Your pH: Toxic or Alkaline?


With one out of two men and one out of three women in the U.S. traversing towards developing cancer, addressing one’s pH level is a necessary exploration. If you, like most Americans, lean towards the acidic side, the acid medium will gnaw relentlessly at your insides.

The end result often shows up as fatigue, brain fog, skin problems, problems moving your bowels, leaky gut (malabsorption of everything, even good-for-you foods and supplements), disturbed sleep (primarily around 2AM to 3AM, the ‘time of detox’), crankiness or even the loss of your sweet ol’ funny self. Cravings, indigestion, weight gain, chronic inflammation, as well as viral and bacterial overgrowth may all point to excess acidity.

An acidic body is an unhappy and unhealthy body. The reasons and origins of a highly acidic system are vast and varied. A lack of 8.6 hours of sleep each night – lights out after 10:00pm – disturbed sleep, paired with a high carb, high sugar, high protein diet or a low in green things (and, no, not green M&Ms or gummy bears), as well as a low intake of healthy oils simply breeds acidity. Repeat the above lifestyle juices religiously, and voila! – you will “express.”

Expression can present itself as inflammation, gastrointestinal/digestion problems (which in turn can lead to fatigue), brain fog and trouble moving your bowels properly. And ultimately, full-blown diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc. will knock at your door.

Unknowingly for most, the biggest concern is heavy metal toxicity. Toxic metals are found in non-organic produce, coffee and grains, salt, amalgam fillings, fish (the most contaminated come from rivers, lakes and streams), cosmetics, pipes, plastic bottles, soft drink cans, cheeses, deodorants and tobacco smoke. Heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, mercury, arsenic and excess copper not only impede absorption but, more importantly, the ability to detoxify efficiently.

On the heels of impaired detoxification comes trouble. As of today, America uses over 7,000 herbicides, pesticides and chemicals, which affect our environment, water sources and the foods we consume. Talk about a toxic body terrain! It takes some slick navigating or a personal tutor to maneuver around these many affronts to our physical well-being.

What to do? Begin by reading Dr. Baroody’s book Alkalize or Die, which says that when the body is at a neutral state of at least 7.0 (more alkaline than acidic) the system will automatically start to clean up your polluted internal environment.

Do a hair tissue mineral analysis that will assess your mineral status. A dense mineral foundation enhances alkalinity. A TMA will show you missing necessary minerals as well as heavy toxic metals, which in turn can impede absorption of the good guys.

Adjust your diet. Be mindful of the glycemic index. Attempt to eat organic foods and foods free of pesticides, herbicides, additives and chemicals. Go for the ‘live,’ unprocessed, high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Anything corn or soy based should, without fail, be organic. Ingest organic oils daily – coconut and Essential Balance Oils are best. Oils, by alkalizing quickly, help to chelate and pull toxins out of the body and are also lowest on the glycemic index, which reduces both an acidic pH and inflammation.


About Deborah Arneson

Deborah Arneson holds a B.S. in Food Science, a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a licensed clinical nutritionist. A veteran in her field, she specializes in solving hormonal imbalances: increasing energy, focus, moods, eliminating anxiety, constipation and sleep problems though one on one nutrition counseling and Ayurvedic practices.