
Managing Partner, Hash House A Go Go  
On the side Paws Chicago, The Young Leadership Division ofFriends of the Israel Defense Forces
Friends say I’m very caring and passionate about everything I do.
Guilty pleasure Reality TV shows.
Title of my autobiography Life Lessons Learned While Living in Las Vegas
Life motto You can’t change the past, and you don’t know the future.
Job perk I don’t have to sit behind a desk all day.
Ideal partner Someone who likes to go out and try new things.
Day off I’m trying out a new restaurant.
My life would be complete with a wife and kids.
I could talk for hours about My friends, family and dog.
I couldn’t live without my family.
On first dates I’m a little shy
Impressed a date By cooking her dinner.

0ef8c393881c92d47f862d9ad27922ffJen Guzman
Age 30
Human Resources Director, Abt Electronics
On the side Poder Learning CenterLynn Sage Cancer Research FoundationDistrict 63 Education Foundation
Fun fact I’m learning how to golf.
Passion Helping people.
Guilty pleasures Great cabarnet, mac and cheese and Bravo TV(At the same time)
Last thing I did to impress a date I took him to the Bulls game. Proud to be a season ticket holder.
Date me Because I can have fun doing just about anything. And I come as a package deal with my golden retriever/yellow lab named Norman.
Twitter bio Lively Chicago gal with a contagious laugh, sports fan, tough as nails with a heart of gold.
Friends say I’m genuine, loyal and hilarious.
Job perk There’s never a dull moment.
Life motto Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Day off  You’ll find me sleeping in, pampering myself, then having dinner and good conversation with friends.
Hero My grandma, a true unsung hero.
What would make life complete Filling my house with a family of my own.
If I won the lottery I’d still work, proactively seek ways to broaden my charitable side and buy vacation homes in all of my favorite cities (Malibu, Outer Banks of NC, Nashville, Denver, etc).
In 10 years I see myself as I am today…happy.
Title of my autobiography Never Go to Bed Angry – And Other Lessons From My Grandparents
Can’t live without My family or my chosen family — my closest friends.
Ideal partner Tall, funny, down-to-earth and likes sports.
Best date ever Still waiting.
On first dates I’m usually listening.
 ”Clicks” with Someone who can make me laugh.

c4ba507ef4ceae6904673c056ceb178bAndrew Hill 
Age 31
Financial Engineer/Independent Consultant
On the side Humanity in Motion Films, active in Democratic Politics
Fun fact I grew up on a farm.
Friends say I’m very loyal.
Ideal partner Is passionate about something.
On first dates I’m usually listening more than talking.
I can talk for hours about Cosmology. I went to grad school for astrophysics and like to nerd out about it.
Passions Politics – it’s important to fight for the world you wish it to be.
If I won the lottery I’d keep it secret. I’d rather be known for being a good person.
Day off You’ll find me training for my next marathon then meeting friends.
I couldn’t live without the wisdom and advice of friends and mentors.
Happiest day is still to come.
You should know I’m spontaneous. It can be difficult to make social plans with me in advance.
“Clicks” with Someone who isn’t ashamed of interesting quirks.

ce4c5d92e5be81a19729ff53e570de1dLinal Harris 
Age 36
Senior Director/Chief Diversity Strategist, U.S. Cellular
On the side The Chicago Assembly, Business Leadership Council
Job perk It allows me to live out my purpose in life everyday, which is to learn with fervor, teach with passion and help myself and others live the best life possible.
You should know I’ve been to 10 percent of the countries in the world. That’s 252 cities in 25 countries.
Ideal partner Nurturing, kind, smart, classy, beautiful and knows her purpose in life.
On first dates I’m just looking to have fun. Even if we never went out again, you wouldn’t be able to say I’m boring!
Friends say I’m generous, compassionate and adventurous.
Fun fact I’m a certified advanced scuba diver.
Passion Traveling the world.
Life motto Love hard, work hard, play harder.
Hero/role model Frederick Douglass. Not only was he brilliant and able to overcome insurmountable odds, but he also had great hair!
Guilty pleasure Apple pie a la mode.
Wish I’d known at 21 That I should save every dime I made for the next five years and invest it all in a start up IPO for a company called Google.
Title of my autobiography Murder Mediocrity
“Clicks” with Someone who has a great sense of humor.

ba7c2111c42991dadcc99aa175c90d79AJ Johnson
Age 41
Salon Owner, AJ’s of Chicago; Star of Style Network’sChicagolicious
On the side Bright PinkStep Up Women’s Network
Life motto Don’t dream your life. Live your dream.
Title of my autobiography Mr. Charismatic 
I couldn’t live without Love.
Best date We decided to escape the freezing weather in Chicago and have some fun in the sun. So we caught an early flight to Miami, had breakfast poolside, went shopping at Belle Harbor, had dinner on the beach and partied the night away. We were back in Chicago the next morning.
Friends say I’m brutally honest to a point where it can come off as being offensive to some, although that’s never my intention. I’m also candid, caring, playful, funloving and know how to have a good time.
Job perk I enhance women’s beauty inside and out. By accentuating their best features and glamourizing their hair, I’m able to help women feel confident, beautiful and strong. It’s a great sense of accomplishment to see women walk out of my salon feeling like they are on top of the world!
Day off You won’t find me!
If I won the lottery I’d tke my family members and salon family to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort and Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a month! It’s one of my favorite resorts.
Happiest day The day my son was born.
Secret talent If I tell you, then it won’t be my secret anymore.
I could alk for hours About the limitless possibilities that exist with strong belief and faith in our Creator.
My ideal partner Trustworthy, Confident, Intelligent and visually pleasing to me.
“Clicks” with Someone who is confident and at peace with who they are – someone who doesn’t care about what others think at all.

62d19a6e22f03505561c2279e7e72289Melinda Joseph
Age 27
Co-Founder, Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productions
On the side Adjunct marketing professorColumbia College ChicagoMacy’s GlamoramaChicago Lighthouse for the Blind
Friends say I’m sarcastic, yet caring.
Can’t live without My phone, hair dryer, heels, Cece and my friends and family.
Fun fact I graduated as the Class of 2007 Valedictorian fromColumbia College Chicago‘s marketing communications department.
On first dates I’m usually completely myself. If you don’t like date No. 1, you won’t like date No. 50.
Job perk Getting to meet new people everyday with Cece.
Secret talent I’m ambidextrous at ping pong.
Life motto Be curious, not judgemental.
Day off  You won’t find me. I’m either sleeping or spending time with my family.
Guilty pleasures Any and all ice cream, frozen yogurt andReese’s. 
In 10 years I see myself expanding my company, Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productionsby growing our Chicago events and enterting multiple cities with a wider variety of event offerings. 
Title of my autobiography Sweatpants & Stilletos
Date me Because of my charming, charming self. I’m a genuine and honest person with no filter. And I used to competitively ride horses (Hunter/Jumpers) for 10 years and really miss riding.
Ideal partner  Well-rounded, witty, and has a great sense of humor but also has great manners and is mature. He would besuccessful and both encourage and support my success . He would be able to laugh at himself and we would always maintain a mutual appreciation for each other.
“Clicks” with Someone who has a great sense of humor and similar values and morals. To me, ‘click’  means spark, it’s either there or it’s not
Last thing I did to impress a date I don’t believe in trying to ‘impress’ a date or ‘try hard.’ I belive in being your best self.

