Where to find TCW

Listings represent one time drop off locations as well as honor box locations that are restocked through the month.

Bib N Tucke Laundry, Dempster and Chicago
Honor Box – Chicago and Greenwood NW
Honor Box – Oak and Davis NW Corner
Honor Box – Sherman and Clark SW Corner
Honor Box – Davis and Orrington SE
Honor Box – Maple and Davis “L” Tracks
Child Care Center of Evanston, 1840 Asbury
Clarkes, 720 Clark Street
Einstein Bagels, 1745 Sherman Avenue
Evanston Athletic Club, 1723 Benson
Fresh Fields, 1640 Chicago Ave.
JK Sweets, 720 ½ Clark Street
Northwestern School of Engin, 2145 Sheridan Room C 120
Potbelly’s, 630 Davis
T-Top Nails, 1114 Davis Street
Wild Oats Market, 1111 Chicago
YWCA – Evanston Northshore, 1215 Church St.
Honor Box – Main and Chicago W
Main News, 825 Chicago
Honor Box – Central and Popular SW Corner
Honor Box – Central and Prairie NW Corner
Evanston Art Center, 949 Sheridan
Evanston Civic Center, 2100 Ridge
Noyes Cultural Arts, 927 Noyes
Robert Crown, 1701 Main
Webber Leisure Center, 9300 Webber Park Place

All Washed Up, 1160 Wilmette
Leonidas Café, 1157 Wilmette
Pilates Central, 1159 Wilmette

Grand Food Center, 606 Green Bay Rd.
Hastens, 976 Green Bay Rd.
The Book Stall at Chestnut Corner, 811 Elm St.

Pam McElvane – Diversity MBA, 24 E. 107th St.

Hair FX, 2707 Howard
Between Friends, 2301 W. Howard

Juveness Spa, 520 W. Erie #340
Neff Of Chicago, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 144

Apartment, 3240 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3470 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3200 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3330 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment3450 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment. 3550 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3550 ½ Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3740 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3750 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 2850 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 2909 Sheridan Dr.
Apartment, 2930 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 2933 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 2970 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 2970 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3033 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 3100 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3100 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 3101 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 3110 Sheridan Rd.
Apartment, 3130 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3150 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3314 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3318 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 336 Wellington Place
Apartment, 339 Barry
Apartment, 340 Diversey Ave.
Apartment, 350 W. Oakdale
Apartment, 3730 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 441 W. Oakdale
Apartment, 445 W. Wellington
Apartment, 455 W. Wellington
Apartment, 600 W. Diversey
Apartment, 360 Wellington Ave.
Apartment, 3180 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 2960 Lake Shore Dr.
Apartment, 3150 Sheridan
Apartment, 3170 Sheridan
Apartment, 320 W. Oakdale
Bobtail, 2951 N. Broadway
Honor Box – Belmont and Sheridan SW
Honor Box – Broadway and Aldine SE
Honor Box – Broadway and Cornelia SE
Honor Box – Clark and Belmont, Starbucks SW
Honor Box – Clark and Halsted, Caribou Coffee
Honor Box – LSD and Melrose, NW
Honor Box – LSD and Addison SW
Honor Box – LSD and Roscoe SW Corner
Chicago Public Library, 1659 Melrose
Chicago Public Library Lakeview, 644 Belmont
Coachlight, 3475 N. Broadway
Convenient, Belmont and Sheridan
Corus Bank, 3179 N. Clark
Dinkel’s Bakery, 3329 N. Lincoln Ave.
Elliot Consignment, 3015 Broadway
Fitness Formula, 3228 N. Halsted
Goose Island, 3535 N. Clark St.
Great American Bagels, 1248 W. Belmont
Julius Meinl, 3601 N. Southport
Lakeshore Women Health Specialists, 2800 N. Sheridan Rd. Suite 300
Langtree Tree Salon, 1360 W. Belmont
Lasalle Bank, 3051 N. Clark
Melrose Restaurant, 3233 N. Broadway
Michael Anthony Spa, 1637 Belmont
North Coast Café, 3613 N. Broadway
Potbelly’s, 950 Belmont
Powell’s Book Store, 2850 N. Lincoln Ave.
Realign Chiropractic, 916 Belmont
Reproductive Genetics Institute, Inc., 2825 N. Halsted St.
Salon Blue Lakeview, 2915 N. Sheffield
Southport Café, 3552 N. Southport
The Alley, 3222 N. Clark
Treasure Island, 3460 N. Broadway
Unabridged Books, 3251 Broadway
Vitamin Shoppe, 2755 N. Broadway
Cerato Boutique, 3451 N. Southport Ave
Kickstand Expresso, 824 W. Belmont
Doejo Café, 2834 N. Broadway
Cerato Boutique, 3451 N. Southport Ave.

