Tips for a Photo Ready Wedding


There are so many elements of the day that you pour your heart into. If you want those details to be fully captured by your photographer, there are a few arrangements you should make before the wedding day.

Timing Is Everything
Once you’ve chosen the perfect flowers for your bridal party, you’ll want to plan your photography schedule accordingly, making the best use of the flowers’ freshness so that the photographs will be just as luminous as the real thing. Unlike flowers growing in your garden, cut flowers are delicate little creatures that need to be kept cool and in water as long as possible. Once they have been taken out of water for a few minutes, their stems seal up and they will no longer drink water.

If you plan to take photos with your personal flowers before your ceremony, keep the weather in mind, as flowers tire quickly in hot and sunny settings. It is your best bet to take these photos directly before or after your ceremony. If this isn’t an option, plan to purchase a second set of important items, such as the groom’s boutonniere, for replacement.

Along with boutonnieres, your bridal party bouquets may have already made a full tour of Chicago and may not be so perky by the time they reach the reception. If you know this will be the case, I suggest ordering fresh centerpieces for all of your tables, including the much-photographed head table. Though it is popular to reuse these bouquets as a centerpiece, it does not fit every bride’s schedule, and they may be put to more appropriate use circling the base of your cake, set on an accent table or in a pretty window ledge.

Lights, Camera, Action
It’s not only important to properly plan for photos of your personal flowers, but also to work with your vendors to create a photo-ready reception. Photos should truly reflect the work and planning that went into creating the beauty and joy of that day.

Work with your floral and event stylist to complete a reception décor plan that will provide depth and interest while complementing your celebration and venue. Adding height to your room with the use of tall centerpieces or candelabras will not only add ‘wow’ factor as guests enter the room but also will exponentially impact the depth and visual drama recorded in your photos. Layers of high and low tabletop elements will better translate a three-dimensional space into your one-dimensional photographs.

Another powerful tool for creating depth and drama is a well-designed lighting scheme. While candlelight is an essential and cost-effective element for additional romance and ambiance, it is not a replacement for a professional lighting plan. The two basic professional lighting elements that will add depth, dimension and focus to your wedding are uplighting and pinspotting. These can be done in any color and often with a pattern added. Uplighting can be used along the perimeter of a room, or to highlight interesting architectural features of your chosen venue. Pinspotting can be used to spotlight your centerpieces, adding a dramatic pop to a room’s overall feel and shape to each centerpiece’s design. With the right combination of dimensional design and effective lighting, every room comes to life, not only for the night but forever in print.

With these tips your one-of-a-kind day will be perfectly poised for print in your wedding album for years to come.


About Natalie Walsh

Natalie Walsh is the owner and lead design consultant of Hello Darling, a petite powerhouse of full-service floral and event styling for clients who desire luxury with a smile. With dedication to detail, they provide event styling services to help bring their clients’ visions to life, coordinating all of their décor needs, including artful floral designs, luxury linens and rentals, ceremony structures and lighting, while providing personalized service. Ms. Walsh's background in fine art, photography and creative writing is a source of inspiration she utilizes while collaborating on her clients’ ideas, and this unique perspective allows her to visualize the big picture as well as the poetry of every occasion.