a2e35b0d3be94995e203d94a25a3a72cLizzie Kaplan
Age 30
Owner, Sedgwick Investments
On the side Youth basketball coach, Spark Apprenticeships,Francis W. Parker School
Twitter bio Girl next door with a few unique twists. Serious athlete, ambitous business owner, world traveler, loyal friend, family-oriented. Always curious and learning.
Friends say I’m awesome at game nights, loyal, easygoing, honest, athletic, independent and sillier than I appear.
Fun fact I never learned how to ride a bike.
Job perk It’s entrepreneaurial, challenging and rewarding.
Secret talent I’m really good at parallel parking and catching thrown M&Ms in my mouth.
Day off You’ll find me playing basketball or tennis, stopping by the farmer’s market, then cooking a delicious meal with close friends or family.
Guilty pleasure An excessive amount of sushi and a dirty martini.
I can talk for hours about Favorite foods and local restaurants. But eventually I’d want to stop talking and start eating…
I couldn’t live without My morning juices, crazy workouts, The Protein Bar and the unconditional love and support of my family and close friends.
Date me Because I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure.
You should know Despite all of this, I am a very private person.
Ideal partner Authentic, confident, kindhearted, independent, adventurous, athletic, family-oriented, has a positive outlook on his life and can make me laugh.
Best date Hiking a mountain and having hot chocolate, my favorite protein bars and champagne waiting at the top.
On first dates I’m usually excited about the potential and open to making the best of any situation.

7776606c46a3ad96735b32ae313b9108Victoria Kent
Age 30
Account Director, XA, The Experiental Agency
On the side CANstruction
Friends say I’m loyal, honest, irreverent, independent and slightly ridiculous.
Passion Cooking and food.
Life motto Live to laugh.
Day off You’ll find me  cooking or exploring Chicago.
If I won the lottery I’d  travel the style!
Guilty pleasure Seeing movies by myself.
Wish I’d known at 21 That no one has life figured out.
In 10 years I’m not sure where I’ll be yet. I’m living in the moment and can’t wait to see what happens next.
I can talk for hours about The Chicago restaurant scene.
Title of my autobiography Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That – The Chronicles of Sweet V (Oprah’s Book Club approved)
I couldn’t live without Great friends.
Date me Because I love dates that involve an activity – board games, bowling, et cetera. That always breaks the ice and makes a date more casual and loose.
Ideal partner Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
On first dates I’m usually trying to make my date laugh.
“Clicks” with Someone who is chatty, passionate about life and has an off-beat sense of humor.

15fb007dfba367bda85935dbf9b05edcBryan Kveton
Age 25
Lead Designer, Neoteric Design, Inc.
On the side Guitar player/singer
I can talk for hours about My favorite records. But at that point I’d rather just listen to them. 
Ideal partner Adorable, genuine, confident and challenging. Most importantly, she’s got to have a sense of humor.
Happiest day The day my first electric guitar arrived in the mail. I’d saved my allowance/lawn-mowing money for months.
Fun fact In high school, my band opened for Hanson at Chicago’s House of Blues. Mmmbop!
Friends say I’m loud but endearing.
Job perk I get to be part of a team that fully embraces a creative and collaborative environment. We’re all eager to learn from each other and challenge ourselves.
Secret talent I can wiggle my ears.
Life motto Find something to laugh about every day and never take yourself too seriously.
Day off I’m riding my bike, writing music, enjoying a beer or two (or more), or finishing a project that requires more daylight than is usually available after work.
Heroes/role models My Grandfather and Thom Yorke of Radiohead.
If I won the lottery I’d figure out how to share the Web and musical instruments with people who wouldn’t otherwise have access.
Guilty pleasure Fried potatoes ­– in any form.
I wish I’d known at 21 That being too critical of my creative output was the most stifling obstacle I could’ve ever encountered, and that I’d be able to grow a decent beard by 25.
On first dates I’m usually trying to relax and be myself. If that doesn’t work, it probably wasn’t meant to be.
“Clicks” with Someone who has that intangible, ‘I know what’s up but I’m not going to flaunt it too much’ vibe. I really value genuine and empathetic people.

dd115673a01569e52432516407ef91d5Dale Klein
Age 35
Assistant General Manager, Bryn Mawr Country Club
On the side Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundaiton, Greater Chicago Managers AssociationImerman Angels 
Friends say I’m giving, honest, fun and have a big heart.
Fun fact I’m a fantastic baker.
Passion Cooking.
Life motto Live, laugh, love. Live everyday to its fullest, Laugh every chance you get and Love with all your heart.
Day off I’m enjoying the city, having lunch with friends, at the gym, catching a movie or trying a new restaurant
Hero/role model My mother. She is the strongest, most beautiful and amazing woman I know. She is my best friend and biggest fan!  She taught me my life motto.
If I won the lottery I’d buy a villa in Tuscany and travel more.
Guilty pleasure A great hand and foot massage after a manicure and pedicure.
I couldn’t live without The Food Network.
You should know I am a ball of energy! I put the Energizer bunny to shame.
Ideal partner Someone who I can laugh with, be open and honest with; a great communicator; someone I can trust; someone who is passonate about life and enjoys their family.
Best date Great conversation, nice dinner and finished with a walk around the city.
On first dates I’m a bit nervous.

beee2b4b6aaf321df01b90e4582b41bcLindsay Knight
Age 29
Vice President, CHOUmedia
On the side  Lookingglass Theatre Junior BoardBritish Swim School
Twitter bio A competitive organizer. obsessive planner. swimmer-runner-biker-yogi musicbooktravel lover. oh and yes, a day job? some IP marketing.
Friends say I’m loyal, fiercely competitive and a reliable source for all things from book recommendations to style advice to grammar rules.
Fun fact I once challenged someone to a race across London Bridge.
Secret talent An ability to initiate invisible double dutch in just about any setting.
If I won the lottery I’d travel. Next on the list for 2013: southern France and Germany.
Guilty pleasure Streaming Netflix. I spent three weeks of my life watching every episode of Breaking Bad.
Wish I’d known at 21 That some things can’t be planned for – learn to accept and adapt to the bumps in the road.
I can talk for hours about Whatever happens to be my obsession-of-the-moment; it changes nearly daily.
Title of my autobiography From Personal Penny Rolling to Blimp Blogging: A Guide to a Million and One Useless Ideas
Date me Because I’ll happily talk to anyone about anything.
You should know Cheetos are the way to my heart.
On first dates I’m hoping to try something new (and secretly hoping we have similar taste in dive bars).
“Clicks” with Someone who’s active, adventurous, and can appreciate my sense of humor.
Last thing I did to impress a date Tell him I was going to win the Chicago Triathlon.

