Tell Off Your Boss Without Getting Fired!

woman with aha wo

I’m serious. You can tell your boss, “Go to hell!” without getting fired. The best part is that you feel good afterwards and keep your job. You may even get better at your responsibilities and get along better with your boss.

You may be wondering, “How can I partake in this much needed expression?” The answer: hypnotherapy; but not just any hypnotherapy, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is an amazing technique that allows the release of negative emotions surrounding an event(s) or person. Not only do you get to release the negative emotions, you get to replace them with healthy, positive ones that you choose in your session.

The result? Immediate relief from stress or emotional pain. The majority of people experience relief after their first session that continues the more they work through their challenges. My clients report feeling as if they had gone through as much as one year of therapy in one session! (I’d like to think it is because I’m a pretty awesome therapist.)

Overview of a Heart Centered Hypnotherapy Session

  • The therapist will have the room already set up for your session.
    • Couch or mat with pillow
    • Punching Bag (I use Everlast) with the hose
    • Tranquil music
  • You come into the therapist’s office and have a seat.
  • You talk about what you’d like to work on and identify a particular feeling you’d like to begin with.
  • You lay down on the couch or mat.
  • The therapist will take you into a deep state of relaxation, so we can bypass those pesky mental defenses and create safety nets to use if needed.
  • You identify the most recent time you felt a certain emotion and off you go!
  • Once the emotion builds up, the therapist will have you release the negative emotion by either yelling into the pillow and/or hitting the bag with the hose until it is gone.
  • If possible, you will regress, identify the negative conclusions you made about yourself, replace them with new ones, heal your inner child, return and voila! Relief.

This is, of course, an oversimplified version of a hypnotherapy session but you get the gist of how the session would go.

So I’m not really telling my boss off? In a literal sense, no. However, the relief you experience from expressing the sentiment of “Go to Hell!” is quite real and just as, if not more, effective as doing it face to face. The point is to get the relief that comes with fully expressing yourself and ridding yourself of the negative emotions regarding the situation or person.

How do I find a heart centered hypnotherapist? I recommend using heart centered hypnotherapy in conjunction with psychotherapy for best results – so make sure the hypnotherapist is also an amazing psychotherapist. If you already have a psychotherapist, you can keep your current psychotherapist and go to a heart centered hypnotherapist to work on certain areas. Just make sure both therapists know what you are doing and are okay with it. Finally, I recommend (for best results) using someone who was trained by the Wellness Institute to practice Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. To find a heart centered hypnotherapist in your area, you can either Google ‘Heart Centered Hypnotherapy’ or go here for a comprehensive listing of all therapists.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Pleasant Journeys!


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