Women and the Fast Track – It’s Complicated

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Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO and lead feminist, has penned Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead that was released yesterday, March 11, and already has taken front and center as a controversial feminist manifesto. I haven’t fully read it, didn’t see her on 60 Minutes, but admire her for taking a stand on why the American corporate culture remains basically a man’s domain and what women need to do to level the playing field.

We all know that the statistics on women in the C-suite are depressing. But what I find just as depressing is how critics have been on the attack, quick to point out that Sheryl is an elitist multi-millionaire totally out of touch with the realities faced by the typical working woman. And it’s a certain bet that several of these Sandberg bashers haven’t even read the book. Point is, her message is simple yet complex. Changing workplace/gender dynamics and ingrained cultural messages cannot be legislated into law. Plus, the idea of having it all only works with the understanding that, ‘yes you can have it all, but at different times in your life.’


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