24ba44fd98fae6104569317b6071b3c1Peter J. Kraus 
Age 26
Personal Trainer, I.D. Gym; Model, Chosen Model Management
Happiest day September 12, 2010, when I crossed the Ironman finish line for the first time.
My life would be complete if I found someone amazing to share it with. Cliché, but true.
If I won the lottery I’d spread it evenly among my family, then spend the rest of my life biking the best roads of the world.
On first dates I’m usually shaking like a leaf.
“Clicks” with Someone who can make me laugh or school me in a sport.
Twitter bio Born/raised in Madison, WI; recent transplant to Chicago. Love my family and my friends above all else. Passion for health and fitness.
Friends say I’m a true friend and family member, hardworking and successful – but always humble. I love to challenge myself and test my limits. I love to take care of myself and help others do the same.
Fun fact I love singing country music! I’d like to think that I’m pretty good, but I’m pretty certain my friends would disagree.
Job perk The people and the travel. I’ve met some incredible individuals with equally amazing stories, and I’ve had the chance to see and live in some amazing places, including Greece and Germany.
Passion Triathlons. I’ve raced two Ironman triathlons and several Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons. I have a goal of one day reaching the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.
Secret talents Art and drawing. I had originally planned to attend art school in Milwaukee after graduation, but ended up choosing nutrition for a more ‘stable’ career path.
Life motto Anything worth having is worth working hard for.
Day off You’ll find me walking the city, taking in the sights, or training for a future race.
Hero/role model My father. The man has put his dreams aside in order to provide the best life possible for his family and still he encourages me to follow my own dreams and to do whatever it is that makes me truly happy. He’s always been there for me, to teach me right from wrong, and pick me up whenever I fall. He’d literally give his life for his family. I can think of no greater person to aspire to be.
Guilty pleasure Fresh baked cookies. If you can bake a good cookie, you’ve got a special place in my heart.
In 10 years I see myself continuing to build my modeling and acting career. Being very happy.
I can talk for hours about anything other than politics.
I couldn’t live without Foggy, warm, Saturday mornings in the summer, passing by cornfields on my bike.
Date me Because I love laughter. I love to smile, but I love making my significant other smile even more.
Ideal partner Funny and sweet, strong and confident.
Best date I was 20. I made awful, soggy French toast from scratch for dinner and then drove the two of us through a blizzard to see a movie. We ended up seeing Dreamgirls, which we both agreed was terrible (sorry!) and talked the entire way through. To most, it would likely have been considered a disaster, but to me it’s still the best date I’ve ever been on.
Impressed a date By taking her out for a nice romantic dinner, followed by a surprise walk through the zoo to see the lights. Still hoping to see if it all paid off and she’ll let me have the privilege of taking her out for a second date.

a7141c29e1b3e115c955e91ce7886531Stephanie M. Lovingood
Age 27
Director of Marketing Partnerships, Chicago Sky WNBA
On the side YMCAPAS Mentoring ProgramPro Worthy Global,Nike Basketball Camps
Twitter bio I am a work in progress but through God’s grace will progress to do his work.
Friends say I am spontaneous, thoughtful, fun, outgoing and always up to something. I’m like a chameleon – adapting to almost any situation!
Fun fact I have 10 siblings: Chris, Erika, Erik, Jeffery, Jackie, Brian, Billy, Teresa, Tony and Shann Did I forget anyone?
Job perk It allows me to be consistently creative and constantly hones and develops my skills. I’m able to interact with different clients on a regular basis, which has also helps me to become a more effective employee and team player.
Passion Giving back! I’m passionate about impacting everything I do and firmly believe in giving back more than I take and committing for the greater good. One of the most rewarding community relations initiatives that I did last year was teaming up with Samaritans Feet in the Austin Community of Chicago. I know I can’t help everyone, but I will damn sure try
Life motto God is the light that shows the way, for there is nothing that God cannot do. All that I have seen should teach me to trust God for all that I haven’t!
Day off What day off?
Hero/role model Michelle Obama
My life would be complete With a successful career and starting a family
If I won the lottery I’d start a foundation and event marketing company.
Guilty pleasure I could listen to a man with an accent all day long!
Wish I’d known at 21 That growing up isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be…
In 10 years I see myself in a VP role, married with two to three kids, settled down and having traveled to Turks & Caicos Island and Greece by then.
I can talk for hours about My family. There are so many stories!
Title of my autobiography Sincerely, A Sunny Disposition
I couldn’t live without My cell phone, passport and niece Alisha.
Date me Because I’m very open to anything, and skin color has no boundaries with me!

You should know I can’t cook.
Ideal partner Should embody integrity, charisma, loyalty, hospitality and humility. I need for him to be tall, confident but not overbearing, cultured and openminded. And he has to make me laugh!
Best date A candlelight dinner near the beach in the south of France. Kudos Ludovic!
“Clicks” with Someone who is laidback, knows how to have a good time, isn’t afraid to speak his mind; someone who knows what they want.
Last thing I did to impress a date Show up!

96434f30788deecbce44566aa3cd4c7cRobin Mazur
Age 31
PR, Digital & Social Media Coordination, Four Seasons Chicago 
On the side PAWS ChicagoLurie Children’s HospitalGreen City Market
Guilty pleasure Late night TV. I’m addicted to the Jimmys of the world – Fallon, Kimmel. And I’ve seen every episode of SNL, several times over.
Wish I’d known at 21 It’s the little moments in life that matter most.
Can’t live without Appreciating nature.
“Clicks” with Someone who has a genuine heart.
Date me Becasue I’m excited to get to know you and have a fun time together.
Twitter bio An energetic creative who loves to laugh, spend time with friends & family and has a mischievous sense of humor. #BakingAddict
Friends say I’m always laughing and the sweetest person they know — although my sense of humor can be a little bit mischievous.
Fun fact I’ve flown an airplane — just a 2-seater, but still it’s fun to say.
Job perk Working in a creative atmosphere, where no idea is too big. I adore thinking up the next great way to “wow” via social media.
Passions Traveling and experiencing new parts of the world, whether in the next state or the next hemisphere.
Secret talent I can rescue any baking recipe from disaster. That’s how some of my greatest recipes have been discovered! Also redecorating…other people’s homes. I have to stop myself from rearranging the furniture when I visit!
Life motto Do what makes you happy. Show kindness to all around you – it’s so fun to make other people happy, too.
Day off You’ll find me walking around and enjoying this beautiful city. From the Green City Market to the lakefront, I love taking in all of the sights & sounds of Chicago!
Role model My mom, for far too many reasons to list here. She’s always encouraged us to take a chance and listen to our hearts, even if it meant doing so away from her and our home.
Happiest day Pretty much any day that I’ve gotten to spend with my family and close friends. I love to enjoy those little moments in life that mean the most.
What would make life complete I’ve always wanted to design and build my future house from the ground up, so realizing that dream while sharing it with a family of my own – husband, kids, pets – would be perfection.
If I won the lottery I’d treat my family to a great vacation and travel, travel, travel. I’d love to go to every country and stay long enough to experience the local culture.
In 10 years I see myself surrounded by family – laughing, eating, talking, traveling – enjoying all of the good stuff with those closest to me.
I can talk for hours about my family. My sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, godkids – they amaze me each and every day!
Title of my autobiography A Life Well Lived 
Ideal partner Someone who makes me laugh – I’ve always been attracted to the funny guy! A warm person with a heart of gold will get me every time. Adventurous and willing to try out new places, but likes to stay in and snuggle up with some Sunday Night Football as well. And he’s gotta be an animal person – preferably a big dog type.
Best date I’ve planned some pretty great ones, but the best is yet to come ;)
On first dates I’m usually excited to get to know my date. A little nervous at first, but after the first laugh I’m ready to relax & enjoy my time with that person.
Last thing I did to impress a date Attempted to surprise him with reservations at the latest “it” restaurant. After waiting an hour at the bar for our confirmed table we decided to hit the spot next door instead, and wound up having a great dinner and a wait staff all to ourselves!

