The ‘Smile Fight’

The term “Smile Fight” is obviously an oxymoron. It is a tactic that allows people to disagree/argue nicely, usually in public, until they can get to a more appropriate place (emotionally and physically) and finish the conversation.

A smile fight occurs when two or more people disagree. They typically state their disagreements while smiling rather disingenuously and holding their smoldering temper. Now, some of you may be uncomfortable with the concept of smile fighting, but I can attest that it helps manage the level of intensity of some situations thereby allowing all parties to save face and address the issue later – hopefully after tempers have cooled and objectivity is more present. So, here are the rules of smile fighting:

• Stop and smile while looking at the person.
• Let them know that they are now engaged in a smile fight.
• Continue the conversation with a smile on your face until the issue has been resolved or an agreement made as to when to finish the conversation.
• At no point should anyone stop smiling or begin yelling or make inappropriate comments.

Okay, everyone: 1,2,3 “SMILE … and FIGHT!”


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