Your Bridal Style


Finding a bridal gown that shows off your personality

The preparation that goes into one wedding cannot be imagined if you haven’t experienced it yourself. The pressure of this momentous event is felt even more by the bride as she begins to find “The One”; and I’m not talking about her future husband. I am talking about the dress.

Today, brides have so many wedding gowns from which to choose. There is such a wide variety of styles, price ranges and options for customizations that the possibilities are literally endless. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed just yet. Brides quickly figure out what they want once they start to try on a few dresses.

Every day I get to witness the magic of a bride finding her perfect match in a wedding gown. It truly is something one can see in a bride when she puts on the right dress. She may be a tomboy and never have worn a dress in her life, or been staring at magazine tear-outs years before she was even engaged.

Regardless of personality, budget, age and sense of style, there is a gown for every bride. This is not to say that every bride bursts into tears the moment she puts on “The Gown,” but there is a perfect gown for every bride. Each gown speaks to a certain kind of bride, with a certain type of venue and wedding vision. From the very to the eclectic or even old Hollywood glam gowns, bridal gowns these days have as much character and personality as the brides themselves.

This bride is a girl who plays by the rules. She believes in upholding tradition. Most often full skirted ball gowns or classic A-line silhouettes are the shape of choice. Lace or duchess satin, many times with intricately beaded and embroidered trains are common characteristics found in this bride’s gown. Small details like satin covered buttons along the entire length of the back, cathedral length veils, tiaras and pearl necklaces are also fitting. The overall impression is one of regal formality and classic elegance. Many times the bride’s venue is a major factor in the decision making process. Typical venues for a traditional bride would include cathedrals, banquet halls, preserved mansions and historical hotels.

The modern bride is one who is very fashion-forward. She is not afraid to be heard or noticed. She has done her research and is well-versed with bridal designer names. Runway bridal trends, avant-garde looks, bold details and unique styling are coveted. Sweetheart necklines and mermaid or asymmetrical cuts are most popular among trendy brides. Whether it’s feathers and fur or beading and sequins, being over-the-top is not an issue. Oversized one-shoulder straps or textured flower details make for a modern design. The wedding venues are as exciting and unexpected as the details of these gowns. Nightclubs, rooftop restaurants, contemporary art museums and urban loft spaces are just some of the innovative venues suited for this type of bride.

The alternative bride is unconventional and laid back. She may express her concern of looking like a cupcake; crinoline, if she knows what it is, is her worst nightmare. She is usually drawn to flowy, easy to wear gowns. Antique Chantilly laces, light ethereal fabrics, intricate beadwork and blush or off-colored gowns attract the eclectic bride. Antique or heirloom veils, hairpins or purses are a perfect finishing touch for this look. An intimate wedding set in a vineyard, old family farm, art gallery or botanical garden complete the mood for this bride’s wedding.

Whether a bride has been dreaming of her wedding day from the time she was four years old or just started planning last minute, all brides wants to feel like they are most beautiful bride on her wedding day. Whatever the bride’s personality, character, attitude and dream wedding vision, the end result for every bride is exactly the same; she finds “The One.” So a few words of wisdom to those franticly searching brides out there: stay true to your personality and character, keep an open mind and breathe. Enjoy the journey.


About Audrie Simison

Audrie Simison graduated from Ball State University in 2011 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design, anda minor in Marketing. She started at Mira Couture as an intern in April 2011, and quickly became a bridal consultant.