664284e59fbc55fd8a4a3bb5c9a1b1c1Cordell McGary II
Age 33
Business Owner/Chef, Eating Well with Chef Cordell
On the side Volunteer cooking classes for Operation Frontlineand other local organizations, Mentoring.
Job perk I can relax – cooking never really stresses me, even in challenging situations.  Being the boss is pretty cool, too.
My life would be complete Having a great woman with whom to experience this journey, access to healthy food resources for all communities nationwide – and a World Champion Cubs team!
In 10 years I see myself as a pretty cool husband and dad, and also as an internationally known and respected chef/advocate for food justice.
“Clicks” with Someone who has a good sense of humor, and is smart, confident, and ambitious.
Twitter bio Focused, friendly, intelligent outgoing gentleman destined 4 greatness & success at its highest. All about the people; let’s go.
Friends say I’m honest, smart, to the point and confident. I can be the life of the party or the quietest person in the room.
Passions Jazz music, poetry, positivity and the uplifting of the underserved and underrepresented.
Secret talents I sometimes perform Spoken Word, and I’m a plumber by trade (but not the same day I’ll cook for you).
Life motto Trying is for suckers; either you’re doing it or you’re not.
Day off I’m reading a book, writing and playing a few games of pool.
Hero/role model My father. He’s been the best example in my life of what a man entails, laying out how a man should act and what his principles should be, along with giving me many golden nuggets of wisdom by in which to live my life.
Happiest day The night I met Al Jarreau! If you really know me, you know my deep affinity for his music. I attended the Chicago Urban League dinner, and he was the entertainment. Accompanied by my astoundingly beautiful date, we met Delroy Lindo on the way out. #WINNING
If I won the lottery After buying season tickets to the Cubs for the next 50 years, I’d call my parents at their respective offices and tell them to tell their boss that “one thing” that they’ve always wanted to say; then get the hell outta there!
Guilty pleasure Caramel cake.
Wish I’d known at 21 That money really doesn’t grow on trees.
I could talk for hours about Sports, life, and food.
Title of my autobiography Life is at it’s Best when you open the Box Within
I couldn’t live without Good music.
Ideal partner is always honest and true to herself. Add a great attitude, a  nice pair of long legs and a beautiful smile, and we just may be in business.

79c29f778d83decca58848983a5ae00fMichelle Menaker
Age 28
Showbiz Shelly, Entertainment Reporter, B96 Radio 
On the side Bright PinkSalvation Army
Life motto If you’re not sitting on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.
Date me For my easy-going nature.
“Clicks” with Someone who can be playful and silly, who is genuine and not afraid of being embarrassed.
Friends say I’m kind-hearted, fun, full of life and hard-working.
Fun fact Working at B96 is the only job I’ve ever had. I started there as an intern when I was 19 years old and worked my way up to on-air morning drive when I was 21. Been doing it ever since.
Job perk I love my job because I get to laugh every single day. I love having the opportunity to make someone’s day better. Many listeners comment they can’t get through their morning without our show which I think is the ultimate compliment. I also enjoy all the people we get to meet, everyone from our listeners to celebrities.
Passion My family.
Day off You’ll find me relaxing. My job keeps me constantly busy, so when I have time to unwind  I love catching up on my favorite TV shows or reading a good book. When it’s warm I love taking a walk around the city and playing beach volleyball at North Avenue. I’ve also recently taken up ballroom dance lessons.
Role model My mom.  She’s worked extremely hard her entire life to ensure my brother, sister and I could have the means to pursue our own dreams. I have tremendous respect for her work ethic and admire her huge heart.
Happiest day It’s hard to find just one. I would say these days are among the happiest of my life.
What would make life complete To start a family of my own.
Guilty pleasure Reality television.  My favorites include Project Runway and Top Chef.  I have yet to get into the Real Housewives franchise though.
Wish I’d known at 21 It’s important to step out of your comfort zone. Life’s too short and passes you by too fast if you don’t.
In 10 years I see myself with a loving husband and children. I would love to travel internationally one day and hope to do so in the next few years. Professionally, I hope to be a success on radio and television.
Ideal partner Kind, loving and passionate about their work, but also considers family and friends to be just as important. I think some key qualities in a partner are loyalty and honesty. Being with someone who challenges you at times and keeps you on your toes keeps things exciting. There also needs to be trust and mutual respect. I think it’s important to be able to laugh together as well.
Best date He took me to an excellent Mexican restaurant. We clicked immediately over dinner. After discussing everything from our family to goals in life, he brought me to his office holiday party where I met all his coworkers. We later headed to the dance floor and danced away for the rest of the evening. The night was sealed with a shot of tequila. It was the best date I’ve ever been on because it didn’t feel like two strangers meeting for the first time. I felt like I was catching up with a great friend I hadn’t seen in years.

328cf000d0642ed04d0767c4b1ea3d35Stephanie D. Neely
Age 49
Treasurer, City of Chicago
On the side Urban PrepWomen’s InitiativeChicago Summer Business Institute
Job perk I’m able to help Chicagoans during these tough economic times when financial skills and problem-solving are most needed.
Fun fact I train champion Rottweilers that weigh more than I do.
Life motto No doesn’t mean no forever.
In 10 years I see myself going to culinary school.
Last thing I did to impress a date Wore makeup. And I hate wearing make-up.
Best date Bike riding through Central Park.
Twitter bio Dynamic, athletic, quick wit: committed to helping small business, promoting financial literacy and giving Chicagoans their money’s worth.
Friends say I’m loyal, principled, honest to a fault.
Fun fact I train champion Rottweilers that weigh more than I do.
Passions Staying fit, playing hard.
Secret talent I can ride and jump showhorses.
Day off A day off? What’s that?
If I won the lottery I’d fund financial literacy in every Chicago Public School.
Guilty pleasure Red velvet cake.
Can talk forever about horses.
Title of my autobiography Why Good People Don’t Want to Run For Office
Date me Because I’m fun and open-minded.
Ideal partner Kind.
On first dates I’m usually open-minded.
“Clicks” with Someone who is humble.

