Thanksgivukkahmas Style Guide


For the first time since 1888 and the last time for another 70,000 years, the first day of Hanukkah will occur on Thanksgiving day. Christmas is falling six fewer days after Thanksgiving than last year, which is the shortest span between the two since 2002. Translation: it’s a fast-approaching burst of merriment. Hang on to your seats.

What are some repercussions of all this rapid-succession celebrating? Well, it means you have less time for preparing everything, from food to gifts to clothes. I can’t help with food, and with regard to gifts, well you’re probably in for some rushed-shipping online orders and last-minute frazzled mall trips. But wouldn’t that happen even if you had extra days between holidays? We always procrastinate with the gift shopping. I can help by turning your attention to your holiday wardrobe needs. Dashing to an over-crowded store on your lunch hour while sweating under too many layers, and settling for a party outfit you don’t love but purchase out of desperation because you have an event that night is best to be avoided (we’ve all been there). Time is still on your side.

I recommend first thinking through your closet haves and your closet deficiencies. For example, If you’ve been on a busy wedding-guest circuit and have lots of new dresses that are seasonably appropriate – reuse them! Refresh old dresses by styling them in a new way, for example, pairing with an ankle bootie or velvet blazer.

After taking inventory, if you decide you are in the market for some holiday party showstoppers, there’s lots of novelty out on the market to try. Here are my favorite party dressing ideas this season:

1. Dark Ground Florals: The tension between dark moody colors and feminine florals is always enchanting. Designers went after this gothic garden look for fall in a big way and it’s an idea that works really well for holiday dressing. Fashion brands from high to low have embraced moody blooms so you should be able to find one that’s within your budget.

2.  Metallics: Look for metallic laminates, foiling or coatings on fabrics. Metallics add that high-shine novelty factor that we expect at the holidays, and perhaps feel more modern than the flapper-derived all-over sequining that has been dominant for the past few years. I especially love metallics in separates: pair a rose-gold skirt with a crisp white button down. Or a slick silver top with a tailored slim leg trouser and chunky necklace.

3. A Short Black Swing (sometimes called tunic) Dress: This staple can go a long way. The looser silhouette accommodates big meals and bold dance moves, and still shows off those legs. Because the fit doesn’t require heavy tailoring retailers can put these out at affordable prices. A black swing dress is a great canvas for an accessory lover. You can incorporate fashion hosiery or statement shoes (an over the knee boot? An eccentric wedge?), and/or belt options. A very useful thing, this chic little number.

Hope these styling ideas help to make the calendrical anomaly that is Thansgivukkahmas, a fashion success.



About Anne Langbein

As a former Manhattan-based women's apparel buyer for companies like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, Anne Langbein brings industry insight and styling experience to her fashion writing for TCW blog “Chic Chicago.” She has consulted as a stylist for individuals and corporations and is the creator of the popular fashion and beauty website Defining Delphine, a blog that seeks to inspire women as they define their personal style.