Healy’s Westside, 7321 Madison
O’Sullivans, 7244 Madison
Partners in Women’s Health, 7339 Madison
The Old School Records, 7446 Madison

A Matter of Style, 114 N. Marion
Anthony Lullo’s, 721 South Blvd.
Café Minou, 104 N. Marion
Competitive Foot, 102 N. Marion
Fitness Formula Club, 1114 Lake St.
Lido Bistro Café, 122 N. Marion
Little Beginnings Day Care, 847 Madison
Magic Tree Bookstore, 141 N. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park Public Library, 834 Lake St.
Prairie Bread, 103 N. Marion
The Book Table, 104 Lake St.

Honor Box – South and Oak Park NE Corner
Leona’s Café, 848 W. Madison
Oak Park Women’s Exchange, 839 S. Oak Park Ave.
Pan Food Center, 824 S. Oak Park Ave.
Park Avenue Hair, 829 S. Oak Park Avenue
Snip City, 817 S. Oak Park Avenue

Eli’s Cheesecake World, 6701 Forest Preserve Dr.

Edgebrook Library, 5201 Devon

Powerhouse Advisors, 2494 Shoal Creek Rd.

Pascal Pour Elle Salon, 368 Park Ave.
Terri Ross Cosmetics, 660 Vernon Avenue

Café Alto, Waukegan and Everett Train

Northbrook Public Library, 1201 Cedar Lane

Colonial Coffee, 801 Devon
Go Figure, 800 Devon
Luth. Gen Pat. Resource Center, 1675 Dempster St. and Yacktman Entrance Door 2
Morningfields, 800 Devon
Park Ridge Library, 20 S. Prospect Ave.

Emily Oaks Nature Center, 4650 Brummel

Pace Fitness, 8056 N. Lincoln Ave.
Skokie Library, 5215 Oakton
Swift Child Care Center, 8064 N. Lincoln Ave.
Westfield Food Court Westfield Mall, 34 Old Orchard Shopping Center
Westfield Professional Building Westfield, 34 Old Orchard Shopping Center

Lincolnwood Library, 4000 Pratt
Nails Salon, 4702 Touhy
New York Bagels, 4712 Touhy
Sweet Table By Feliz, 4708 Touhy
Airoom Architects and Builders, 6825 N. Lincoln Ave.

Franco’s Hair Sculptures, 4716 Touhy

Half Price Books, 5605 Touhy

Apartment, 155 Habor Dr.
Apartment, 400 E. Randolph
Apartment, 175 N. Harbor Tower
Apartment, 195 N. Harbor Tower
Apartment, 340 E. Randolph
Apartment, 360 E. Randolph
Honor Box – Lake and Dearborn SE
Honor Box – Randolph and Franklin SE
Honor Box – Randolph and Wacker SE
Honor Box – Randolph and Wells NW
Catch 35, 35 W. Wacker Dr.
Emerald Loop, 216 N. Wabash
Fox and Obell’s, 401 E. Illinois St.
Honor Box – Michigan and Lake NW
Honor Box – Michigan and Randolph SW
Honor Box – Wabash and Randolph SW
Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St.
Harold Washington Library, 30 E. Lake St.
Park Millennium Condo, 222 N. Columbus
City of Colleges, 30 E. Lake St. #1150