7f253a6c42aa23ca96dae37a20c90f07John Pappas
Age 35
Agency Owner, American Family Insurance 
On the side Friends of McPherson
Secret talent I make killer lamb chops on the grill.
Date Me because I can always plan an entire date in the blink of an eye, involving a good restaurant and exploring the city in one way or another.
If I won the lottery I would eat at every location Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri have been to on their shows.
Impressed a date by having a conversation with the waiter in Greek.
In 10 years, I see myself married with kids, living in Chicago and finally taking that trip to Italy for a cooking class with my wife.
Fun Fact I once finished a 40oz steak, baked potato, slice of Texas toast and salad in 10 minutes.
Job perk I help my clients make educated decisions about protecting their assets.
Day off I’m planning my next trip.
Happiest Day That day I baptized my niece.
Life motto I always look at the good in what life brings, even the curve balls. I enjoy the gifts God has given me in my family, friends and my job. I surround myself with healthy and positive people who challenge me to be a better person. No sense in complaining and no room for negativity! I give all the credit of who I am to my parents and the experiences I’ve lived.
In 10 years I see myself married with kids, living in Chicago and finally taking that trip to Italy for a cooking class with my wife.
I couldn’t live without my family and friends.
Ideal partner Someone who loves her family, lives by integrity and makes me feel 10 feet tall when I am with her. Also, someone who likes to explore new places and foods.
Best date We rented four wheelers and travelled all over the island of Santorini and finished by stopped at a local winery to sample wines.

8c8cd831fb112d81cfd544668903b9eaSheri Phillips, MD, 
Age 45
Physician, President/CEO, S. Phillips Consulting LLC
On the side Susan G. Komen 3-DayAmerican College of Physician ExecutivesMedical Outreach Hand of Hope Joyce Meyer Ministries
Fun fact I have a great sense of humor. As a physician, most people don’t expect me to be funny and down to earth.
Guilty pleasure Jumbo-sized chocolate-covered strawberries. 
Day off You’ll find me exercising, snuggled up with a good book, or preparing a special dinner for that special someone in my life.
“Clicks” with Someone who shares my sense of humor, has a passion for life and whom giving comes as second nature.
Friends say I’m larger than life and full of hope, laughter and compassion.
Job perk It affords me the opportunity to wear many different hats and inspire tens of thousands of people in the process.
Life motto L.I.V.E, which means to Love yourself and others; Inspire those around you; Voice your dreams and ambitions; and Enjoy life.
Hero My mom who I lost while I was going through chemotherapy. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out, who taught me how to live in grace and die with dignity.
What would make life complete An intimate, loving and selfless relationship with a man with whom I was madly in love.
Title of my autobiography Love. Inspire. Voice. Enjoy (L.I.V.E): A Physician-Patient Perspective on Life and Death and the Journey in Between
Can’t live without The Lord.
Ideal partner Confident in who he is as a man, compassionate and selfless towards others but knows when to say ‘No”, sensitive enough to know how to listen and not simply hear, and an attractive lover who makes me all ‘squishy’ inside at the very thought and sight of him.
On first dates I’m usually talkative but not too much, inquisitive without prying, and open to the possibilities without planning past dinner and dessert.

bea7538319d7fa7e3241a2df56f1c921Ryan Preuett
Age 32
Broker, Conlon
On the side Chicago Association of Realtors YPNGreen Tie Ball,Big Shoulders FoundationBright Pink
Job perk Seeing the look on a client’s face when I find them their dream home.
Secret talent Being able to blur my professional and social lives together so it never feels like I am working.
Ideal partner Someone who can keep up with me and make me laugh.
Friends say I’m resourceful, loyal and fun to be around.
On first dates I try to listen more than I talk to really get to know the woman sitting across from me.
Twitter bio connector | real estate broker | restaurant and nightlife consultant | wavefront music festival partner | u of m sports fan
Fun fact I can be spotted in any crowd.
Passion Helping my family and friends succeed in all aspects of their lives.
Day off Day off? That’s funny. I’d do anything where my phone isn’t in my hand so I can completely disconnect – usually paddle-boarding when it’s nice out or a movie when it’s not.
Hero/role model Thomas Crown.
If I won the lottery I’d probably spend it all.
Guilty pleasure People watching.
Wish I’d known at 21 That I could make my own destiny and didn’t have to follow everyone else’s rules.
Couldn’t live without my cell phone. I know its cliché, but seriously who could?
Date me Because I always know the perfect place for any occasion and, more importantly, how to get in.
On first dates I try to listen more than I talk to really get to know the woman sitting across from me.
“Clicks” with Someone who can hold her own in any given situation.

f5971e66c43aea6270698137d68396b6Ramsey Jay Prince
Age 39
Creative Director/Owner, Ramsey Jay Prince Designs 
On the side: Test Positive Aware NetworkChicago House,MisericordiaChicago Lost and Found
Friends say I’m the most creative person they know and also one of the hardest working. I always get asked, ‘Do you sleep?’ or ‘How do you manage to do all of that?’ But when you love what you do it all works out some how.
On first dates, I’m somewhat reserved but never afraid to let the real me shine.
Guilty pleasure Cheesy Sci-Fi or superhero movies.
Best date It was freezing, snowing a little and once we met at the restaurant everything else was magical ­– the conversation the view and even the cocktails after dinner.
Job perk I get to create beauty every day. I work in industries I love, with such gorgeous materials and finishes, and I’m afforded the opportunity to use my artistic flair to mold them into my own creations.
Secret talents Most are pretty apparent by my profession, but I am also quite a fantastic cook.
Hero/role model My mother.
If I won the lottery I’d  buy my Mom a new house,  take my 10 best friends on a vacation and open a charitable foundation for at risk youth.
I wish I’d known at 21 That mom was actually right about all the things I argued with her about
In 10 years I see myself still going strong with a flourishing business and starting to enjoy the fruits of all my hard work with that special someone
Title of my autobiography The Glitter Diaries
What makes me an ideal date is I’m a handsome, mature, yet youthful person who’s confident without being cocky.
Ideal partner Someone who’s as passionate and hardworking as I am, but values the time we have together and realizes that part of the pay off for working hard is getting to enjoy the fruits of that work with a special someone .

7e2b8565e0401ecd919c269f06d15abeWhitney Reynolds
Age 26
TV talk show host, The Whitney Reynolds Show on WTTW
On the side Soul City Church; By The Hand.
Fun fact I play Christmas carols on my piano year round.
What would make life complete Interviewing the Queen of Talk, Oprah.
Guilty pleasure Reading Southern Living magazine with my feet propped up on pillows.
On first dates I usually pretend they are a guest on my show and ask a million questions…yet with no commercial breaks.
Best date We ordered in food, played with my dog and talked for hours.
Passion People! Everyone has a unique story and I want to hear it.
Friends say I’m a southern bell that’s landed in midwest.
Job perk I get to use my platform to make a difference.
Life motto When in doubt, throw a wink and flash a smile.
Day off You’ll find me with my dog Puffy Doo-Little at a farmers market or watching sports at local joint.
In 10 years I see myself still hosting The Whitney Reynolds Show in Chicago on a national scale, and hopefully married with a van full of babies.
Title of my autobiography From Online to PrimeTime
Ideal partner Semi tall, brown hair, a little goofy and loves the Lord.

