Time Travel: The Secret to Good Therapy


Science is on the verge of time travel! Well, not really. They are, however, coming remarkably close to understanding what can make time travel possible…thanks to Einstein. While there is still some time before science figures out how to travel back and forth in time, we’ve already discovered how to travel back in time to heal what hurts us.

Many people believe that if something/someone has hurt, angered or disappointed us, there’s nothing we can do but accept it and move on. While this may be true in part, it is not necessarily the case overall.

Since we cannot control other people’s behavior, we are limited in how much we can alter situations and circumstances as they unfold. This begs the question: what is one to do with the natural, emotional responses – especially negative emotions – to someone else’s behavior? The answer is quite simple – release it and give it back to whomever it belongs. While it is impractical to give back to people their mean, ill-intentioned selves, you can actually go back to the incident and do an emotional retake. Literally, traveling back in time – as far as our minds are concerned.

Now, there are two effective ways one can go back to the past and heal: Psychotherapy and heart centered hypnotherapy. Both get to the core issues because space is created so you can associate or recall particular events in your life. The difference between the two, as I see it, is intensity and route.

Psychotherapy is the traditional method of treatment and can be intense, especially if the sessions are particularly close together (i.e. two or three times per week). Psychotherapy is really cool because the client can be fully present, alert and engage the therapist in usual dialogue. The client is also able to associate and talk about their feelings in more concrete and structured ways as they move closer and closer to the source of their angst. The therapist may interpret and help the client make connections that may have eluded them. Many people find this sort of ‘time-travel’ to be sufficient for healing; on the other hand, some people feel this takes too long. Lengthy treatment is due, in part, to the necessary but problematic psychological defenses the client has established over time.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is more non-traditional and great for trauma or clinical impasses (i.e. sexual/physical abuse, death, anger, dissociation). I find the treatment to also be helpful for individuals who have a difficult time expressing themselves verbally or psychosomatic disorders. Psychosomatic disorders – in short – are mind-body disorders where conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression are able to exacerbate some medical conditions like type II diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. There are some instances where the mind is so strong; it can create the appearance of a medical condition that is not actually present.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is not traditional hypnotherapy. In Heart Centered Hypnotherapy there is an emotional release by the client, identification of negative conclusions and behaviors, healing and replacement of negative conclusions in the session. The client is also able to incorporate their religion or spirituality in their session if requested. In this treatment, therapy is done in a deeply relaxed state and emphasis is placed on regression – returning to the actual scene in ones mind – and connecting to the emotion. This can be very intense for the client and prep work may need to be done to ready the client. The beauty in this treatment is that the psychological defenses are bypassed, making access to the emotions and unconscious mind much easier and primative.

I have found that using both is effective. I strongly believe that heart centered hypnotherapy should be used in conjunction with psychotherapy as it releases a lot of emotions and experiences that later need to be processed sitting up and fully engaged with a therapist. Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is not the cure all but it is awfully close. For those of you looking to begin your journey, I suggest getting a referral from someone you know and trust. You can always look up therapists and search for ‘heart centered hypnotherapy’ or ‘psychotherapy.’ Regardless of their training or certification, good therapy is all about whether it is a good fit and if you are comfortable working with that person.

A WORD OF CAUTION: You DO NOT want just anyone walking around in your head. It is easy to let someone in your head but it ishard to get them out. Try to get the best therapist you can. If you can afford to make the financial investment in your treatment, I strongly suggest you do so. Not all therapists take insurance and many have filled their slots for sliding scale fee clients. Many of the highly trained and seasoned therapists are usually private pay and can be pricey. With that said, I know of a number of good therapists who take insurance and slide their fee; they are just oftentimes full.

As always, I hope this was helpful and wish you the best on your journeys! With love and light…


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