Thinning Hair?


The solution to combatting hair loss can be found at Natural Hair Growth Solutions.

Hearing the phrase ‘male pattern baldness,’ people don’t often associate hair loss with women. However, a striking statistic from the American Academy of Dermatology shows roughly 30 million American women suffer from hair loss. And Nancy Bozzi, practice manager, Natural Hair Growth Solutions, says ‘female pattern baldness’ exists.

“Women go through different stages in life as opposed to men,” notes Ms. Bozzi, who’s worked in both the health field and as a hair stylist. “When women start balding, it’s confined to different areas of the head. Men typically go bald around the hairline and crown, while women usually find thinning hair on the sides and all around the scalp. Plus, women use more products and chemicals, and that affects baldness.”

Unfortunately, pinning down a specific cause for thinning hair is difficult because almost anything can be a contributing factor. “Alcohol-based products and peroxide in hair dye are just a few causes,” observes Ms. Bozzi, who also says hard brushing, rigorous towel-drying, excessive blow-drying, genetics, hormones and disease all contribute to hair loss in women.

“Stress is also a key cause,” explains the hair loss expert. “And people don’t understand that everything is connected to your hair. It’s important to keep stress levels low and make sure your body is healthy. So that’s something we teach our clients. It’s not just about the products; it’s about stress relief and there’s a whole program that introduces proper diet and teaches you how to grow your hair. You just have to change your lifestyle.” That’s where the holistic seven-step program comes into play.

For those who’ve lost a significant amount of hair, Natural Hair Growth Solutions offers an entire program, beginning with Quantum Light Therapy — a laser therapy, which grows three to five hairs per follicle. “That’s the thing — laser therapy can’t help if you’re completely bald,” shares Ms. Bozzi. “That’s when surgery is your only option. You need to have some hair follicles in order to be a candidate for laser therapy.”

Women are then given a host of hair products and vitamins to start an at-home hair care regimen, andNatural Hair Growth Solutions also offers expert dietary/exercise advice from doctors. Some of the changes Ms. Bozzi encourages women to make right away include getting more Vitamin D, discontinuing the use of harsh products (like gels and hairsprays) and avoiding flat irons and other heat-styling tools.

“I’ve done some studies on Vitamin D, and those women who didn’t get enough had more hair loss than those who did,” says Ms. Bozzi. “Not everyone knows there’s Vitamin D in certain foods like chicken and vegetables. And believe it or not, [heat-styling tools] do damage your hair,” she insists. “In addition to laser therapy and nutrition advice, we also have multivitamins, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitors, green tea vitamins andQuantum Hair Sciences chemical-free hair care products.”

DHT is a potent form of testosterone, and it’s the most commonly implicated androgen in hair loss. The inhibitors, along with vitamins and hair care products, help aid in hair growth as you attend each laser therapy session. “And once you start, you can’t skip a session,” cautions Ms. Bozzi. “It’s once a week for 12-24 weeks, depending on the amount of hair you need to grow. And the products are used every day.”

When it comes to cleansing your hair, Ms. Bozzi says to start with the shampoo. “Massage your scalp for two minutes, then completely rinse the product out of your hair. Next, use conditioner, massage your scalp for two minutes and keep the product in your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing.”

If you still have questions once you’re in the program, the staff at Natural Hair Growth Solutions is there to help, and they even tailor the program to your specific needs. “We explain every product and procedure,” notes Ms. Bozzi. “With many women, I’ve seen hair grow an inch in two weeks or two inches in two months. It all depends on the person’s genetics and lifestyle, but the most important thing for people to remember is they need to follow the program. That’s the key to successful hair growth.”


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