9c63e3e66a2b678cd3b04452d0df1d82Lindrea Ross
Age 28
Owner/Creative Director, Five:Sixteen Design Inc.
On the side Project OsmosisFellowship M.B. Church Choir and Graphics MinistryAfter School Matters
Friends say I’m witty, loyal, thoughtful, focused, passionate, creative and loving.
Secret talent I can do a mean Toni Braxton impersonation.
“Clicks” with Someone who is responsible, but a little spontaneous. He is comfortable just being himself, not trying too hard to overly impress me by trying to be someone that he thinks I may enjoy.
Day off You’ll find me finding new ways to grow personally and spiritually.
Fun fact I recently began playing co-ed flag football in the CBL league. It’s a  great break from my computer and a good workout. Go “TWSS”!
Job perk Not only am I the boss, but I also enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and creatively bring their visions to life.
Passions My family and youth mentoring, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more priceless than taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to encourage or inspire a child to be great.
Life motto Matthew 5:16
Role models My parents, because they’ve taught me that through Faith in God all things are possible and they are living testimonies.
Happiest day It will be when I can afford to take care of my parents and they won’t ever have to work again.
If I won the lottery I’d first pay off my student loan debt, invest,  take care of my parents, and send some underserved teens to college.
Guilty pleasure Unfortunately, when time permits, reality TV. Sad, I know.
In 10 years I see myself using my success to travel the world with my family, learning new languages, enjoying life, and giving to the less fortunate.
Title of my autobiography From Passion to Prosperity: Changing Lives One Design At a Time
Can’t live without My Bible.
Ideal partner Loving, compassionate, intelligent, God-fearing,  family-oriented, and hardworking.
On first dates I’m usually optimistic, honest, and a good listener.

d791c5f7f15895e989615f263b4892c2Rebecca K. Roussell
Age 28
Director, Public Affairs Communications, Nielsen
On the side Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Friends say I’m a Southern Belle taking the Windy City by storm with a gift of gab and always pair of stilettos in tow.
Happiest day When I interviewed and lead a Q&A discussion at my college with Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington.
Date me Because I’m a very outgoing person, a good listener, and can speak with authority about football and basketball.
Ideal partner Hilarious, romantic, goal-oriented, confident and strong.
Fun fact I was a vocal performance minor in college.
Job perk I have the pleasure of empowering multicultural consumers about their buying power, purchasing/viewing habits, and supporting organizations that embrace cultural diversity, realizing that the future is in the power of the brown dollar.
Secret talent Singing.
Life motto Maintain your dignity and class and you will have no regrets.
Guilty pleasure Cupcakes.
Can talk for hours About sports.
Title of my autobiography Unfinished Business: The Ever-Evolving Journey of Rebecca Katherine
On first dates I’m usually nervous.
“Clicks” with Someone who is outgoing and not shy. Someone who can meet someone for the first time and strike up a conversation.

b8eb028f016bb84345dc5a6dd6cdf73dJames Sims III
Age 28
Account Director, XA, The Experiential Agency
On the side Vital Bridges Center on Chronic Care NetworkingCommittee Member
Fun fact I was a Cheerleader at University of Michigan and 25 pounds heavier of a lean, mean, Wolverine muscle. Go Blue!
Secret talent I’m a classically trained violinist.
If I won the lottery I’d buy out Sallie Mae (she’s the devil and needs to be destroyed), travel to remote destinations around the world and start a non-profit music organization for inner-city kids.
On first dates I’m interested in knowing what makes the other person tick outside of work – hobbies, passions, et cetera.
Friends say I’m down to earth, unconventional, eclectic, moody and outgoing.
Life motto Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget the ones that don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.
Day off I’m catching up with friends over brunch and/or cocktails, or playing volleyball.
Hero/role model The lady who carried me for nine months.
Guilty pleasure Buying and reading expensive high-fashion magazines.
Wish I’d known at 21 That the only thing constant in the world is change and you’re better off adapting to it rather than fighting it.
Title of my autobiography Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed
Ideal partner Spontaneous, driven, supportive, appreciates my little quirks and can cut a rug to some tribal House beats.
 ”Clicks” with Someone who isn’t stuffy and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

06d1a311405d8697d17ca2dbf56137c0Anastasia Skolnik
Age 25
Professional hula hooper/instructor, AnaHoops 
On the side Center on Halsted  
Life motto Less is more.
Wish I’d known at 21 Making sacrifices is critical in order to achieve anything.
Last thing I did to impress a date Watched, with painstaking commitment, the most horrifying movie ever.
Friends say I’m observant and forthright.
Fun Fact I’ve never had chicken pox. I’m naturally immune!
Job perk It gives way to lots of creativity. Especially when it comes to teaching hula hoop, arriving at just the right imagery or pop-culture references that resonate with people is really gratifying.
Passions Design in all respects.
Hero Katharine Hepburn.
Happiest day When my family went to Ed Debevic’s for dinner and were surprised to find they were hosting a massive 100-person hula hooping contest in the parking lot. I was 9, and I won! Our family ate for free that night, got to be on TV, and I even got to bring home an oversized Schwinn bicycle that I grew into a few years later.
If I won the lottery I’d treat my mom and sibs to a Euro trip.
Guilt pleasure Taking my time.
In 10 years I see myself completing a trade program in design and maintaining a creative approach to any work I take up.
Title of my autobiography HOOP, There It Is!
Best date ever Hanging on the steps of the Art Institute, watching impromptu encores by the off-pour of musicians coming from Jazz Fest 2011.

1df535c6127d7d79326e1711202f8e33Cameka Smith
Age 35
CEO/Founder, The BOSS Network
On the side Black EnterpriseDress For SuccessBlack United Fund of Illinois
Friends say I’m full of surprises.
Wish I’d known at 21 I was perfectly imperfect.
If I won the lottery I’d  have my  “Eat, Pray, Love” moment.
What would make life complete Being able to do what I love and to support my family while doing it.
Ideal partner Ambitious, atheltic and artistic.
On first dates I’m usually more of a listener than a talker.
Twitter bio Connector, creator and change agent. Founder of @TheBOSSNetwork highlighted by Forbes, Market Watch, NBC, WGN, Black EnterpriseUptown Magazine
Fun fact I rarely watch TV, I but can listen to music hours on end.
Job perk I am my own BOSS.
Passion My relationship with God.
Secret talent I am too open for secrets.
Life motto Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.
Day off You’ll find on my computer. What’s a day off?
Role model My mom. She rocks.
Happiest day When my nephew was born. I love children.
Guilty pleasure Pinkberry.
In 10 years I see myself being a wife, mom and servant leader.
Can talk for hours About Life
Title of my autobiography The Making of a BOSS
Can’t live without My phone.
Date me Because I’m a great conversationalist.
Best date We walked on the beach and was serenaded by sunset.
“Clicks” with Someone Who is creative and spontaneous.
Last thing I did to impress a date Was be myself.

