The First 3 Seconds


Remember that saying “First impressions are lasting impressions”? Well, it is true. When we first meet someone, we only have a few seconds to make an impression–so let’s make it a good one. Scent, hair, nails, and wardrobe can make or break the lasting impression you leave. Follow these tips to make a good, strong first impression.

  • Do be calm and at ease. People can sense if you are tense or uncomfortable. So even if you feel anxious or nervous, take a deep breathe and give yourself a positive affirmation.
  • Do smile. There is no better way to attract people than to look like you are enjoying yourself.
  • Don’t give a ‘fishy’ handshake. Make sure your hands are dry and firm, not moist and soft when you shake hands.
  • Don’t skip the shower. Grooming is important in making a good first impression. Make sure to cover all the bases. Make sure you smell good, and be aware of how your breath smells. Give attention to your hair and nails. Make sure that you wear appropriate flattering clothes. Shower, hair, nails, and wardrobe can make or break your image.
  • Do pay attention. In conversation, make sure to listen to what others are saying and offer genuine responses. People will feel that you care about what they are saying, and in return they will offer you the same respect.
  • Don’t be negative. People are attracted to positivity. Nobody wants to hear you complain about traffic, your coworkers, or your mother-in-law. Here the old rule applies: “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.”
  • Do feel great about yourself. Approach all social situations with confidence. Know that you are an asset, and a great person to get to know.



About Kali Patrice

Kali Patrice is the founder of The Image Studios, a Chicago-based firm that specializes in branding and image communication. She blogs through “Successful Expression” to share fresh ways to share insights about image, personal branding and self-expression.