Honor Box – Lake and Lasalle NE
Honor Box – Madison and Clinton SW
Honor Box – Washington and Franklin
Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington 4th Floor
Dr. Pinski, 150 N. Michigan

Executive Club of Chicago, 8 S. Michigan 3rd Floor
Fitness Formula Club, 190 S. Lasalle
Honor Box – Madison and Lasalle SW
Honor Box – Madison and Dearborn SW
Honor Box – Madison and Wabash NW
Honor Box – Monroe and Michigan SW
Honor Box – Monroe and Wabash SW
Honor Box – Monroe and State SE
Woman’s Business Development Center, 8 S. Michigan 4th Floor.
Palmer House, 17 E. Monroe St.

Barnes and Noble, 1 E. Jackson
Honor Box – Jackson and State SE
Cooking School, 226 W. Jackson
Department of Health V. Durham, 1 East Jackson 2nd Floor
Honor Box – Adams and Clark SE
Honor Box – Adams and Dearborn NE
Honor Box – Adams and Wabash SW
Honor Box – Michigan and Adams SW
John Marshall Law School – 315 S. Plymouth Ct.

Honor Box – Dearborn and Harrison NE
Honor Box – Dearborn and Polk SW
Chicago Public Library, 404 S. State
Columbia College, 624 S. Michigan Ave
Columbia College, 600 S. Michigan Ave
East West University, 816 S. Michigan Avenue Security Desk
Fitness Formula Club, 1151 S. State St.
Roosevelt Wabash Entrance, 425 S. Wabash 4th Floor
Spertus College, 618 S. Michigan Ave.
Summit Event, 1101 S. State
The Loft at the Roosevelt, 150 W. Roosevelt
Café University, 1104 Wabash

Honor Box – Jackson and Canal SW
Honor Box – Madison and Canal SW
Honor Box Madison and Franklin NE
Fitness Formula Club, 111 S. Wacker
Fitness Formula Club, 444 W. Jackson
Honor Box – Madison and Wells SW
Honor Box Monroe and Wells SW
Honor Box – Washington and Wells SW

Barbara’s Bookstore, 1218 S. Halsted St.
Honor Box – Jackson and Clark SW
Honor Box – Jackson and Wells SW
Honor Box – Madison and Morgan, Starbucks SW
Honor Box – Washington and Morgan SW
Ina’s, 1235 W. Randolph
Kaya, 112 N. May Street
National Hellenic Museum, 801 W. Adams
Women’s Treatment Center, 140 N. Ashland Ave.

Harper Nails, 5224 S. Harper
Launderkoin, 5230 S. Harper
Toys Etc., 1502 E. 55th St.
Village Foods, 1521 E. Hyde Park Blvd
Wesley’s Shoe Corral, 1506 E. 55th St.

Apartment, 1130 S. Michigan
Hyde Park Neighborhood Center, 5480 S. Kenwood
Hyde Park Produce, 1226 E. 53rd
IIT Cafeteria near Einstein Bagels, 3241 S. Federal
IIT Women’s Center, 3242 S. Federal
Kimbark Laundry, 1218 E. 53rd
Kroll’s South Loop Restaurant, 1736 S. Michigan
Little Black Pearl, 1060 E. 47th
Mercy Hospital – Connie Murphy, 2525 S. Michigan Ave.
Treasure Island, 1526 E. 55th
What the Traveler Saw, 1508 E. 55th

