The Emotional Component of Weight Loss


Practicing for nearly 20 years, I have come across a number of challenges facing people from all walks of life. Emotions can affect everything from mental illness to mental health maintenance to coaching and training. I can assuredly say that there is an emotional component to everything we do, feel, hear, say and experience. Weight loss is no different.

I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Sandra Scheindaum, PhD, about her work with clients seeking to lose weight. The first thing Sandra said was that effective weight loss involves a lifestyle change and is often dependent on an individual’s emotional life. I was surprised, to say the least. Quickly, I asked her if a lifestyle change was reasonable for today’s society. She clarified that one’s ability to commit to a lifestyle change is based upon the level of pain (medical or emotional) that a person is experiencing. So, depending on one’s sense of urgency, baby steps may be more appropriate for weight loss.

Below are some tips that Dr. Scheindaum offers for individuals looking to say good-bye to the weight loss blues:

1. Food as medicine. Take out the bad stuff and replace it with something good. Replace that ice cream cone with an apple!

2. Find joy and meaningful connections. Stress and lack of sleep accumulates belly fat – so calm down and catch some Z’s.

3. Find exercise that you actually enjoy. This supports total mind-body health. Research has shown exercise to be as powerful as antidepressants.

4. Change your thoughts. Think about things from a more realistic perspective and reassess situations that cause you to have extreme emotional responses. Meditate and relax.

Good Luck!

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