The Sad Truth About Miley

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

…is her mother is just as lost and fragmented as her.

It took me a few days to organize my thoughts into something coherent enough to write.  As much as I try to have compassion and keep a clinical eye, the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was very disturbing to say the least. Seldom do I get outraged at a parent enough to take pen to paper, but Tish Cyrus didn’t just cross the line – she did an Evel Knievel jump into the land of Pimp my Daughter.

Truth is, I never watch the VMAs – EVER.  I watched Sunday because it was trending on my Facebook and thought I might get a kick out of experiencing a ‘senior moment.’  Geez was I in for a surprise; Miley’s performance left me speechless. But that wasn’t what floored me – it was the standing ovation her mother gave that explained it all. The first person who immediately came to mind was Jamie Foxx.

A few years ago Jamie said that Miley would be swinging from a stripper pole in a few years. The public was outraged and made him apologize. For those of you who don’t know, the only secrets in Hollywood are the ones that are kept from the public.

While I’m disappointed with Miley and think she needs professional help, it’s clear that her mother should join her. Miley is going through what most child stars go through when they are trying to re-band and ‘find’ themselves as adults – so this psychological process is actually normal. Being in the spotlight at such a young age can very debilitating for their emotional development as it limits their ability to truly express themselves. However, it appears that Tish is going through something herself which does not make a good combination.


Tish Cyrus gives her daughter a Standing O at the VMAs.

Since Miley is in the entertainment industry, it’s understood that she’ll be surrounded by people who are focused on their best interest and looking to live out a fantasy with/through her. However, because her parents are in the industry as well, one would presume they would be more present and vigilant in providing a sense of direction, concern and healthy development. Unfortunately, it seems that her parents are too close to the situation and cannot see the forest for the trees, to say the least.


Tish’s standing ovation begged the question, “Is anything sacred anymore?” Most mothers seldom condone, encourage or applaud their 20-year-old daughter’s gyration on a mans penis, and other objects, as if she were a stripper working at Pink Monkey…but Tish did. With the public downward spiral Miley has been on the last year, the questions this sparks for most people are: What happened to Tish’s maternal instinct to protect her daughter from emotional or self-destructive harm? And, if she could not stop Miley from performing, why would she give her a standing ovation?

Even though Tish appears to be a proud supporter of the new Miley, it’s unclear if her father is in denial or resigned to hope for the best. Time will tell, but for now the lesson to be learned with the Cyrus family is that no one is immune to costs of fortune and fame. What we saw on MTV was the price they were willing to pay to keep it.

Screenshot courtesy Yahoo! Music; main photo courtesy Getty/MTV.


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