f3e1f5f50029be2b3bcd92ed5254145bLucas Alexander Stoioff
Age 31
Partner, DineAmic Group 
On the side Cystic Fibrosis FoundationJunior Achievement,Imerman Angels and Club 42
Friends say I’m funny, intense, caring, athletic, intelligent, bad with math (unless I have a calculator), nerdy, loyal, sarcastic and outgoing.
I can talk for hours about Creative new business ideas of any kind, what happened last night on Homeland, politics (sometimes), technology/gadgets, travel, literature and food.
In 10 years I see myself spending most of my time with my future wife and children, traveling and maintaining/expanding my businesses.
Fun fact I enjoy training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.
Job perk What most people do for fun, away from work, I do for a living. My job is a combination of business with social time. However, it is so much more complicated than most people would think. There are so many moving pieces that require great detail in order to create a business that is somewhat like a “living organism” that needs constant attention and balance. Our company is comprised of a great team of people that have worked together for many years. We are a family. Our careers give us the opportunity to develop interesting and exciting places for people to enjoy themselves, create new friendships and relationships, and make their time away from work, with their friends and family, happy and memorable.
Passion Learning new things.
Secret talents Creative marketing, accurately guessing the twist in a movie’s plot by logical deduction, solving a Rubik’s cube in two minutes, solving murders on TV, puzzles, packing a suitcase, guillotine chokes, cooking, eating and formatting business documents.
Life motto It’s still being created by my personal motto department. Kidding ­– I don’t reall have a department, nor a motto.
Day off If I’m not working, I am either exercising or just relaxing, reading, and sometimes taking some sort of class to learn a new skill – currently, I’m trying to learn Italian and Polish.
Hero/role model My mother and father, Madonna and David Stoioff.
Happiest day Not sure yet. I’ve had many happy days, and I try to make each day better than the next.
If I won the lottery I’d invest money in creating different charity organizations based on education and alternative energy. It is amazing to me that our primary energy source comes from fossil fuels – how stupid is that? I would also try to invent a liquid metal cybernetic organism just like in the movie Terminator 2, only a friendly one. If I had anything left over I guess I would just save it.
Guilty pleasures Nilla Wafers, Spotted Cow Beer, stupid movies, Xbox, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Chess, food and wine, Superman, Spiderman, superpowers in general, frozen grapes, reading, movies and TV, the 1920s, poker, soccer, dodgeball, walking around aimlessly at Whole Foods, tetherball, video games,VoltronThundercats, boxing, arc welding and learning new things. Oh, and also Rubik’s cubes.
Wish I’d known at 21 That the future stock prices.
In 10 years I see myself spending most of my time with my future wife and children, traveling and maintaining/expanding my businesses.
I couldn’t live without Food and drink, exercise, friends and family.
Date me Because I am open-minded and usually able to have fun with most people. If they consider me “Ideal” then I would be flattered.
You should know I enjoy Twitter, a lot.
Ideal partner Intelligent, successful, sometimes independent, sometimes needy, athletic, beautiful without makeup, friendly to strangers, logical, flawed, not religious, loves dogs, doesn’t love cats, kind of nerdy, loves to go on random adventures of all kinds, speaks another language, liberal, funny and open-minded.
Best date On accident, at the airport. My flight was delayed coming home from visiting family. I randomly ended up spending about three hours at an airport Chili’s with a beautiful girl I met at the gate. Had an amazing conversation over some drinks and appetizers. Her boyfriend picked her up when we landed in Chicago. FML.
On first dates I’m way too talkative, and probably push the envelope with some of the questions I ask, but mostly fun.
“Clicks” with Someone who is witty and sarcastic and has liberal sensibilities.

0c375dafae049a94f669f89f3cb6a5d2Christopher Straub
Age 28
General Manager, NoMi KitchenPark Hyatt Chicago
Fun fact I was a lifeguard in high school and once saved a woman who was drowning by rescuing her and performing CPR.
Impressed a date by making a treasure hunt around Manhattan that ended with a picnic in Central Park.
If I won the lottery I’d make it rain!
In 10 years I see myself as CEO of a major hotel/restaurant company.
Ideal partner Hardworking, intelligent, sexy and not afraid to have fun.
On first dates I’m usually reserved.
Friends say I’m spontaneous and not afraid of adventures.
Job perk I work with a great team and every day have the opportunity to be a small influence in people’s lives.
Passions Books. I love to read everything and anything. I get upset when I finish a good book because I have to find a new one. Any recommendations?
Day off I’m either running by the lake, going to a show or trying new restaurants.
Hero/role model My parents. I know its sappy but they have accomplished so much and are truly amazing. I hope to be half as successful and happy as they are.
Guilty pleasure Scotch, scotch, scotch, scotch in my belly.
I could talk for hours About politics. I was a political science major at George Washington University and still follow politics closely. Our family gets into some heated arguments over the topic.
On first dates I’m usually reserved.

8e4807d48bcd2589be894d5e38ac2694Amish Tolia 
Age 26
Entrepreneur/Co-CEO, Apparel Media Group
On the side Invisible ChildrenDetroit Foundation
Friends say I’m fun, trustworthy, outgoing and hardworking. 
Wish I’d known at 21 That life only gets better!
In 10 years I see myself still being an entrepreneur, but with a wide and kids, possibly living abroad.
I could talk for hours about living a Well-balanced life, importance of traveling and seeing the world and entrepreneurship.
On first dates I’m interested in learning more about the person but also keeping conversation light and fun!
“Clicks” with Someone who is interesting, motivated and well-traveled.
Twitter bio Lover of life. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Co-Founder Apparel Media & Pear
Fun fact I lived in a semi-unfurnished apartment for the last three years, but it’s finally in process of a face lift!
Job perk It’s fun and I work with a rockstar team!  I get to solve problems and face new challenges every day.  Most importatntly figure out how to create value.
Passions Family and friends.
Life motto Vision without execution is a hallucination.
Day off I’m focusing on my health and wellness.
Hero/role model My father.
Happiest day Every day.
If I won the lottery I’d start doing a lot of philanthropic work.
Wish I’d known at 21 That life only gets better!
Title of my autobiography Live Life
I couldn’t live without Family and friends.
You should know I’m an aspiring adrenaline junky.
Ideal partner Someone I respect, trust and can have fun with.
Best date In Portifino, Italy, overlooking the water, eating delicious food.
“Clicks” with Someone who is interesting, motivated and well-traveled.

