Tips to Live Healthier and Look Younger


I don’t know a single adult woman – regardless of her age – who wants to look older than she actually is. In fact, finding ways of looking younger is something we think about and often address at the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa. And we’re proud of the services we offer to try and stop Mother Nature in her tracks! But truth be told, there’s SO much we women can do on our own to fight aging.

When we’re young, we think we’re invincible, that we’ll always have baby-smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Life has certainly shown us something different! But here are suggestions of old-fashioned things we can ALL do to keep the years from showing up on our faces:

Protect your skin from the sun

Hands-down, this is the No. 1 thing women should do. That means applying a facial sunscreen every day, whether you’ll be doing something active outdoors or merely walking from your car to the office. And do it daily – even when it’s cloudy outside, as harmful rays can still break through. Wrap-around sunglasses can help keep those squinty wrinkles at bay by hiding those gorgeous eyes (and oversized shades are VERY much in vogue this season!). Another way to shade your facial skin: Wearing baseball caps or brimmed hats that keep the sun off your face.

And don’t forget your makeup. Foundations and moisturizers at a variety of price levels often contain SPF protection. The Institute’s new Clinical Director Nikka Gryte is a big fan of Neutrogena sunscreen products – especially those with the Helioplex® component that blocks the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Besides, they’re as easy to find as your nearest drugstore.

Water, water all the time

One of the cheapest things you can do for your overall health – and for your skin – is drinking water. Lots of it. More than you think you can stand. Staying hydrated is so important (and not just with sugar-filled juices) to keeping your skin plump and your body running its best.

Eat well – consistently

We all need a diet that gives us healthy nutrients to make sure our internal systems work well. And that same healthy diet – one without fried foods, artificial forms of sugar, too much caffeine – also will keep your skin looking younger and more firm. So go ahead and overdo it – but on fresh fruits and leafy green veggies! You may not be able to change your genetics (if Mom wrinkled early, you’re more likely to do the same), but at least you can slow down the process.

Kick that smoking habit for good

I know women who say they smoke in order to control their weight. Well, nothing takes a toll on your face like nicotine, as it diminishes the flow of oxygen to the skin. Do yourself a huge favor and kick the habit permanently, even if you only sneak a cigarette now and then.

Don’t forget your vitamins – and ‘B’ good

A daily multivitamin is a great complement to all the things I’ve mentioned before. And one with a hearty B complex is especially important, as this vitamin plays a key role in maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. And just like foundations and moisturizers, these don’t have to cost a fortune to work.

Give nature a little help

If you’re following all the advice above and STILL find those pesky wrinkles and fine lines keep you from feeling and looking your best, there are cosmetic fillers like JuveDerm, Botox and other treatments. But although these certainly are effective, they don’t completely halt the aging process (and the treatments must be repeated if you want to maintain their youthful effects).

Remember, the more you can do proactively, naturally and on your own to fight Mother Nature – and from an earlier age – the better-looking your future will be!

Tiffani Kim

About Tiffani Kim

Tiffani Kim is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, artist and founder of the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa in Chicago’s River North. Ms. Kim helps you stay youthful and healthy from the inside out in her blog, “Living Well and Beautifully” with advice, recommendations, trends and more.