Potbelly’s, 5428 S. Lake Park Ave

A Women’s Gym, 1248 N. Wells St.
Apartment, 1250 N. Lasalle St.
Apartment, 1030 N. Dearborn
Apartment – Mario’s, 21 W. Goethe
Apartment, 1133 N. Dearborn St.
Apartment, 1 E. Schiller
Apartment, 1 E. Scott
Apartment, 1212 ½ Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1212 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1221 N. Dearborn
Apartment, 1240 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1250 Dearborn
Apartment, 1300 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1310 Ritchie Ct.
Apartment, 1313 Ritchie Ct.
Apartment, 1320 State
Apartment, 1325 State
Apartment, 1330 Dearborn
Apartment, 1335 Astor
Apartment, 1339 Dearborn
Apartment, 1335 Astor
Apartment, 1339 Dearborn
Apartment, 1340 Astor
Apartment, 1350 Astor
Apartment, 1350 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1360 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment 1400 N. State
Apartment, 1410 N. State
Apartment, 1415 Dearborn
Apartment, 1418 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1420 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1430 Dearborn
Apartment, 1430 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1440 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1440 N. State
Apartment, 1445 N. State
Apartment, 1448 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1450 N. Astor
Apartment, 1460 N. Sandberg Terrace
Apartment, 1501 State
Apartment, 1515 Astor
Apartment, 1516 State
Apartment, 1530 State
Apartment, 1540 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1540 State
Apartment, 1550 State
Apartment, 1550 Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 1555 Astor
Apartment, 1555 Sandberg Terrace
Astor Towers, 1300 Astor
Astor Villa, 1430 Astor
Bellalounge, 1212 N. State
Honor Box – Chicago and Franklin NW
Honor Box – Clark and Elm, Treasure Island
Honor Box – Dearborn and Goethe NW
Honor Box – Division and Dearborn SE
Honor Box – Goethe and State
Honor Box – Kinzie and Wells NW
Honor Box – Ohio and Clark NW
Honor Box – Ontario and Dearborn NW
Honor Box – Rush and Walton NE
Honor Box – State and Deleware SW
Cedar Street Plaza, 1100 N. Dearborn St.
Chicago Public Library, 60 W. Walton
Dearborn North, 1117 N. Dearborn St.
Dearborn Plaza, 1030 N. Dearborn St.
DePaul 8th Floor, 1 E. Jackson
Elm Street Plaza, 1130 N. Dearborn St.
Fitness Formula Club, 1030 N. Clark 6th Floor
Fitness Formula Club, 1235 N. Lasalle St.
Goethe North, 1340 Dearborn
Grand Ohio, 211 E. Ohio
Hastens, 430 N. Wells St.
Health Club, 77 W. Wacker
Junior League, 1447 Astor
Londo Mondo, 1100 N. Dearborn St.
Longevity Spa, 875 N. Rush St.
McClurg Court Fitness Center, 333 E. Ontario
Mesirow Financial, 321 N. Clark
Newberry Plaza, 1030 State St.
O’Briens, 1528 Wells St.
Ontario Place, 10 E. Ontario
Potash Brothers Supermarket, 1525 N. Clark St.
Sandburg Village, 1355 N. Sandberg Terrace
Schiller Banks, 1344 Dearborn
Selective Search, 35 E. Wacker Drive Suite 1920
Stuart Rogers, 375 W. Erie
The Bryant House, 1455 N. Sandberg Terrace
The Chicago Foundation for Women, 1 E. Wacker Suite 1620
The City Cat Doctor, 600 N. Wells St.
The Cummings House, 1360 N. Sandberg Terrace
The Dickinson House, 1255 N. Sandberg Terrace
The East Bank Club, 500 N. Kingsbury St.
The Elm, 1122 Clark Street
The Ones of Dearborn, 1111 N. Dearborn St.
The Palmolive Building, 159 East Walton
The Parkside, 1530 Dearborn
The Schiller, 1365 Dearborn
Tiffani Kim Institute, 310 W. Superior St.
Towers Condominiums, 1221 N. Dearborn
Wells and Burton, East Side
Wells and Evergreen, West Side
Whitney Condominiums, 1301 Dearborn
Diego Rocha, 1050 N. State 1st Floor

