Word Up, Tanekeya Word!


Have you ever checked out the paintings of Tanekeya Word? Her work is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The colors and shapes in her paintings inspired me to create an Art Cart design board full of bold colors and interesting shapes.

1. The shapes in the back of this Ella occasional chair, which reminded me of a bed of pebbles, caught my eye. The warmth from the rattan frame melts into the orange cushion.

2. Tanekeya and I are both obsessed in-love with miniature items. This candle holder, in the shape of a miniature pre-fab home, is a perfect décor piece for a whimsical tabletop.

3. Tanekeya is currently living in Milwaukee (and she’s wearing a Milwaukee Bucks hat in the self-portrait), the Linden floor lamp‘s base is a great visual interpretation of the antlers.

4. I added a rocking bird just because I felt like it. Isn’t it cute?

5. To round out my tabletop décor items, I added a Zig Zag Bone box that compliments the bold graphic shapes in Tanekeya’s piece.

6. The Apis coffee table is the perfect addition to give the room a sense of negative space/positive space.

7. The Rue Petal apartment sofa adds a touch of softness and the colors in the Adam and Viktoria pillows draw the eye to the black, grey and dark lavender hues in Tanekeya’s piece.

8. The visual softness provided by the sofa is continued with the Capel Rugs Junction in Pink Wool which also gives us an additional layer of graphic texture.

9. The Lotus Mirror is a perfect wall piece that adds whimsy and meaningfulness. A lotus flower is known as a symbol of “being totally in love with”, and I am indeed totally in love with Tanekeya’s piece and this room.

10. I can’t let this mirror stand all alone on this wall, so I’ve added a Goldie the Wall-Hanging-Ram to live alongside it. The gold horns pair nicely with the iridescence in Tanekeya’s painting.


About Maya-Camille Broussard

Maya-Camille Broussard is a curator and designer living in Chicago. Both her personal blog, The MCB Project and TCW, Blog Art Cart, focus on arts integration and interior design. Her online store, The MCB Shop, provides style for the home and style for the everyday life with housewares, vintage accessories and accoutrements for women and men.