The Story of Cheeky Chicago & The Top 10 ‘Cheeky Women’ of 2012

When you first meet Erica Bethe Levin and Jessica Zweig, co-founders of the popular Cheeky Chicago, an online lifestyle magazine for young women, you’re immediately impressed with the warmth and positive energy these ladies exude. Attractive, yet approachable they represent their brand well as a must resource for Chicago women ages 24-40 years old.

Both Ms. Levin and Ms. Zweig were theatre majors who met while working at a job to support their craft. They had a common interest; a desire to find new restaurants and entertainment. Using the typical Yelp and Metromedia sites as a resource, they identified that there was no go-to website in Chicago that was dedicated for women to obtain information on restaurants, events, entertainment and general happenings in the city. They decided they would fill this need for consolidated information by creating an online woman’s magazine as a resource for young women.

Founded in 2008, Cheeky Chicago is the ultimate go-to guide for women in Chicago. It’s known for its fresh prospective, inside scoops, hot tips and lifestyle topics that range from nutrition and fitness to real estate and office politics. Informative and loaded with articles by contributors, it’s a site not like any I’ve seen in Chicago.

In addition to the online lifestyle magazine, Cheeky is known for its monthly events at various high-end venues in Chicago. These events are reasonably priced averaging $20 per event, which is a bargain based on the location and the networking opportunities.

There is even a Cheeky card, launched in 2011, of which there are already 1750 members, where for a moderate cost of $75/year card members receive discounts from partner vendors on products, services and entertainment that more than pays for the cost of the card.

The “Cheeky experience” is more than about the online magazine and events; rather it is movement by the founders’ desire to help women “help one another” and is the primary theme of the Cheeky brand. It’s a hip site for women in the know who want to live a fun, fabulous life while helping other women achieve their goals. This is the definition of a ‘Cheeky Woman.’

Every year, Cheeky identifies its Top 10 ‘Cheeky Women.’ They are selected based on nominations by people/public and chosen by the Cheeky team. This year’s winners are:

Laura Modica-Nightlife Guru

Megan Chappel-Fitness Buff

Shannon O’Brien-Beauty Guru

Lindsay Siegel-Style Setter

Jenna Zielbauer-Fashion Designer

Meg Galus-Cheeky Chef

Brittney Payton-Media Pro

Coco Meers-Cheeky Entrepreneur

Laura Schwartz- Cheeky Businesswoman

Monika Dixon-Cheeky Mom

Congratulations to these well-deserving ladies. And, look for the Cheeky Men winners, always a favorite, this summer.


About Terri Lee Ryan

Terri Lee Ryan is a former Chicago commercial real estate broker, marketing consultant and hotel developer. An avid writer, she is the author of Life Is One Big To-Do List. In “People, Places and Property” she dishes on leaders in real estate, new places in your neighborhood and deals being done in Chicago.