Apartments, 860 Dewitt Place
Apartments, 1100 Lake Shore Drive
Apartments, 990 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartments, 100 E. Bellevue
Apartments, 1120 Lake Shore Drive
Apartments, 1130 North Lake Shore Drive
Apartments, 200 E. Deleware St.
Apartments, 211 E. Deleware St.
Apartments, 220 E. Walton St.
Apartments, 227 E. Deleware St.
Apartments, 30 E. Elm St.
Apartments, 50 E. Bellevue
Apartments, 73 E. Elm St.
Apartments, 850 Dewitt Place
Apartments, 860 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartments, 1110 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartments 247 E. Chestnut St.
Apartments, 40 E. Oak St.
Apartments, 55 W. Chestnut Street
Apartments, 1550 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartments #1, #2, and #3, 680 N. Lake Shore Drive
BBDO Mail Room, 410 N. Michigan Ave
Honor Box – Chestnut and Wabash, SW
Honor Box – Chicago and Fairbanks
Honor Box – Elm and Clark, Treasure Island
Honor Box – Erie and St. Claire Street NW Corner
Honor Box – Lake and Dearborn NW
Bravco, 43 E. Oak St.
Charles Ifergen, 106 E. Oak St.
Chestnut Condos, 222 E. Chestnut St.
Chestnut East, 201 E. Chestnut St.
Chicago Future, 233 E. Erie
Chicago Tribune Fitness Center, 435 N. Michigan Ave. LL2
Delaware Plaza, 253 E. Delaware St.
Dr. Madry, 845 N. Michigan Ave; #983W
Elizabeth Adam, 845 N. Michigan Ave; #908E
Elizabeth Arden, 159 E. Walton
Elizabeth Arden, 909 N. Michigan 4th Floor
Embassy Suites – Lakefront, 511 N. Columbus Dr.
Equinox Gym, Michigan and Delaware
Honor Box – Michigan and Chestnut NW
Honor Box – Michigan and Chestnut SE
Honor Box – Michigan and Grand Eastside
Honor Box – Michigan and Huron SE
Honor Box – Michigan and Illinois W
Honor Box – Michigan and Oak SW
Honor Box – Michigan and Ohio NE
Honor Box – Michigan and Ohio SW
Honor Box – Michigan and Ontario SW
Honor Box – Michigan and Ontario NE
Honor Box – Michigan and Pearson NE
Gibson’s, 1028 N. Rush St.
H. Horwitz Jewelers, 845 N. Michigan Ave; #983W
Holmes Place Health Club, 355 E. Grand Ave.
Lake Point Tower, 505 N. Lake Shore Drive
Lake Shore Grande, 1000 Lake Shore Drive
Lakeshore Athletic Club, 211 N Stetson
L’Appetito, 30 E. Huron St.
Loyola University, 25 E. Pearson
Marge Novak, 132 E. Delaware
Mario Tricoci, 900 N. Michigan Lower Level
Michael Anthony Spa, 621 N. State
Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E. Chicago Ave
Nike Town, 669 N. Michigan Ave
Olympia Center, 161 E. Chicago Ave.
Onterie, 441 E. Erie
Pearson East, 222 E. Pearson St.
Potash Brothers Market, 875 N. State St.
Sarah’s Pastries, 70 E. Oak
Surgery Center at 900 N. Michigan, 60 E. Delaware Pl. 15th Floor
T.C.W. Office, 150 E. Huron Suite 1001
The 777, 777 N. Michigan Ave
The Carlyle, 1040 Lake Shore Drive
The Daisy Shop, 67 E. Oak St. 6th Floor
The Drake, 140 E. Walton
The Goldsmith, 900 N. Michigan 4th Floor
The Hawthorne, 40 E. Delaware Place
The Lake Shore Drive Apartments, 880 N. Lake Shore Drive
The Nines, 999 N. Lake Shore Drive
The Plaza on Dewitt, 260 E. Chestnut St.
The Talbott, 20 E. Delaware
The Walton, 221 E. Walton St.
Treasure Island, 680 N. Lake Shore Drive
Walton Colonnade, 100 E. Walton St.
Walton West, 232 E. Walton St.
Water Tower Place Residents, 180 E. Pearson Street
Water Tower Surgicenter, 845 N. Michigan Ave #939
Nordstrom’s, 55 E. Grand Ave.
Arbre Nail Spa, 401 E. Ontario St.
Café University, 600 N. Michigan Ave.
Café University, 623 Wabash
Nicole Miller Chicago, 1419 N. Wells St.
Neiman Marcus, 737 N. Michigan