b0a1f98716b7d890a89c8ea69245abcbAnna Treiber
Age 26
Publicist/Hospitality Divison Manager, Henson Consulting
On the side Best Buddies IllinoisShare Our Strength Chicago
Twitter bio Chicago chick immersed in the world of PR and lover of running, wine, food, all things feminine and laughing so hard it hurts.
Guilty pleasure Getting my nails done on the regular.
Date me Because I’m flexible, humble, reliable and always up for some fun.
On first dates I’m 50/50 nervous and excited, and hopeful that I won’t have to carry the conversation.
Friends say I’m loyal, thoughtful and don’t take myself too seriously.
Fun fact I’m 25 percent Mexican.
Job perk Every day is different and on most days I’m met with an exciting new challenge to conquer.
Passion The special needs community.
Secret talent I’m a pro at doing laundry.
Life motto I have two: Everything happens for a reason; Act like you can.
Day off You’ll find me running along Lake Shore path, checking off my to dos, taking a nap and enjoying wine with friends.
Happiest day That’s to be determined.
Would make my life complete Is a cook. It’s just not my forte.
If I won the lottery I’d go on an amazing, relaxing vacation with people I love.
Wish I’d known at 21 No matter how much you stress, life happens and works itself out. Take things as they come.
In 10 years I see myself balancing my job and family life.
Title of my autobiography The Adventures of Blondie
Can’t live without My iPhone.
Ideal partner Thoughtful, honest, athletic and easygoing, loves the Lord and has a good sense of humor.
Best date Hopped on a flight to Michigan to catch a Coldplay concert. I’ve been a groupie ever since I was old enough to appreciate their music.
“Clicks” with Someone who has a good sense of humor and is a sweetheart at his core.
Last thing I did to impress a date Worked my angles to get tickets to his favorite game.

98476ebd6f1d6fe2e5a30a2ba7f3247eAmanda Wolfson
Age 33
Visual Display Artist, Oak Street Design
On the side Chicago LightsColumbia College Chicago Fashion Advisory Board
Fun fact I’m great with power tools.
Job perk I get to work in a creative studio space where painting, cutting, gluing, and producing are more normal than checking your email.
Guilty pleasure Gossip Girl and craft beer.
Life motto Let it be.
Best date He picked me up with a watermelon and two spoons in the back seat. We drove to a park overlooking the city and had a great summer night.
Friends say I’m creative, stylish, and fun!
Passions Photography, art and the history of fashion.
Secret talent Juggling.
Day off You’ll find me at Core Power Yoga, All About Dance, at home working on my paintings, shopping the neighborhood art fairs, or out to dinner with friends.
Hero/role model My best friend Mary. She has literally made me a better person.
Happiest day Too many to name.
If I won the lottery I’d invest in my company, donate to Chicago Lights and take care of my friends and family.
Wish I’d known at 21 The importance of being open to new people, places and experiences.
I can talk for hours about Chicago.
Can’t live without The support of my family and friends.
Ideal partner Happy, confident and fun!
On first dates I’m usually happy, confident and fun!

5ff1ff7cb905f09a896c9b295a35af3cStephen Wheeler
Age 34
Senior Group Sales Manager, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago
On the side Starlight FoundationThe Chicago Center on Halsted AVP Crisis CounselorIllinois Safe Schools Alliance
Friends say I’m the life of the party, fiercely loyal and hardworking.
Secret talent I was an NCAA Tennis Player.
Life motto If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.
On first dates I’m usually into drinks, not dinner.
“Clicks” with Someone who is funny, passionate, honest and can handle my travel schedule.
Fun fact I love my job, because I work for a family company. Our team works hand in hand with the Trump family to redefine modern luxury.
Passions My family. Without them, I’d never be where I am today.
Secret talent I was an NCAA tennis player.
Day off You’ll find me in a black T-shirt and jeans with a Starbucks coffee and a laptop.
Hero/role model Mrs. Ann Swartz – she can see intangibles in teenagers they don’t even know exist and then grow those intangibles into exceptional talents.
Happiest day Watching the Neurosurgeon come into the waiting room and letting me and my family know that my Mom made it.
Guilty pleasure In-N-Out Burger. Los Angeles. Ridiculous.
Wish I’d known at 21 That being successful in life was not only about making money.
I couldn’t live without My London Fog suitcase – traveling like I do, that thing is a tank.

36111e64f07b7ba5b8e3ccbf6af09196Danny Wurst
Age 29
Chicago Marketing Director,
On the side Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chicago
Fun fact I was the Scrabble champ of my high school.
Job perk I help people find the best local businesses in town, which often includes getting to meet fun people, come up with creative event ideas and enjoy a cocktail or two. 
Happiest day When I was asked to be in TCW’s Top 50 Singles issue.
You should know I’ve never taken picture of myself in the mirror, with my shirt off, in my entire life.
On first dates I’m exactly how you’d expect George Clooney to be on a first date.
Twitter bio I’m Danny W., Community Director for @yelpchicago. I’m usually pretty thirsty and my friends call me Wursty!
Friends say I’m always a good time.
Secret talent I can do the worm with the best of ‘em.
Life motto Don’t take life too seriously – you’ll never get out alive.
Hero/role model My parents. If it weren’t for that magical night nearly 29 years ago, I wouldn’t be here in this amazing city doing what I love.
If I won the lottery I’d start a company that manufactured sausage-flavored products, leasing four floors of 233 South Wacker renaming it, once again, “The Wurst Tower.”
Guilty Pleasure Law & Order SVU…get it? Guilty pleasure.
Wish I’d known at 21 That butt tattoos expand if you get fatter.
In 10 years I see myself with tons of new knowledge, slightly grayer hair and a hopefully a butt tattoo that returned to its original size.
Title of my autobiography If Wurst Comes to Wurst
Best date One of bacon-wrapped ones from Mercat a la Planxa.
“Clicks” with Someone who is really serious all the time no matter what. Just kidding!

bd67fdbd4e0de7e7090891036517339eDominic Zaccagnini 
Age 44
Radio Personality/Music Director, Merlin Media (97.9 FM The Loop)
You should know For me, being single never meant being unhappy.
I wish I’d known at 21 that buying stock in Apple, Wal-Mart or Microsoft might be a decent investment.
I can talk for hours about Anything with the right person. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about the subject, it can be good. If we disagree, it can be better. If we’re still able to appreciate and respect one another, it can be special.
On first dates I’m usually punctual and polite.
Friends say I’m independent, honest and perhaps at times more candid than one needs to be. But I never fault others for being direct. And contrary to Col. Nathan R. Jessup (as in Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men) I CAN handle the truth.
Job perk It has provided years of unique experiences with interesting people.
Passions Family and friends. My immediate family is small but we share a fantastic relationship. And my friendships are truly special. I am very fortunate.
Day off I’m enjoying the city – I live downtown for that reason.
If I won the lottery I’d definitely take care of certain people and experience new things.  But after some time away to treat hobbies as if they were my job, I’d imagine creative goals would influence my long-term decisions.
Guilty pleasures Coffee in the morning and, on occasion, a stiffer beverage at night.
 Date me Because I’m not sure how I can be anything other than ideal. I get along with me just fine.
Ideal partner I’m looking for someone to enhance a life that she’s already passionate about living.
“Clicks” with Someone who is fun and funny.


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