Who Knew a Weekend with Slime Could Be So Fun, And Affordable?


Have you ever tried explaining what “getting slimed” is to a three and four year old? I remember when “slime” first made it’s debut in 1982 on the Nickelodeon show You Can’t Do That On Television. My girls learned a lot about slime on our recent trip to Orlando, Florida.

We stayed at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort, a great place for kids of all ages!

While reading about the history of slime and Nickelodeon, I found an excerpt saying, “You might even describe the relationship [between them and slime] as synergistic; without Nickelodeon, the world would not have been introduced to slime; and without slime, Nickelodeon might never have experienced its phenomenal success.

While researching fun things to do on our trip, we found a few Halloween happenings taking place at The Nickelodeon Suites Resort, located about 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport in close proximity to restaurants, shops and entertainment. We could feel the excitement the moment we pulled in; the security guard who greeted us was very friendly, making a connection with my daughters by mentioning a few of the activities that were happening at the hotel. The kids were very excited to see the brightly colored hotel and could spot it from the highway, with large pictures of the characters they’ve only seen on TV.

We found tubes of slime waiting for us when we entered out two-bedroom suite. The girls were intrigued by it’s texture and lime green color. This was the first time they had seen it, aside from my vague description of it.

The hotel has 777 themed rooms. The girls were very excited when they found bunk beds with a reading light. Our room also had a small refrigerator, microwave and space to spread out and relax. Our suite had a pull-out couch bed so it could easily accommodate 6 people. The hotel offers one-, two- and three-bedroom suites – perfect for any size family (larger kitchens with a range, and adjoining rooms are also available-perfect for grandparents!).

Our room was situated right outside the Lagoon pool and water slides. My three year old just made the 40” height requirement, and they took full advantage of the water activities. They even have a 400-gallon dump tank that slimes guests during a daily mass sliming.

The staff is very energetic and enthusiastic. I found out while eating lunch at the pool that this is the only place you will find the Nick Hotel entertainment team. They truly get the energy and excitement going. The team is at all of the character meet and greets, and they perform shows near the pool and run the slime games that we were completely entrenched in watching, but not participating. My girls are girlie girls and aren’t that into being slimed but were entertained when others were. Audience members were selected from the pool to participate in various slime related activities including pouring green slime from one bucket to another working as a team using pipes. The losing team gets slimed just like on the shows that the older kids watch; it was a lot of fun rooting and cheering. But as you can imagine you do not have to be playing a game at this hotel to get slimed, they have a mass sliming by the pool for those who want to experience it. And even if you don’t it’s a lot of fun to watch.

With just two of my four kids in tow, it was easier to stick with activities involving Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob and & Wonder Pets, which was great since they were all at the character breakfast which was one of our highlights while staying at the resort. Dora came over and not only posed for photographs, but took time to play dolls with the girls. And when it came time for the character breakfast show, the characters danced with guests – my girls were hooked!

I experienced a blast from the past when I saw that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back and in full force with special meet and greets, and you can even have dinner with Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. “We are thrilled to welcome the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Nick Hotel,” shares Tony Aslanian, director of sales and marketing for Nickelodeon Suites Resort. “We have slime, Turtles and the addition of Nickelodeon’s hit game show Double Dare-it’s a trifecta.”

We didn’t partake in the live performance of Double Dare (which is in Studio Nick, a Double Dare sound stage giving you the feeling that you are actually on the set of the real show that hit the airwaves 25 years ago). Instead my little ones were preoccupied choosing which 4D movie they wanted to see. They settled on Happy Feet, and say it was one of the highlights, next to swimming at the Lagoon pool and going down all of the slides for hours!

The Halloween activities include Nick or Treat, where you dress up and Trick or Treat around the resort while meeting characters and Nick After Dark: Halloween Style, where they have Halloween themed activities and games, dinner is served, and a 4D movie plays for kids ages 5-12 (additional charge and reservations needed). Treat stations are also located throughout the resort and if you forgot your costume, they have accessories on hand to loan out. Many of the Halloween activities are on Saturdays so if you are looking to join in the fun, be sure to find the schedule online first.

I can’t wait to come back with my older kids, who I’m sure will want to experience the slime and live shows.

If you have teenagers this resort has fun activities for them: live shows, an arcade and a teen lounge with pizza, drinks, a place to hang out and meet other teens and play video games. And there are some drop-off activities for kid’s ages 5-12. If you plan your stay right and go during the week, you will find the best deals, (a two-bedroom suite for $99 per night).

Going to Florida can break your budget, but if you plan ahead and do some research you will not have trouble keeping your kids active and find some relaxation time for yourself!


Christine Bachman

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