Honor Box – Monroe and Clinton NW
Presidential Towers, 614 W Monroe St.

Honor Box – Polk and Paulina, South Side
Dept. of Otolaryngology, 1855 Taylor Suite 2422
Rush Dermatology Patient Services, 707 S. Wood St. Suite 220

Alliance Bakery, 1726 W. Division
Café Gelato, 2034 W. Division
Feast, 1616 N. Damen
Lucky’s, 1759 Wabansia
Milk and Honey, 1920 W. Division
Piccolo Sogno, 464 N. Halsted
Psychobaby, 1630 N. Damen
Salon Blond, 1643 W. North Ave
Salon Blue, 1931 W. North Ave
TASC, 1500 N. Halsted
The Grocer and The Goddess, 1646 N. Damen
We’ll Clean Car Wash, 1520 N. Halsted

Café De Luca, 1721 N. Damen
Coffee Beanery, 2158 Damen
G Botique, 2131 N. Damen Ave
Helen Yi, 1645 N. Damen
Red Hen Bakery, 1623 N. Milwaukee
Ruby Room, 1743 W. Division

Apartment, 3600 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 3600 ½ Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 3930 N. Pine Grove
Apartment, 4100 Marine Drive
Apartment, 4200 Marine Drive
Apartment, 4250 ½ Marine Drive
Apartment, 4300 N. Marine Drive
Apartment, 4343 N. Clarendon Ave
Apartment, 833 W. Buena
Apartment, 4334 N. Clarendon Ave
Apartment, 700 W. Bittersweet Place
Apartment, 708 W. Bittersweet Place
Apartment, 3900 N. Lake Shore Drive
Apartment, 4170 Marine Drive
Apartment, 4250 Marine Drive
Apartment, 655 Irving
Bernie’s, 3664 N. Clark
Honor Box – Wacker Between State and Wabash South Side
Chicago Public Library, 929 Buena
Dr. Mandrea, 3000 N. Halsted #801
Fitness Formula Club, 3657 N. Pine Grove
Full Shilling Public House, 3724 N. Clark
Advanced Nutrition, 920 N. Franklin Suite 402
Howard Brown Health Center, 4025 N. Sheridan
Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark
New Yorker, 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive
Parrot’s, 754 Wellington
Pensicola Place, 4334 Hazel
Salt and Pepper, 3537 N. Clark
Southport and Grace SE
Sutcliffe Pharmacy, 801 Irving Park Rd.
Uncommon Ground, 3800 N. Clark
Weiss Hospital, 4646 N. Marine Drive
Lu Lu’s at the Belle Kay, 3862 N. Lincoln Ave
Dollop Coffee, 4181 N. Clarendon

