What to Know About Floral Consultations


A bride goes to consultations prepared and open-minded. The issue so many brides run into is that theyre not as prepared for the initial meeting with their floral designer as they thought they were. So here are several points that will help you and your floral designer have a more effective meeting.

• Before you schedule a consultation with a floral designer, ask if they require a minimum price to take on your wedding and what it is. A lot of floral designers have minimums set in place during the busy wedding season. Make sure it’s not over your budget, and if it is, you may want to look elsewhere.

• Know who needs personal flowers. You’ll need a bridal bouquet and a bouquet for each of your bridesmaids, but will the groom and groomsmen wear boutonnieres? What about the mothers? Do they prefer a wrist or pinned corsages? Let’s not forget the grandparents. And will you have children as ring bearers and flower girls? Make sure you know exactly what is needed.

• Know as much as possible about the venues where you’ll be hosting the wedding. What times will the venue allow your floral designer to deliver and setup before the start of the reception and pickup at the end of your reception? How many and what size tables will you be using? Will the ceremony and reception be at different locations? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then provide the floral designer with the contact information of the on-site venue manager or your personal wedding planner.

• Bring a picture of your wedding gown. It can tell a floral designer a lot about you and what style you are looking for as part of your overall design.

• If you have already selected your bridesmaids’ gowns and have a swatch, bring it with you.

• We all have a budget that we are working on when it comes to floral décor for your wedding. Don’t be embarrassed about it, be it grand or modest. Know and give your bottom line budget with which you are comfortable. Most brides refrain from doing this, but truth of the matter is giving floral designers a range helps them design and ensure you’re getting the best design for your budget.

• Know the kinds of flowers you like and dislike. Most brides don’t know the names of flowers and we don’t expect you to know. It is always best to bring pictures. Be as descriptive as possible; blogs and wedding books are great for this.

• Give the floral designer one to two weeks to provide you with a comprehensive proposal, which includes all the flowers that were talked about and the costs that go into executing your vision.


About Alexandra Jusino

Alexandra Jusino is the founder of Exquisite Designs. She began her career in the event industry 10 years ago and brings with 12 years of management and sales experience. Ms. Jusino's attention to detail and sense of current trends and style has earned her the respect of her clients and local Chicago wedding colleagues. Knowledgeable and innovative, she consistently creates classic designs with a modern flair, which compliments the client's style and vision. Ms. Jusino is vice president of the Chicago Chapter for Wish Upon A Wedding.