TCW’s Top Singles of 2014


Selecting this year’s Top Singles was no easy task. To be a TCW single, you need to be well-rounded with a sparkling personality and stellar professional/charitable contributions. And it doesn’t hurt if you’re a little easy on the eyes. In 2014, we found an impressive mix of entrepreneurs, health professionals, media personalities and more. Overall, it’s an eclectic group of good-natured singles that you’d probably either want to date, fix up with your best friend, or if you’re ‘of a certain age,’ introduce to your daughter or son. So have a look and see if anyone piques your interest!

The photographs in this feature were taken by Adrian Orozco and Ashley Fischer at ¡AY CHIWOWA! on Chicago Avenue, at an exclusive party to introduce the single women and men to each other.

Julius Few, MD 46
Plastic Surgeon, The Few Institute – Chicago and New York

On the side: The Few Initiative for Children, Common Ground Foundation, Barbara Bates Foundation and Youth Guidance.
Friends say I’m an adventure seeker who maintains loyalties and remains private.
The great thing about my job is the artistic expression that allows dreams to come true.
The best days of my life were watching my sons enter the world.
My secret talent is exploring my creative side on canvas.
You’d be surprised that I race Formula One cars.
My Twitter bio reads: A father, an athlete, a plastic surgeon who created a global institute. Loves amazing wine, Pandora beats, good laughs, great friends.
My life motto is “Dream big – everything is possible.”
On my day off, you’ll find me enjoying every minute…on the sidelines cheering for my sons, painting life, appreciating the skyline from a boat.
If I won the lottery, I’d donate the winnings to support charities that make a difference in the world.
The title of my autobiography would be Changing The Game – Beating The Odds.
I can talk for hours about fast cars.
I couldn’t live without my two sons.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to Spain.
My biggest fear is getting caught on one of the new speeding cameras.
I wish I’d known at 21 that girls like smart guys!
In 10 years, I see myself growing a bigger and better foundation to make a greater difference in the world – even if it’s just for one or two individuals.
Date me because, aside from the fact that I am a strong listener, I plan a well-executed outing.
My favorite date spot is loud, small and hard to get into.
My ultimate turn-off is insecurity.
My ultimate turn-on is sensuality.
My ideal partner is not only smart, but confident and kind.
My best date is in the future.

Lisa Fielding 46
Anchor/Reporter, WBBM Newsradio/CBS Radio
Adjunct Lecturer, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

On the side: Respiratory Health Association Skyline Plunge, American Red Cross and Live. Love. Life.
My Twitter bio reads: reporter, anchor, editor, writer, producer, professor, “uncle” to 5 great nieces & nephews and lover of all things Chicago
Friends say I’m energetic, fun-loving and adventurous
I love my job because I have a front row to history. I’ve had amazing opportunities to meet all kinds of people from presidents to celebrities to cancer survivors, and I’m able to tell their stories every day.
My life motto is “Make it happen.”
On my day off, you’ll find me at a Cubs game in the summer or in the suburbs visiting my family.My secret talent is I’m great with numbers. Tell me your birthday once and I’ll remember it forever. I also have a photographic memory. I used to ace tests because I could see the answers on the page. Blue books: not so much.
I can talk for hours about my career and the amazing opportunities and experiences it has offered me over the years.
You’d be surprised that I was the first female public address announcer in baseball and the first female voice on sports radio – 670 The Score – in Chicago. I love shattering the glass ceiling!
Date me because I’m up for anything (within reason).
I wish I’d known at 21 that work and career aren’t everything. There’s a big wide world out there to see. I didn’t start traveling until just recently. I’m a late bloomer.
My ideal partner is taller than me (I’m more than 6-feet tall with heels), quick witted, spontaneous, outgoing, likes live music and going to sporting events, likes to travel and can deal with my crazy schedule and high-profile career.
My best date was kayaking on the river, showing an out-of-town date around the city that I love.
My favorite date spot is a rooftop lounge looking over the Chicago skyline or any place or anything on the water.
My ultimate turn-offs are smoking and arrogance.
My ultimate turn-ons are quick wit, honesty, humility and good teeth.