Americana Towers, 1636 N. Wells St.
Anixter Center, 2032 N. Clybourn
Apartment, 2400 Lakeview Drive
Apartment, 2626 Lakeview Drive
Apartment, 2130 Lincoln Park West
Apartment, 2144, Lincoln Park West
Apartment, 2314 Lincoln Park West
Apartment, 2500 Lakeview Drive
Apartment, 2440 Lakeview Drive
Apartment, 1749 N. Wells St.
Apartment, 2555 N. Clark St.
Apartment, 2625 N. Clark St.
Big Apple Finer Foods, 2345 N. Clark St.
Honor Box – Clark and Armitage NE
Honor Box – Clark and Belden NE
Honor Box – Diversey and Hampden Ct. NW
Honor Box – Mitchell’s Restaurant, 1953 N. Clybourn Ave.
Honor Box – North and Wells, Treasure Island
Buy Popular Demand, 2629 N. Halsted St.
Carnival Foods, 2101 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago Fur Outlet, 777 Diversey Parkway
Chicago Public Library, 1150 Fullerton
Colorific, 2448 N. Southport
Country Fresh Finer Foods, 2583 N. Clark Street
Crossroads, 2711 N. Clark
DePaul, 2250 N. Sheffield
Equinox Gym, 1750 N. Clark Street
Fabrice, 1714 N. Wells St.
Galleria Liquors, 1559 N. Wells
Goose Island Brewery, 1800 N. Clybourn
Harris Bank, 538 Diversey
Harris Bank, 558 Diversey
Hemingway House, 1850 Clark St.
Lake Shore Athletic Club, 1320 W. Fullerton Ave
Las Pinatas, 1552 N. Wells
Lincoln Park Market, 2500 N. Clark St.
Lincoln Park Tower North, 1960 Lincoln Park West
Lincoln Park Villas, 1920 Clark St.
Marcello’s, 645 North Ave.
Michael Anthony Spa, 1001 W. North Ave.
Mitchell’s Restaurant, 1953 N. Clybourn
New Balance, 2369 N. Clark St.
Nookie’s Restaurant, 1746 N. Wells St.
Noble Tree Coffee and Tea, 2444 N. Clark
Panache Boutique, 2252 Clark St.
Parkview Apartments, 1936 Clark St.
PAWS, 1997 N. Clybourn
Sedgwick Prodcutions, 1728 Sedgwick
Siena Coffee, 2308 Clark St.
The Market Place, 521 Diversey Parkway
Treasure Island, 2121 N. Clybourn Ave
Treasure Island, 1639 N. Wells
Treats Frozen Dessert, 2224 N. Clark St.
Untitled, 2707 N. Clark St.
Walpole Point, 2140 Lincoln Park West
We’ll Clean Car Wash, 2261 N. Clybourn

Hot Doug’s, 3324 N. California Ave
Honor Box – Lincoln and Addison SE
Honor Box – Lincoln and Irving NE

Bee Healthy Acupuncture and Wellness Centers, 8751 S. Greenwood Ave.

Café Selmarie, 4729 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago Brauhous, 4732 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago Public Library, 5150 Kimball
Costello’s, 4647 N. Lincoln Ave
Fleet Feet Sports, 4555 N. Lincoln Ave
Garcia’s, 4756 N. Lincoln Ave
LaBoccadellaverita, 4618 N. Lincoln Ave
Laurie’s Planet of Sound, 4639 N. Lincoln Ave
Honor Box – Lincoln and Wilson SE
Lincoln Square Optical, 4740 N. Lincoln Ave
Sulzer Library, 4445 N. Lincoln Ave
The Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln Ave
The Grind, 4613 N. Lincoln Ave
Tigerlilie, 4755 N. Lincoln Ave

Metro, 3710 N. Clark

A Swedish Bakery, 5348 N. Clark
A Taste of Heaven, 5401 N. Clark
Cheetah Gym, 5248 N. Clark
Chicago Film Makers, 5245 N. Clark
Jumpin Jack Shoes, 5321 N. Clark
Kopi Café, 5317 N. Clark
Presence, 5216 N. Clark
Runner’s Edge, 5243 N. Clark
Screenz, 5214 N. Clark
The Red Balloon Co., 5407 N. Clark
Thybony, 5440 N. Clark
Toujours, 5224 N. Clark
Woman and Children First, 5233 N. Clark
Park Tower Condo, 5415 N. Sheridan Rd.

Chicago Public Library-Budlong Woods Brank, 5630 N. Lincoln Ave

ABT Electronics, 1200 N. Milwaukee Ave.