Lafayette K. Ford 29
Citigold Private Banker, Citibank
Owner, Lafayette K. Ford Consulting

On the side: LINK Unlimited and Financial Literacy Teacher.
The great thing about my job is I get to help clients with their goals.
If I won the lottery, I’d invest most of the money and rent a private jet for a month.
My secret talent is graphic design.
Friends say I’m creative, adventurous and unique.
On my day off, you’ll find me at a random rooftop in the summer and cooking in the winter.
I can talk for hours about this country’s inequalities in education and financial literacy.
I couldn’t live without my iPhone.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d start at Venice and hit every country possible.
My biggest fear is not being successful.
Date me because I could have fun and make a good impression in almost any environment.
My ideal partner is ambitious, outgoing and fun.
My best date was spending the day biking to different bars and restaurants.
My favorite date spots are Au Cheval and Big Star.
My ultimate turn-off is a woman who takes things too seriously.
My ultimate turn-ons are sexy eyes, great hair and a fun personality.

Hazel Galicia, DO 31
Pediatrician, Access Community Health Network

On the side: Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen, Corazon Community Services and Camp Kesem.
Friends say I’m very easy to get along with, fun to be around, incredibly sweet and caring, generous and witty.
I love my job because, as a pediatrician, I get to see my patients grow and develop from newborns to teens. It is so rewarding to form relationships with not only these kids, but their parents as well, and in doing so, I feel like an extended member of the family.
My favorite quote, which I try to live by, is “We make a living with what we earn, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill.
On my day off, you’ll find me spending quality time with my loved ones – whether it’s a relaxing (albeit competitive) evening of family game night at my place or a thrilling night out on the town with my girlfriends.
My secret talent is that I can bake pretty amazing French macaroons.
I can talk for hours about my favorite TV shows and books. Don’t get me started on Downton Abbey!
I couldn’t live without my Kindle or Pandora Radio.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d experience the Northern Lights in Finland.
You’d be surprised that I’m near fluent in both Spanish and Tagalog.
My biggest fear is mice. It’s very irrational. The only times I’ve ever woken up from a nightmare screaming involved mice crawling on my body.
I wish I’d known at 21 that even in the most trying of times, there is a purpose and reason for everything. It’s important to keep the faith that we are on the right journey.
In 10 years, I see myself happily juggling a very fulfilling home life with a young family of my own, a rewarding career that I still love, maintaining close relationships with family and old friends, all while having time for traveling and the fun things in life. Who says a woman can’t have it all!
My favorite date spot is anywhere by the lake. Montrose Harbor with the lake and Chicago skyline as your backdrop is the ideal spot for a romantic picnic.
My ultimate turn-off is arrogance.
My ultimate turn-on is a man who’s great with kids.

Zee Gustafson 25
Professional Makeup Artist, Zee Artistry

On the side: Flashes of Hope.
Friends say I’m very straightforward and a goofball.
The great thing about my job is when a client first looks in the mirror after I have done a makeover on them. That moment of happiness is something you can’t recreate.
On my day off, you’ll find me cleaning, at Starbucks working or exercising.
My best day was seeing my parents renew their vows after 40 years of marriage.
My secret talent is cleaning.
I couldn’t live without fruit snacks.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go backpacking across Europe. There are too many places to see!
You’d be surprised that I grew up with three older brothers and was a tomboy. I am now a professional makeup artist and in the fashion industry.
My biggest fear is having regrets.
I wish I’d known at 21 that the key to life is finding what makes you truly happy and surrounding yourself with that, whether it’s work, friends or relationships.
My best date was when my date found a badminton training facility where we could go play after I hadn’t played for 10 years.
My favorite date spot is Violet Hour.
My ultimate turn-off is when a man is pompous.
My ultimate turn-on is when a man knows who he is in all facets of life.

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